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dloboth1a: hey a quick question. does schooltool include a scheduling module?19:34
dloboi.e. i need something for parent teacher conferences19:34
th1aIn the sense that it generates the schedule itself?19:34
th1aIt has calendars.19:35
th1aBut it does not have timetable/schedule generating algorithms.19:35
th1aMakes sense?19:36
dlobodo u know of any open source scheduling stuff19:37
dloboi'm starting to scope out and start doing some work for sf school (gotta release civicrm 2.3 first :)19:38
dlobofound phpscheduleit so far19:38
dlobowhich might meet our needs19:38
th1aWell, it is kind of weird.19:40
dlobowhy? (also, any other options?)19:42
th1aActually, it looks like SchoolTool does what phpscheduleit does.19:42
th1aPart of what makes it weird is it is so difficult to get straight what people are actually talking about when they say "schedule" or "timetable."19:42
th1aSo could you be more specific?19:43
th1ae.g., there are several mature open source projects to do "timetable" generation, meaning figuring out which sections should meet in which rooms.19:44
th1aBut not for "scheduling," figuring which students should be in which sections.19:44
th1aSchoolTool has a pretty good "reservation" system at this point.19:45
th1aMeaning, people can reserve resources like classrooms.19:45
dloboi want a system for parent teacher conferences19:49
dloboth1a: which to some extent is like a scheduling/reservation system19:49
dlobo(since its a small school, its not a very hard problem either, 10 kids / teacher over a few days)19:50
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th1adlobo: I have no idea of what you are trying to tell me.20:02
th1aWhat does it need to *do*?20:02
dloboth1a: that was in response to: So could you be more specific?20:03
th1aBut what do you need to do with the system?20:03
th1aDo you need to feed in a list of teachers and parents and spit out a schedule?20:03
dlobomy current need is a system that parents can sign up for a slot for parent teacher conferences20:03
th1aParents sign up.20:04
dloboso the teacher tells the slots20:04
dloboand then parents sign up (or the admin configures the open slots)20:04
th1aTeachers tell who?20:04
th1aDo you want parents to literally schedule themselves on line or just talk to someone?20:05
dloboyes. since this happens only once or twice a year20:05
dloboper grade20:05
dlobo(right now, they call the front desk and its a manual process)20:06
th1aIt is a very specific case.20:07
th1aDo you want parents to have to log in?20:08
dloboparents will log in20:08
dlobowe are doing a lot more with the log in20:08
dlobo(and exposing student information etc). Also doing extended care registration etc via the login20:09
dlobostudent information == name / address / grade etc (to begin with), not SIS information :)20:09
th1aSo you're already giving them accounts with civiccrm20:09
th1aCan't you do this in civicrm?20:10
dloboyes, all that is being done as part of drupal/civicrm20:10
dlobothe PTC registration is the missing part20:10
th1aI think you'd be best off writing a really simple module for that.20:11
th1aFor civiccrm.20:11
dlobook. any thoughts and impressions on phpScheduleIT?20:11
dlobois it worth looking into? or it is more complicated than what i need?20:11
th1aI suspect it is more than you need and you don't want to confuse parents.20:13
th1aYou pretty much need a *Book a teacher conference* link.20:14
th1aThen *select a teacher*.20:14
th1aThen *pick a time*.20:14
dlobothe teacher is pre-assigned and selected20:14
dloboso basicaly pick an available time20:14
th1aYeah, just write that.20:15
dlobokinda agree, its a bit simple that its not worth the additional overhead :)20:15
th1aIt definitely seems like it fits the CRM thing.20:15
th1aYou'll have to let me know at some point about what conclusions you reached, if any, about the open source SIS scene.20:15
dloboi will, though i suspect i wont be researching it a lot for the next few weeks while i get this thing rolling first20:19
dlobobut the multiple forks of the focus system is definitely a concern20:19
dloboand confuses issues and the response from them on the groups site was not great either (i.e. did not clarify things at all)20:20
th1aI was interested to learn that they're contemplating a Moodle-centric re-write.20:20
dloboin open source people contemplate a LOT of things (IMO), a lot of it never leaves the contemplation stage :)20:24
dloboso i kinda take a lot of that with a grain of salt20:25
th1adlobo: Certainly.20:44
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Lumiereth1a: if at some point we had better integration type things... it is the sort of thing that should be able to be pushed into a teachers schedule from like the website22:40
th1aLumiere: Yeah... the biggest thing at this point would just be not having parent accounts.22:41

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