IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-06-15

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th1aGood morning replaceafill, aelkner, Lumiere.16:31
th1aWe seem to be missing some Lithuanians.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:31
th1aaelkner: Would you like to start?16:31
aelknerok, early last week, i didn't feel well, so that's why i had no mid-week progress report to give you16:32
aelknerwith the latter part of the week, i worked on migrating sla's custom demographics data to the new system16:32
aelkneras you recommended, i didn't write a genreation script, just patch scripts16:33
aelkneri actually had to write two patch scripts because removed email and phone from person objects16:34
aelknerbut sla was using those fields, so i had to first patch the data to move those fields to sla's custom demos16:34
aelknerthen, the second patch moved all custom demos to the new demos16:35
th1aYou need to make contacts.16:35
th1aaelkner needs to keep up with The SchoolTool Book.16:35
aelknerah, good point16:35
aelknerso i'll have to do that next16:37
aelkneri have a question about the birth_date field16:37
aelknerwell, actually, i want to point out that sla has four custom person views16:38
aelknerone for the demographics viewlet for index.html16:38
aelknerone for add, one for edit16:38
aelknerand finally, one for importing16:39
aelknerwell, something tells me that Lehmann is not gong to like the new demographics system views for adding/editing16:40
aelknerhe had asked me to create the add/edit forms to have all the data in one form16:40
aelknerdo we still want to provide that for them?16:41
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th1aYou mean because contacts are separate?16:41
yvlgood morning guys16:42
th1aProbably that is something that should be improved anyhow.16:42
yvlsorry I'm late16:42
th1aHi yvl.16:42
aelknerth1a: do you mean that schooltool needs to improve, or that it is improved now?16:43
th1aIt can be improved.16:43
th1aWe don't need to do it right now though.16:44
aelknerso should i just remove the custom views for sla and get lehmann's reaction this summer to the new system?16:45
aelknerok, will do16:45
aelkneralso, do you want me to move the intervention package into the schooltool egg16:46
th1aEventually, I think.16:46
aelknerok, but first get contacts to work16:46
aelknerthen later move the whole package16:47
th1aContacts, comments in gradebook...16:47
aelknerok, so i just need to update my second migration script to make contacts16:47
aelkneryvl: is the birth_date field editible on the person add/edit forms now?16:48
th1aThat would seem to be the immediate task at hand.16:48
yvlhmm, should be16:48
yvldidn't check16:48
aelkneri only have the custom sla forms that i'm working with, and it crashes now on that field16:49
aelknercould we meet after the meeting to discuss this?16:49
yvlyes they are16:49
yvlok aelkner16:49
th1aIt is crashing on the standard forms or the custom ones?16:50
Lumierehi all16:50
th1ahi Lumiere.16:50
aelknerwell, if i'm removing the custom sla forms anyway (as tom just suggested), i guess i don't need to worrry about that16:50
yvlhi Lumiere16:50
aelknerit was the custom form16:50
aelkneri noticed a presentation problem brought about by the presence of the new links in the person views16:51
aelknerAdvisors, Advisees, Contacts being the new links16:51
aelknerwith 'Print Report Card' and 'Intervention Center' being there as well, the links don't fit on onw line16:52
aelknerthis causes the Report's viewlet to render poorly16:52
aelknerhovering over it results in the menu items being too far to the right to be seen16:53
aelknerperhaps we should shorted the text for some of the links?16:53
th1aYes, we should.16:54
aelkner'Edit Preferences' and 'Change Password' could be shortened to 'Preferences' and 'Password'?16:54
yvlstill, we can't control all the translations16:54
yvljust try looking at the russian person views...16:55
th1aIt should flow to a second line properly anyhow, yes.16:55
aelknerperhaps we should group some of them into drop-downs as with the reports16:55
th1aOr move them to a sidebar ;-)16:55
* Lumiere thinks aelkner should make a en_US translation XD16:56
Lumiereand install it at sla16:56
yvlwell, at least some sort of grouping would be nice16:56
yvlI'm all confused all the time - which gradebook this link is about, etc.16:57
th1aOK.  It is something to think about.16:57
aelkneryvl: you mean schooltool.gradebook versus lyceum journal?16:57
yvlI agree with th1a - we'll have to think about that at some point16:58
aelknerwe need to decide on this before we present the changes to sla16:58
th1aIn the meantime, I'll file a bug about shortening the labels.16:59
th1aAnything else, aelkner?17:00
aelknerwill the label shortening be assigned to me?17:00
th1aIt could be.17:00
aelknerif so, i would have a question about translations17:01
aelkneris there a US translation, or is that the default?17:01
th1aaelkner: After contacts, will you be starting on comments?17:01
aelknerth1a: yes17:01
aelknerif i change the configure.zcml for 'Change Password' to 'Password' is that all that needs to be done?17:02
aelknerare translations only for other languages?17:02
yvlyes, that will be enough17:03
th1aLumiere: Stop confusing aelkner.17:03
aelknerth1a: that wasn't on his account17:03
Lumiereth1a: but I enjoy confusing aelkner :)17:04
aelkneri was just checking becuase i noticed translations being done, and i wasn't sure about the status of English17:04
aelkneri'm clear on it now17:04
th1aI'm going to start working on the English translation soon.17:04
th1aaelkner: So presumably we'll talk on the phone later this week about comments in the gradebook.17:05
aelknerth1a: sure, i'll let you know when the contacts are ready17:05
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aelknerthen we can talk about the comments17:05
aelknerth1a: excuse me redundantly asking but,17:06
aelkneryou also want me to scrap the sla viewlet for index.html of person17:06
aelknerthey liked the demos to be formatted a specific way17:06
aelkneri suppose they should see what the new system is like first17:07
th1aCan you send me a screenshot?17:07
aelkneri'll send you screenshots of the index.html, add, and edit on their current system17:08
yvlLast week I worked mainly on contacts17:09
yvla small crash-bug17:09
yvland ability to define person-contact relationship from a dropdown17:09
yvlthat was much harder than I expected17:09
th1aYes... how did you do it?17:09
th1aIs it stored on the relationship?17:10
yvlhad to extend schooltool.relationships to provide access to relationship extra_info17:10
th1aIs zc.relationship better at that?17:10
th1aBecause there's more where that came from...17:11
yvlit already has the concept of Relationship as a separate "you define what" that is linked with two objects17:11
yvlso kind of yes17:11
yvlah, and it has nice querying for it17:11
yvlthe thing is that the zc.relationship API is a bit too complex for plainly using in schooltool17:12
th1aFor Moodle, but really in general too, we're going to need to add some simple states to section enrollment.17:12
th1aLike "active," "completed," "withdrawn, incomplete."17:12
yvlhmm, ok17:12
th1aAnd note the date of the change in state.17:12
th1aKeep a history.17:13
yvlcurrently I just added it as a small extension on schooltool.relationship17:13
yvlbut in the long term I'd like to have a simple interface to store whatever on a relationship17:13
yvlannotation style thingie17:13
th1aYeah.  This Moodle case pushes for some kind of longer term solution.17:13
yvlby the way, when will we need it done?17:14
yvlrough estimate is enough17:14
th1aThe Moodle work should be happening in July.17:14
th1aby replaceafill.17:14
yvlI see17:14
yvlthanks, I'll keep in mind17:15
yvlCanDo packaging will also proceed in July?17:15
th1aIt seems to be proceeding now.17:15
yvlwhile we wait for the answer...17:16
yvlI did some merging today17:16
yvlAlan's changes are in gradebook trunk, finally17:16
yvlI get: TypeError: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0x92b0f2c>, <InterfaceClass schooltool.requirement.interfaces.IScoreSystemsProxy>)17:17
yvlwhen evolving17:17
yvlso I guess that's a problem with my sandbox, or maybe something else17:17
yvlbut it worked with apt-get installable SchoolTool, so I merged anyway17:17
yvland replaceafill's changes are in 2009.04 branch, along with the rest of stuff from trunk17:18
yvlCanDo is moving to 2009.04, which is constantly updated from trunk...17:19
aelkneryvl:do you want to discuss your merging issues after the meeting?17:19
yvlaelkner, I don't there's a need for that - IScoreSystemsProxy is registered at zcml17:20
yvlso maybe zcml inclusion order17:20
yvlis to blame17:20
yvlbut it will be easier to just look at it rather than trying to list my configuration on IRC17:21
aelkneryou always need to include schooltool.requirement, then schooltool.gradebook17:21
aelknermaybe that's the problem17:21
yvlI'll look at it17:21
aelknerlet me know if you have a question17:22
yvlsure, thanks!17:22
yvlso back on CanDo matters...17:22
th1aaelkner: We should just generally make the standard SLA view and edit person views more like they SLA views are now.17:23
th1aaelkner: We can discuss it later.17:23
yvlthey got me thinking that we definitely want two types of releases:  a stable one and a bugfix release17:23
yvlI'll bother you all about it in a week or two :)17:23
yvlhmm, what else...17:24
th1aWell, properly shouldn't we have a stable release that is only bugfixed and an unstable/feature branch?17:24
* yvl want's them to be SchoolTool 1.1 and SchoolTool 1.217:25
yvlodd numbers for dev17:25
yvleven - for stable17:25
yvlsorry - 1.0 and 1.117:25
th1ayvl: Yes, it does need to be sorted out in general.17:26
yvlalso I want README.txt style tests, both unit and functional17:26
th1aThe reason we aren't doing something like that at this point is that we're adding "features" that everyone will need anyhow.17:26
yvland we managed to slip17:27
th1aI thought we were pretty standard about that?17:27
yvlemm, pardon my English17:27
yvlnot slip, but "make it through"17:27
yvland just because CanDo used 2008.10 branch, where we backported  bugfixes17:28
yvlif CanDo grows larger, we'll need a clear line17:28
yvlwhat we support17:28
yvlwhat parts of the system we will not change or at least keep compatible for some time17:28
yvland what is our "internals"17:28
yvland should be used at their own risk17:29
yvland the stable/development release branch thingie17:29
yvlI'm starting to lean towards README.txt style tests, both functional and unit17:29
yvlthat define "standard" way of extending stuff in SchoolTool17:30
yvlcourses, timetables, etc.17:30
yvlthat granularity level17:30
th1aYes, that's a longer term discussion.17:30
th1ayvl:  What's your plan for the week?17:31
yvlMedium importance bugs17:31
yvlsadly High importance ate whole last week :|17:31
th1aIt happens.17:31
th1aThere are a lot of easy ones though.17:32
yvlyes, I ran through them few days ago17:32
th1aCould you make a point of fixing the description field display problem.17:32
yvlof course17:32
th1adwelsh was asking about using descriptions.17:32
yvlby the way... it's part of a bigger problem as always17:32
yvlour CSS is a big mess17:32
yvlnot the SchoolTool CSS17:33
yvlbut the integration with plugins17:33
yvlthe thing with descriptions was that one CSS class falls from gradebook17:33
yvland it should not.17:33
yvlbut that's another thing for discussion later17:34
yvlthat's it from me17:34
th1aAre you updating Launchpad as you work on these?17:34
yvlumm... yes17:34
th1aIt reassures your project manager.17:34
yvlat least when I fix them...17:35
th1aLumiere: Anything else to report?17:35
th1a9,000,000 foot summary from last Thursday:17:37
th1aWe're going to make a top level container for "ongoing sections" which exist outside the year/term structure.17:38
th1a(in Moodle)17:38
th1aThat's the biggest thing.17:39
th1aWhat else am I forgetting, replaceafill?17:39
replaceafillhhmm you already mentioned the workflow status17:39
replaceafilland section history17:39
replaceafillgrading, enrollment, and teacher history17:39
yvla smal side-note: guys, please bug me if I forget to merge your branches once a while... at least until I get used to using Launchpad.  Thanks!17:41
yvlreplaceafill, what about the teacher history?17:41
replaceafillyvl, i'm about to bug you17:41
replaceafillrememer my lazy branch with two fixes in it?17:41
replaceafillit fixes the csv importers to use non-ascii data and the contacts link17:42
replaceafilli don't see the changes17:42
yvlin trunk?17:42
replaceafillneither in trunk or 2009.0417:42
yvlhmm, I missed it somehow17:44
yvland please use Launchpad17:44
yvlI have a terrible memory :|17:44
replaceafillyvl, yes my bad :)17:44
replaceafilli will use the branch merging requests from now on17:44
replaceafillth1a, i fixed the new course form to show all the new attributes17:46
replaceafilli will work on the course csv importer to allow the new attributes as well17:46
replaceafilland im still working in a non-ascii error in activity categories17:46
replaceafillyvl helped me and i already got it17:47
replaceafillusing punycode :)17:47
replaceafillif i can comment about the cando side of things17:47
replaceafilli fixed cando hard coded logic for handling the competent calculation17:48
replaceafillthere were "value >= 3" strings for comparison17:48
replaceafillinstead of using the scoresystem17:48
replaceafilland related to yvl comment on CSS, i will need to fix cando layout using 2009.0417:49
replaceafillcause 2009.04 styles have higher precedence17:49
replaceafillah one last thing17:50
replaceafillmaybe aelkner and Lumiere are interested17:50
replaceafilli found a way to avoid the hack when using 2009.04.cfg and a schooltool branch17:51
replaceafillthat's all from me17:51
th1aI think that's it.17:51
th1aHave a great week gentlemen!17:51
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:52
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Lumierebusy busy <_<18:06
Lumierelast week of school year here18:06
Lumiereand I am at a wedding late this week18:06
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dloboare there any reviews of schooltool? usage stats? alexa does not recognize it in the top 100K22:33
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Lumieredlobo_: it just released23:45
Lumiere1.0 came out ~ 2 months ago23:45

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