IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-06-17

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r0verhello i'm looking for schooltool brochures or ppts/slides, are there smt like that available ?04:21
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r0veror a user manual in a pdf format04:41
Lumierer0ver: the book can be turned into a pdf04:53
Lumierebut right now is the only copy04:53
Lumierewe do have a couple brochures... th1a needs to link them04:53
r0verLumiere: i found one about calendar04:53
Lumiereyea there is one about cando04:53
Lumierebut I think that's it for now04:53
Lumierer0ver: documentation and advertising is something we're still working on04:54
r0verLumiere: i've a zope/plone company and i had been invited to give a talk in a educational event organized by a minestry. Rather than my usual Plone talk, i'd like to give them something more interesting for the domain. Schooltool could be very interesting for them04:55
r0veri met Jeff Elkner in last pycon04:56
r0verthere i knew about the initiative, wich is great i think.04:56
LumiereI work with Jeff04:56
* Lumiere is the systems admin for Jeff's server network :)04:57
r0ver:d send regards to him from Roberto Allende, i'm sure he'll remember me, he attended to my talk and we had been lunching together04:57
r0vergreat guy, btw04:57
LumiereI won't see him till next week :)04:58
Lumierehe is around here as jelkner a bit04:59
r0verLumiere: do you know if the cando's th1a brochure is available ?05:04
r0veri was looking for it and i wasn't able to find it05:04
r0verseems to be not published :)05:04
Lumiereexcuse the bad looking site :)05:05
r0verLumiere: no problem, thks a lot. Last question and a leave (i've to take a fly :), is cando included in the ubuntu package ?)05:08
r0verit seems so...05:09
LumiereCanDo is eggified... but not dpkg'd05:11
LumiereI have to do some work to get that done05:11
Lumierein the next 2 weeks05:11
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r0verahhh.. ok, are the eggs public in pypi ?05:18
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Lumierehi replaceafill05:30
replaceafillhey Lumiere05:31
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jelknerreplaceafill: hey man!22:31
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replaceafilljelkner, hey mr elkner22:31
jelkneras u can c, phufford just arrived22:31
jelknerwhen the 2 of you are finished, i'd like to talk to u22:32
jelknersphinx rocks!!22:32
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