IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-08-10

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th1afsufitch: ayt?16:22
fsufitchth1a: pong16:22
th1aWhen do you go to NYC?16:24
fsufitchmove-in date is aug 3016:24
fsufitchso, aug 3016:24
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fsufitchth1a: why?16:29
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Lumierehi all16:33
th1agood morning yvl, aelkner, menesis, Lumiere, moquist.16:33
yvlmorning th1a16:33
th1afsufitch: I just have to send that email to WG.16:33
fsufitchth1a: okay16:33
fsufitchmornin, yvl, aelkner, menesis, Lumiere, moquist :)16:34
yvlhey fsufitch16:34
* fsufitch copied th1a's greeting list16:34
th1aSo... would you like to start us off aelkner?16:36
aelknerso, i took off Thursday and Friday to go to the WBC (board gaming tournament)16:37
th1aHow'd it go?16:37
aelknerhad a great time and won sixth place in Ticket to Ride16:37
aelknerI lost the semi finals to the eventual winner by two points16:38
th1aignas: I got the final blow on two hulks last night.16:38
aelknerhe beet my friend at the final table16:38
aelknerbeat :)16:38
th1aWhat kind of game is that?16:38
aelknerit was a lot of fun16:38
aelknerit's a game with a map of the USA16:38
aelknerand you connect cities with train cars16:38
th1aRail game.16:39
aelkneryeh, with tickets in your hand that represent routes that you must make16:39
aelknerLast week I did manage to do three things16:40
aelkner1) I converted the report card pdf view to rml16:40
aelkner2) I added outline activities to the layout object16:40
aelkner3) I applied the outline activities to the report card pdf16:41
th1aCan you email me an example of the output?16:41
aelknerThe outline could use some polish with the styles16:42
th1aThe pdf?16:42
aelknerI could use your thoughts on what styles you would prefer16:42
th1aWell, I should just do it myself now that everything is in RML.16:43
aelknerlike could the scores that follow the activity heading be wrapped in a visible frame16:43
aelknerbut you won't be able to do that until i request yvl to merge and then he does that16:44
aelknerso i'll polish up the styles as far as indenting16:44
aelknerand request the merge today16:44
th1aSo are you about at the end of the tasks we discussed last week?16:45
aelkneralso, i still need to do the 'one section per page' version16:45
aelknerwhat was the plan for requesting that?16:45
aelknerwas it a separate action link16:45
th1aAh... I have to think about that.16:46
LumiereI would think it would have to be16:47
Lumiereunless there was a report cards view that linked off to the different versions16:47
Lumierebecause I assume you're clicking an action link and getting a pdf16:47
th1aProbably there is a separate view to select which report.16:47
th1aI just have to walk through it and think about it.16:48
th1aI mean, basically, I think that there is probably some clever place to put the link in the ST hierarchy,16:48
th1abut it is also probably somewhere people won't actually find it anyhow.16:49
aelknerand was it side by side with the regular 'Print Report Card' link16:49
aelknerfound at the person and group context?16:49
aelknerand what would be the text of the link?16:49
aelknerlooking at last week's log, you said you needed to figure that out16:49
th1aI just need to think about it while clicking around the actual interface.16:49
th1aRather than completely pulling something out of the air.16:50
aelknerok, i can wait for you to look into that16:50
aelknerin the meantime, shall i turn to bugs?16:50
aelknergradebook that is?16:50
th1aI think so, unless there is something else we anticipate Chris needing.16:51
aelkneri can't anticipate anything, but i'm sure he'll let us know as soon as he starts using it more16:51
aelknerso that's all i got16:52
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th1aSo I'm going to San Francisco over next weekend for a wedding.16:53
Lumierehave fun16:53
th1aI'll be traveling Thurs.-Mon.16:53
th1aCan we move next week's meeting to Tuesday?16:54
aelknerSan Fran is really cool16:54
aelknerTues is fine with me16:54
yvlth1a, I'm on vacation this and the following week16:54
th1aLast time I was in SF I played a gig at the Fillmore.  I don't think I can top that this time.16:54
aelkneryou cold site seeing16:55
th1ayvl: That works out then.16:55
th1aAnything to report at all then?16:55
LumiereI am on vacation next week too, (and CanDo's package needs to be out)16:55
yvlnot much, I nearly finished playing with security16:55
yvl~ a day's work left16:56
yvlbtw, I'll be available from time to time over the next few weeks16:56
th1aWhere does that put us?16:56
yvlumm, not sure I got your question, th1a16:57
yvl(I guess the vacation light-headiness already kicked in...)16:58
th1aWhat does "nearly finished playing with" mean to me?16:58
yvlyou'll have a short human readable list of groups of people that have certain permissions on some of the objects17:00
yvlcertain permissions - "add/remove", "modify", "view"17:00
th1aOK.  That's good.17:01
yvl"some objects" - objects that are understandable by the user: "user information" VS BasicPerson, Person17:01
th1aObject level permissions.17:01
th1aIs that list of objects hard-wired?17:02
yvlto some extent17:02
yvlas permissions change, the list changes too17:02
yvlbut we need to hard-wire descriptions for crowds17:03
yvllike human-readable description for "calendar owners"17:03
yvland we need to add descriptions for new object level groups as we add them17:03
yvlwe'll have to monitor this manually, more or less17:04
yvlauto-detection does not make any sense for the common user17:04
th1aThat's fine.17:04
yvlOK.  I tried to reduce code maintenance costs to minimum, but..17:06
th1aOur zeal for making things super-automatic bites us in the ass on this kind of thing though.17:07
th1aWe don't want to end up with something else that is easy for us to maintain but impossible to use.17:07
yvlwell, the quest was not to automate the presentation17:08
yvlbut to automate permission colleciton via tests17:08
yvlso that programmers are always warned when something changes17:09
yvlbut I can't cover all the cases, sadly17:09
yvlbtw, my personal priorities for new features currently are: 1) works/easy to understand for the user; 2) ability to extend for programmers;  3) ease of maintainance17:11
yvlfeel free to adjust the order17:12
th1aThat sounds right to me.17:12
yvlI guess we could discuss about this for infinity ;)17:12
th1aLe me know when I can see it.17:12
th1aAnd if you need descriptions, etc. from me.17:13
th1aLumiere: Where are we with the CanDo packages?17:13
LumiereI am waiting17:17
Lumierefor dwelsh to sign off on the changes17:17
th1aAnd then?17:18
LumiereI'll merge and request a package17:18
Lumierethen some time in the next couple weeks17:18
Lumiereonce the package is out I'll likely push out the bzr conversion17:18
Lumierebut I may want to work with LP to find a sane way to pull the entire repo in17:19
Lumierewithout having to push every one up by hand17:19
th1aSo at this point we have working packages of older code?17:19
th1aAnd you just need the new code approved and pushed through the pipe?17:19
th1aOK.  So we don't foresee any major issues.17:20
Lumierethere are no changes this year that will cause evolution issues17:20
Lumierethere are a couple schooltool updates17:21
th1aYou'll need help from menesis making the new packages?17:21
Lumierethat we'll evolve to17:21
Lumierebut nothing big17:21
th1aOH... is there a zope 3 security update and should we be doing something about updating our packages?17:21
Lumiereif there is17:21
th1amenesis: Did you see anything about that?17:21
Lumiereif there is any security update, we need to update our code to require the security update package17:22
th1ayvl: Is menesis around?17:24
yvlI'll call him17:25
* yvl not at the office ATM17:26
yvlsorry, he's not available now17:27
yvlbut he'll read the log a bit later17:28
th1aI'll send an email.17:28
yvlyes, thanks17:28
th1aI wrote some promotional copy that I'm going to send out to relevant mailing lists, etc. focusing on using SchoolTool for specific tasks.17:29
th1a1) gathering assessment data via report sheets;17:29
th1a2) individual teacher gradebook/attendance;17:29
th1a3) resource booking.17:29
th1aTrying to get a little usage below the level of moving the entire school onto a new SIS>17:30
th1amoquist: Anything to add?17:30
th1aI guess replaceafill has been sick, btw, but last I heard he was feeling better.17:31
yvlth1a, sounds like an excellent plan17:31
th1aThat'll go on the front of soon too.17:31
th1aAs soon as I can work it out with menesis.17:32
th1aaelkner: Let me know if you have any questions about priorities, details, etc. for the rest of the week.17:33
th1aHave a good vacation yvl.17:33
th1aAnd a great week everyone.17:33
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:33
aelkneryou, too17:34
yvla fun visit to SF, th1a17:34
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menesisth1a: hi. how do you know that there were security updates to some zope packages?20:04
moquistth1a: hey20:06
moquistin a meeting ATM.20:06
moquistth1a: but I guess nothing to add anyhow. the summary from yesterday still applies.20:07
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replaceafillth1a, ping20:16
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