IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-06-29

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th1aignas: Apoc 1.3 patch today.16:27
ignasshew, I have a 3 day skill in the queue16:28
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th1aIt seems like mostly a backend performance patch.16:28
ignasgot a link to the patch notes by any chance?16:30
th1aNot that I'm reading them now or anything.16:30
th1aGood morning aelkner, yvl, menesis, Lumi|USA2|BRA0, moquist.16:31
yvlmorning everybody :)16:33
th1aHope everyone had a nice weekend.16:34
th1aHow are things coming, yvl?16:34
yvlhmm, pretty well, I'd say16:34
yvlstill fixing bugs16:35
yvlthere's a pile of Fix Committed on Launchpad now16:35
yvlmaybe we should do a release soon?16:35
yvlone small thing I wanted to ask you16:35
yvlcan you send a "very short" list of bugs you need for SchoolTool book16:36
th1aNext Tuesday?16:36
yvlsounds good16:36
yvl* you need fixed16:36
th1aFor the book?16:36
th1aOr that I found working on the book?16:37
yvlI mean, something like
yvlWhat's the format for section CSV import16:37
th1aThat's pretty much the only "I don't know how this is supposed to work" bug, I think.16:37
yvlhmm, ok16:38
th1aUnless there's another csv documentation bug just like it for another object.16:38
yvlI hope that all other "this is not supposed to work this way" bugs are fixed - those, that are mentioned in SchoolTool book16:38
yvlbugs like "insane wrapping of sections descriptions"16:39
yvlor "weekly calendar events are gone"16:39
th1aOK.  Cool.16:39
th1aYou've got a break now because I'm assigning all the gradebook bugs I find now to aelkner.16:39
yvlcool :)16:40
th1aAlthough if we're doing a release on Tuesday I definitely should shift to documenting his current changes.16:40
yvlnext Tuesday is... Jul 7th16:40
th1aaelkner: What's your eta on comments?16:40
th1aYes, the 7th.16:41
yvlSo I'll send you a summary of what is going to be released on Thu?  Sounds ok?16:41
aelknerComment are ready now, though the Fckeditor is not available yet for them16:41
yvlI was getting to that :)16:41
yvlwe'll have to write the widget for z3c.form ourselves16:42
th1ayvl: Yes.16:42
yvlI'll do that ASAP16:42
aelkneri figured as much16:42
yvlyou were totally right, aelkner16:42
th1aOK, so we can get comments in the release too then?16:43
aelkneri think not having the Fckedit short term is no reason to delay releaing comments16:43
yvlwe'll manage to add Fckedit by then16:43
th1aIt shouldn't take a week.16:43
aelknerThen , i guess they'll be ready16:44
yvlfew hours best case scenario; most likely half a day; worst case scenario - day and a half16:44
aelkneryvl: please alert me to the diff for that, i'll be curious16:45
th1aaelkner: Have we discussed what's next for you?16:45
yvlok Alan16:45
aelknerwe haven't discussed, but I would think it's obvious from you emails last week16:45
aelkner... bugs16:45
aelkneralthough i still have SLA stuff to contend with16:46
aelknerlike migrating the narrative data to comments16:46
aelkneri'm waiting for final ok from them about demographics migration16:47
aelknerthey are still working out address issues16:47
th1aYes, I have a reply to send in the mail about that.16:47
th1aI don't think I want to have multiple addresses on one contact.16:47
aelknercertainly not16:48
aelknerthey don't need it16:48
aelknerthey are just a little sloppy woth what they have now16:48
th1aIt is typical.16:48
th1aI was talking to a guy who has done a lot of migrations from one SIS to another and the first thing he mentioned is exactly what we're dealing with with SLA,16:48
th1ajust in migrating from ourself to ourself.16:49
aelkneri think the model we have now is the right one16:49
th1a(going from just a list of addresses connected to a person to individual contacts)16:49
aelknerif they want more than one address for a contact, they can create a second contact16:50
th1aThese migrations are difficult in general because obviously the idea is always to have a system that keeps cleaner data.16:50
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th1aSo by definition you're always doing cleanup as part of the process.16:50
aelknerso we're helping them as a result16:51
aelknerlike sla, for instance16:51
th1aAnyhow, take a look at the critical and high priority bugs I assigned to you.16:51
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th1aDefinitely do the critical one, and then we can discuss what's next.16:51
aelknerwill do16:52
th1aThe last part of the big SLA project is cleaning up interventions, right?16:52
th1amoquist: ping...16:52
th1aDo you want to do all the coding at once and then migrate everything, or code/migrate code/migrate16:53
ignas_hmm, will you keep the email handling part of interventions in the interventions package even after you refactor it to be separate from other sla code?16:53
moquistth1a: yoyoyo16:54
th1aSchoolTool should have a standard emailing system.16:54
th1a(not just part of interventions)16:54
th1amoquist: can you give us an update in a few minutes?16:54
* yvl sighs16:54
th1ath1a: otoh, it is not a priority!16:55
* th1a sometimes talks to himself for no apparent reason.16:55
yvlagreed, th1a :)16:55
th1aBad th1a!16:55
moquistThe Moodle integration project is proceeding basically as planned. By Tomorrow I'll have specified a list of interfaces that each app should provide in v1.0 of the integration, and Brett will have finished the mnet port.16:55
moquist(which we need to upload somewhere)16:56
th1amoquist: Do we have a name for this?16:56
moquistThe next round of funding starts on July 21, at which point we'll hopefully be ready to start making SSO, then enrollments, and then grades transfer from Moodle to SchoolTool.16:56
moquistth1a: not py-mnet?16:57
moquistor python-mnet?16:57
moquistdoesn't matter to me, though.16:57
moquistI do think having at least 'py' in the name would clarify what it is.16:57
th1aIt is more obvious to people who aren't python web developers.16:58
ignas_moquist: hmm, if it is supposed to be an egg - py is not really needed, being in python package index kind of qualifies it enough ;)16:58
ignas_same for debian, debian prefixes packages with python-16:58
ignas_so having python-py-mnet16:58
ignas_does not make much sense16:58
* moquist nods16:58
ignas_wsgi on the other hand - does16:59
ignas_but that's just my opinion16:59
* yvl seconds16:59
moquistI was picturing a deb named 'mnet-wsgi'. Your idea makes more sense.16:59
th1amnet-wsgi or wsgi-mnet16:59
* moquist seconds mnet-wsgi FWIW17:00
th1amoquist: Do you and Brett have LP accounts?17:01
moquistI do. I doubt Brett does at this point.17:01
* moquist sees if he can catch Brett online17:01
th1amoquist: So you'll be submitting your plan for the next phase tomorrow?17:04
moquistin the wiki17:04
moquistit can be reviewed and changed17:05
th1aAh, where's the wiki again?17:05
moquistI'm submitting enough of a plan to make it possible to quote the real plan by the 21st. :)17:05
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moquistPanentheos: hey, Brett17:06
moquistno real change since last meeting. I might get to work on it today; otherwise, tonight.17:06
th1amoquist: OK.17:06
moquistPanentheos: so we're thinking mnet should be called mnet-wsgi17:06
moquistand I think we might be on the verge of figuring out where it should live17:07
th1aSo you're planning on bouncing things back and forth for the next few weeks to come up with the final plan.17:07
th1aYeah, we need more understanding of how the school actually works.17:07
moquistI was hoping to have more of that right now, but it didn't happen, and I don't think anything is derailed as a result.17:08
moquistI hope Joe is happy with a wiki page that looks right and at least doesn't say anything wrong.17:08
moquistIt will inevitably be too vague from an implementor's standpoint until we're closer to the 21st.17:09
th1aThey don't seem like the kind of folks who give you vague instructions and then get pissed off if you give them a somewhat vague result.17:09
* moquist nods17:10
moquistThey get disappointed if you give them a crappy result. We won't do that. :)17:10
th1aAnd guessing at something at a higher level of detail than we understand their needs (based on what they've told us) is not going to be helpful, just a waste of time.17:10
th1aI think we're on the right track.17:10
moquistAh - excellent. That's even better than merely not being derailed.17:11
moquistSo Panentheos was planning to send mnet to me tomorrow, and I was going to attach it to my report email to Joe. We can figure out later where to put it, I think.17:11
th1aWell, I can set up a project on LP.17:12
th1aI'll do that.17:12
moquistIt probably also needs some review, and we probably won't get that done by tomorrow.17:12
moquistth1a: great; thanks17:12
moquistPanentheos: if you don't have a launchpad account, could you please create one? Then th1a can make you a team member and you'll have upload privs.17:13
* moquist assumes that is the desired plan17:13
PanentheosI did create an account, I think...17:13
th1aThanks moquist & Panentheos.17:14
th1aLumi|USA2|BRA0: You alive?17:14
th1aWatching soccer, I guess?17:15
th1aI guess that was yesterday...17:15
th1aFinal score USA2|BRA3.17:16
th1aSo for this next release I'm going to push the "SchoolTool as a personal gradebook/attendance next year" angle.17:17
th1aOn the open source in ed mailing lists, etc.17:17
th1aNow that school's out and we'll have a few more gradebook fixes in.17:17
* yvl nods17:18
th1aI don't have any other news... jelkner seemed excited by his trip to the FOSSED conference.17:18
th1aAlthough jelkner is easily excited.17:19
aelknerexcited how?17:19
aelknerthat is true17:19
th1aExcited about interoperability with Maraha in particular.17:19
th1aHe got to see some Moodle/Maraha/LAMS action.17:19
aelknerwell, interoperability is an exciting thing17:20
yvlumm, Mahara maybe?17:20
th1aYeah, I can't remember that name.17:21
th1amoquist can confirm that I say it wrong every time.17:21
* moquist confirms17:22
th1aAny last words?17:22
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!17:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:23
th1amoquist: Don't hesitate to ask if you need any SchoolTool info/advice in writing this stuff up.17:23
moquistth1a: I won't, and I will.17:23
yvla good week for you all :)17:23
moquistI'll want the interfaces spec reviewed.17:23
th1aignas_: Is there any real reason to display timetable calendars now that timetable events are regular events?17:36
ignas_th1a: hmm, i think the usecase was "only show timetable events"17:38
ignas_th1a: teachers don't care about non-timetable events sometimes when overlaying17:38
th1aI think we should just chuck the column at this point.17:39
yvlah, ignas_, thank you17:42
yvlignas_, did you kill the pure timetable calendar views?17:42
yvlthose that check if 'ttschema' in app?17:42
ignas_pure timetable calendar views?17:42
ignas_we had them?17:43
yvlthere are two templates:17:43
yvlfor calendar views17:43
yvlhave no idea what the timetable_template does17:43
ignas_hmm, can recall something, but these are rather "with timetables" and "without timetables"17:43
ignas_not "pure timetable"17:44
ignas_point being - have the possibility to disable timetables completely and still have it working17:44
ignas_as Filip or Chris was working on term integration with calendar17:44
ignas_I insisted on having separate code and templates for the parts that depend on timetables being present17:45
ignas_so that if you turn off timetabling your calendar still works17:45
yvlI see17:45
yvlwell, I'll do some chopping and burning then17:45
ignas_i mean - they got kind of weird now that "terms" are mandatory17:45
yvland buggy17:46
ignas_but the idea of "we don't need timetables" is quite sane17:46
yvldon't forget buggy17:46
ignas_because cando does not use timetables17:46
ignas_and forcing timetables on them is not nice ;)17:46
yvlthanks th1a, ignas_17:47
* yvl goes away17:58
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th1amoquist: GPL v.2?19:40
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fsufitchLumi|USA2|BRA0, ping22:28
fsufitchnice username22:28
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replaceafillaelkner, ping23:03
replaceafillth1a, ping23:31

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