IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-07-23

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jelknermoquist: ping01:00
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moquistjelkner: pongo02:13
moquistFailed to fetch  Hash Sum mismatch02:22
moquistFailed to fetch  Bad header line02:22
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moquistoh...but this time they were fetched without a problem. Huh.02:38
* moquist didn't really think simply trying again was going to work02:38
moquistI was going to download what I could, munge the packages, and install manually. This is much better. :-)02:38
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Lumieremoquist: trying cando?03:23
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moquistLumiere: not yet, just schooltool03:44
moquistsetting up a demo for the Moodle integration client03:45
jelknermoquist: is the integration work under way?03:45
jelkneri asked replaceafill yesterday, and he said he was waiting to here from you03:46
* jelkner needs to go home after 13 1/2 hours at work, so he'll wait for later to get a reply...03:48
jelknerok, i'll be waiting to start trying it out as soon as it's ready03:48
moquistI've been 1) really busy and 2) waiting for the last 50% of the payment for the first phase so I can pay Brett & replacefill03:48
moquistI just got 1) freed up and 2) some reasonable assurance that the last payment will be here next week03:49
* moquist nods03:49
jelkneri've got a quick question for you03:49
moquistso we're on track, hopefully coming out of the lull soon03:49
jelknerhave you used lams?03:49
jelkneri learned about it at fossed this year03:50
jelkneri was very impressed03:50
jelknerbut the version i saw was integrated with moodle03:50
jelknerwhich i though was less than ideal03:51
jelknersince it had too much duplication and made things much less intuitive to use03:51
jelknerthings like: what do i want, a lams quiz or a moodle quiz?03:51
jelknerwhat i'm really hoping for is schooltool, mahara, lams integration03:52
jelknersince that is the combination i think will serve us best03:52
jelknerhere at gctaa03:52
jelkner(Governor's Career and Technical Academy in Arlington)03:52
jelknerwe will want to use schooltool / cando as the central tool03:52
jelknerand link in managed activities (using lams) and student evidence of mastery (using mahara)03:53
jelknerok, i really do have to go.03:54
jelknerbut i look forward to hearing your thoughts on that at some point.03:54
moquistI have none.03:54
moquistI have heard of LAMS but never used it.03:54
moquistand never seen it used03:54
moquistbye. :)03:54
* moquist doesn't want to hold jelkner up03:55
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* moquist struggles to make a new user an admin in schooltool-200904:59
moquistI'm also trying to figure out (again) how to populate my demo with test data.05:00
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* jelkner ... in the comfort of home at last05:02
moquistjelkner: hi. can I badger you with questions? :)05:03
moquistI just got schooltool-2009 installed, and I can't figure out how 1) to make a new user an admin or 2) how to populate my system with test data05:04
jelknerLumiere is your man for that05:25
jelknerhe is our sys admin05:25
jelkneri haven't ever had to worry about that05:26
jelknerhe does it for us05:26
jelknerreplaceafill will also know, of course05:26
jelknerbut he isn't here05:26
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aelknermoquist: do you still need help getting users added05:45
aelknerto get test data, you need to edit schooltool.conf in your instance directory05:54
aelkneryou go to the end of that file and comment in the last line where it says devmode to enable it05:54
aelknerthen, when you hit the 'Manage' tab (after you restarted the serve), you will notice 'Sample Data' at the bottom of the links05:55
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aelknerhey replaceafill06:00
replaceafillhey aelkner06:01
aelkneri was just responding to a question moquist had about sample data06:02
aelknerhave you ever used it?06:02
replaceafillno, i always use the sample_data.xls spreadsheet06:02
aelknerthat's an interesting point06:03
aelknerthat feature is newer06:03
replaceafillthe spreadsheet?06:03
aelkneryeah, the import of it06:03
aelknerif i understand you correctly06:03
aelknerdid you work on that feature?06:04
replaceafillno, ignas did i think06:04
replaceafillit creates a huuuge database06:04
aelknerah, well i haven't had the chance to look over that code yet06:04
replaceafillmoquist, ping06:05
aelkneri wouldn't be able to reccomend that or the old sample data system06:05
replaceafillis the old sample data system still there?06:05
aelkneryeah, you need devmode, then you see 'Sample Data' in the Manage tab links06:07
* moquist pops back in06:07
replaceafillhey moquist, did u solve your problem?06:07
aelknerreplaceafill: you could explain how the xls system works if the old system is not desirable06:08
replaceafillyou login as manager, then go to XLS Import, then you'll see:06:09
replaceafillFor people interested in testing and exploring SchoolTool, we provide a set of sample data: sample_data.xls.06:09
replaceafilldownload the sample_data.xls file to your computer06:09
replaceafilland then upload it through the form06:10
replaceafillif your pc is slow try to remove some section spreadsheets06:10
moquisthi, and no06:43
* moquist catches up06:43
moquistreplaceafill: right - thanks for reminding me of that. I think that's what I did last time, too.06:45
moquistI haven't figured out yet how to make a new user into an admin.06:45
replaceafillhey moquist, sorry i was away06:46
moquistNP, I have been, too.06:46
replaceafilldo you want to add them to the School Admin group?06:46
replaceafillgo to persons06:47
replaceafillchoose the person you want06:47
replaceafill(this is as manager, ok)06:47
moquistso far so good06:47
replaceafilland then go to Groups06:47
replaceafillselect the School Admin group and hit Add06:47
moquist"There are none"06:47
moquist"There are none to add"06:47
replaceafillah ok, Groups exist inside schoolyears06:47
replaceafillyou have to create a schoolyear for having groups06:48
moquistso after my sample...xls file finishes importing, I'll have groups.06:48
moquistI actually wondered that, but it was obviously only a guess.06:48
moquistAnd since I didn't know how to get the sample data, I didn't want to mess around creating stuff myself...etc.06:49
* moquist thinks he is all set now06:49
moquistreplaceafill: we can finally, I think, begin to figure out the next phase.06:49
replaceafillmoquist, nice!06:49
moquistIn the next few days I'll hopefully be talking to Joe about some interface changes they want -- I don't know if they mean in Moodle or in SchoolTool.06:51
replaceafillare you setting sample data to demo SchoolTool?06:52
replaceafillor just to work with it and learn06:52
replaceafillgreat, let me know if i can assist you in anything06:54
moquistI will.06:55
moquistActually, I guess I can just ask you to help break down the tasks that need to be done in SchoolTool -- the next step is estimating the next phase cost.06:55
moquistI was about to pull up our wiki page and get started on that, but my XLS import has failed and so now I'm distracted...06:56
replaceafillwhat happened?06:57
replaceafilldo you have a traceback?06:57
moquistNo. I'm running everything through an apache reverse proxy that serves as a gateway, and the error I got was from the proxy.06:57
moquistIt smelt of a timeout between the proxy and the schooltool server.06:57
moquistI'm going to connect locally from lynx this time.06:58
replaceafillyes, loading that sample data takes a lot of time06:58
replaceafillyou can delete some sections if you want06:58
replaceafillthat will speed the process up06:58
replaceafilli think there are four section worksheets06:58
moquistI just need the system to look populated so it feels like it's real.07:05
moquisthmm. how bad is it if I kill the instance of ST that's still plugging away on that XLS import?07:07
moquistit's sucking up all my CPU, which makes me sad. :(07:08
replaceafill:) you will kill some of the data07:08
moquistwill it break anything?07:08
moquistas long as nothing is broken, I don't care.07:08
replaceafillu can start over07:09
replaceafilli mean delete the database and create a new one07:09
moquistremove the DB?07:09
* moquist nods07:09
moquistdo I need anything specialer than rm?07:09
* moquist also needs to know where the DB is, but assumes he can figure that out07:09
replaceafillare you using the deb packages?07:09
moquistOh - I think that's in the book, actually.07:09
moquistyes, on jaunty07:09
replaceafilllet me check how it's called in the deb packages07:10
* replaceafill only uses branches :S07:11
moquist/var/lib/schooltool/schooltool-2009-Data.fs and friends look promising07:12
replaceafillthat's the one07:12
replaceafilllook the .index .tmp etc files too07:12
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fsufitchanyone around to answer a weird question of mine?18:36
Lumierefsufitch: pong18:46
fsufitchLumiere: why can sections have more than one course??18:46
Lumierefsufitch: joint class18:49
Lumiereat YHS I had a section that was 2 periods long that was english and social studies for example18:49
fsufitchok then, ill have to process these nicely then18:49
Lumiereit's rare, but a case that ST does support18:49
fsufitchtechnically this is a cando feature, but ill make it compatible :-P18:50
fsufitchsince cando is now schooltool18:50
fsufitch... sort of18:50
fsufitchi still dont get that18:50
Lumierefsufitch: multiple courses for a section is part of SchoolTool18:51
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Lumiereremember that CanDo features must support all of the ways schooltool may have data18:51
fsufitchnono, i get that, i dont get the relationship b/w CanDo and SchoolTool anymore18:51
LumiereCanDo is a module of SchoolTool,18:52
Lumiereand it has to respect SchoolTool's Data Model18:52
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fsufitchLumiere: what assumptions can i make about the grammar of score titles?19:37
fsufitchlike, will scores be past tense fragments like "has performed without assistance"?19:37
Lumierefsufitch: I need to find those lines19:44
Lumierewe have the state issued wordings19:44
Lumierewhich are annoyingly long19:44
Lumiere4 - Can teach others19:45
Lumiere3 - Can perform without supervision19:45
Lumiere2 - Can perform with limited supervision19:45
Lumiere1 - Can perform with supervision19:45
Lumiere0 - Cannot perform19:45
fsufitchhey, that's convenient :D19:45
Lumierethey see 2 as competent19:45
fsufitchit doesnt matter19:45
fsufitchim making it flexible19:45
LumiereI know19:45
fsufitchw/e they set as the minimum score will be "competent"19:45
LumiereUSS is flexible19:45
fsufitcheverything above that will be "exceeds"19:45
Lumiereworks for me19:45
fsufitchi havent decided on wording yet19:46
Lumierewe may need to make 2 wordings19:46
Lumierea full wording19:46
fsufitchwell yes19:46
Lumiereand an abbreviation for stuff19:46
Lumierethe reports can't really say the whole thing19:46
Lumiereprobably something along the lines of  Cannot preform, supervised, limited supervision, without supervision, teaching19:47
Lumierestill too long19:47
fsufitchnono, what i mean is19:54
fsufitchit says19:54
fsufitch"This certifies that <student name> has achieved "Can perform without supervision" for these skills:"19:55
Lumierethat works19:55
Lumierebut it should just take it from Universal Score System19:56
fsufitchthats what im doing19:58
fsufitchLumiere: how should i treat competency groups?20:05
Lumierefor that form ignore em20:05
Lumiereyou're just reporting comps20:05
fsufitchso just lump all the comps together20:05
Lumiereand attach a state report to the back maybe20:06
Lumierebbiab gotta run to acc20:06
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fsufitchLumiere: ping20:57
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Lumierefsufitch: hihi?22:06
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