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replaceafillyvl, ping14:25
replaceafillmenesis, ping14:27
replaceafillhey menesis, i have a question, maybe you can help me14:28
replaceafilli installed pyflakes/flymake in my emacs14:28
replaceafilland now when i work in a cando module, i see some unused imports14:29
replaceafilldo you think we should get rid of those?14:29
replaceafillis it ok if i do it in a BIG change, i mean scan all cando packages at once14:30
menesiswe at pov have a buildbot slave which runs pyflakes every night and emails developers about unused imports14:30
menesisand then we remove them14:30
replaceafillnice :)14:30
replaceafilli'll remove them all at once then14:31
menesisthere can be a problem with indirect imports14:31
replaceafillthanks menesis14:31
replaceafillwhat do you mean?14:32
menesisi.e. if module A imports B and then module C does from A import B14:32
replaceafillah i see14:33
menesissometimes such things are left for backwards compatibility14:33
replaceafilldo you think tests would catch these?14:33
menesisbut a full test run should catch those14:33
menesisthat's more relevant for library modules which cando isn't14:34
replaceafillcool! i'll remove them and run the tests to check14:35
replaceafillmenesis, one last question :)14:38
replaceafillif i have two lines:14:39
replaceafillimport zope.interface14:39
replaceafillimport zope.component14:39
replaceafillis the second one unnecessary?14:39
replaceafilli mean, the module works if i remove it, because of the way sys.module works i think14:40
replaceafillbut the code looks strange using "zope.component.getUtility" without importing zope.component14:40
menesisI don't think that works14:41
menesisyou have to explicitly import all modules14:41
replaceafillit does! :D14:41
replaceafilli remember alan and i asking ignas about it in the sprint14:42
menesismaybe the line that uses zope.component is never called14:42
replaceafillwe found a magic "zope.component.adapts" in a cando module14:42
replaceafillyes it is14:42
replaceafillthe adapter is registered14:42
menesiswell, maybe that's setuptools or pkg_resources magic14:43
replaceafillbut i guess i should leave those, cause they help "expresiveness", right?14:43
menesisbut I would leave imports of all used modules14:43
replaceafillcool, thanks menesis14:44
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th1amenesis, yvl:  We should probably pay attention to the "what goes in ZTK" conversation.17:03
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menesisth1a: where is that going on?17:07
menesislits of packages in ZTK?17:10
Lumierea part of me says we should go give them our list and say "we want to be in debian, we need these"17:12
th1aYes, that thread.17:12
th1aIn particular we should "vote" to help support the packages we use.17:13
th1aSince we're supporting them now anyhow.17:13
menesisit's hard to know what we need from the next Zope because we use Zope 3.4 and a lot of work was done since then17:18
menesisdeprecating modules, reducing dependencies, consolidating the useful parts from* into zope.* packages, etc17:18
th1aYes...  hm.17:19
th1aWell, I guess we need to catch up to what the Debian packages are going to look like.17:19
th1aNot immediately, but have a plan.17:19
menesisDebian packages are done by Brian and based on the packages he has done and we still use17:20
th1aI mean, the ZTK packages which are going to be in Debian.17:20
th1aThat is, Brian and Fabio have been working on new packages.17:21
menesisexcept that Debian packages the newest, simplified, versions, and not what we currently use, i.e. Zope 3.417:21
th1aWe'll need to get caught up with that for Karmic+1.17:22
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