IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-07-10

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jelknercpcarey: ping00:50
cpcareyjelkner: hi00:50
jelknerdo you have everything you need for nhs-service log00:50
cpcareyfor now yes00:52
jelknerplease let me know if you need anything00:52
cpcareyi think i have the proper privileges for when its time to upgrade the real instance at nhs.yhspatriot.net00:52
cpcareybut i haven't tried it since its not ready just yet00:52
jelknerhgrover will be able to help when the time comes00:53
jelknerbut you have all the user stories you need?00:53
cpcareyyes the email from aaron was very helpful00:53
cpcareyi've been working through the user stories this past week00:54
cpcareyi've only had trouble finding someone who could help me get an instance running for tj00:55
cpcareyother than that, things are good00:55
jelknerbut for now, yhs is the paying customer00:55
jelkneras long as you've got what you need to deliver the goods00:56
jelknerother stuff can be handled in september00:56
cpcareyso i'll let you know if any comes up00:58
jelknerplease do00:58
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