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Lumierehi replaceafill03:06
replaceafillhey Lumiere03:07
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replaceafillaelkner, th1a: ping22:37
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aelknerreplaceafill: what's up?23:21
replaceafillaelkner, hey man23:22
th1ahey replaceafill23:22
th1aGood to hear from you.23:22
replaceafilli was talking to dwelsh23:22
replaceafillhi th1a23:22
replaceafillgood to be back :)23:22
th1aDid you have h1n1?23:22
replaceafilli thought so, but the doctors said it was phneumonia23:23
aelknerso antibotics helped, yes?23:23
replaceafillyes, they put me some intra-vein things in the hospital23:24
replaceafilland i'm taking pills23:24
replaceafillmy throat is the one that suffered because of the coughing23:24
replaceafillbut i'm back to work23:24
th1aYes, my family is somewhat prone to bronchitis and pneumonia.23:24
replaceafilli pinged you because i was talking to dwelsh23:24
replaceafilland we were wondering about the "Activate Next School Year" feature23:25
replaceafilli'm looking at the code right now23:25
replaceafillbut i wanted to ask you what it does23:26
aelknerwell, the schoolyear container has an attribute called active_id23:29
aelknerwhich is set to the id of the schoolyear that is currently active23:29
replaceafillhow is the active status used accross ST?23:30
aelknerthis is used by the IDateManager utility to evaluate the current_term attribute23:30
replaceafillit's used for showing the 2009-2010 tab, right23:30
aelkneramongst many other things, yes23:30
aelknerschooltool.gradebook and schooltool.intervention are always asking IDateManager for the current term23:31
aelknerwhcih in tuen yields the current school year23:31
replaceafillbtw aelkner now that i can ask you, how would you get the groups container in an evolution script23:32
replaceafillsuppose i have the SchoolToolApplication object23:32
replaceafilli tried IGroupContainer(app) but the adapter didnt work23:33
aelkneryou'll have to do that for each schoolyear23:33
aelknerin ISChoolyearContainer(app)23:33
replaceafillah ok, traverse the schoolyear container23:34
aelknerall of our code has to handle multiple schoolyears now23:34
replaceafillyes, the cando users will start using a new schoolyear23:35
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