IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-06-12

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tan_Hi, I'm still translating and need some explaination on some strings: "Report Card"03:23
tan_Is this the written grades of the student(s)?03:24
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replaceafillyvl, ping10:01
yvlreplaceafill, isn't it a middle of a night where you live? :)10:04
replaceafill1:09 :)10:04
replaceafill10:09 at vilnius?10:04
yvlyep :)10:04
replaceafilllisten, i was wondering menesis merged my course add form change to trunk10:05
replaceafillcan we have it in the 2009.04 branch too?10:05
replaceafilli'm working in moving cando to 2009.0410:05
replaceafill2009.04 is more stable that trunk, right?10:05
replaceafillthat's the one i should use10:05
yvli'll merge it there a bit later, if it's ok10:06
yvlyes, 2009.04 is a bit more stable if I recall correctly :)10:07
yvlbut it's updated for every packaged release10:07
replaceafillsure no rush, btw i havent seen the two fixes i sent you in trunk yet10:07
replaceafillah ok10:08
yvljust be careful when updating from 2009.0410:09
yvlnew features/bugfixes fall there10:09
yvlI'm toying around with idea of "SchoolTool API"10:09
yvland stable / development packages10:10
yvlso we could push new features for people who want them10:10
replaceafillthat wouldnt break someone accidentally10:10
yvlat the same time keeping most of functionality and code stable for deployments like CanDo10:10
replaceafilldo u think is ok to move CanDo to 2009.04 if it's that "changeable"?10:11
yvldepends on what you want10:12
yvlif you don't need much bugfixes in CanDo - stay with 2008.1010:12
yvlif you need some of the newer features - move to 2009.0410:13
yvlcurrently CanDo depends on eggs built from 2008.10, as far as I remember10:13
yvlsorry, but I don't remember now if we build and host eggs for 2009.04 somewhere10:14
yvlI'll check it later today :)10:14
replaceafillwelsh wants enrollment and csv import fixes that have been done in trunk and 2009.0410:14
replaceafillnew course attributes10:14
yvlmakes sense to move then10:15
yvljust if we push new features or interface changes10:15
replaceafillim playing with using trunk and so far only the CanDo tab and the gradebooks are weird10:15
yvland then do some bugfixes on top10:15
replaceafillapparently the CanDo tab depends on the teacher being part of the Teachers group10:16
yvlsomething like that10:16
replaceafilland the gradebooks have lost all functionality i've made lately cause trunk's css styles have precedence10:16
replaceafilllast question man, suppose i'm working in two bugs at trunk, is there any way to checkout trunk only once?10:17
replaceafilli mean, i make two sandboxes10:18
replaceafillcheck out trunk in one10:18
replaceafillmake changes to trunk and then push them to a new branch10:18
replaceafillif i want to work in another bug i have to checkout trunk again10:18
replaceafillwith my bandwith that's eternal10:19
yvlbazaar has shared repositories10:19
replaceafillthere's no way to make a local copy or something?10:19
replaceafillah ok10:19
yvlyou can have a directory with several checkouts10:20
yvlyou still will need to checkout trunk each time10:20
yvlbut it will be fast10:20
replaceafillwill look for info about it10:20
replaceafillthanks yvl10:20
yvlhope this helps ;)10:21
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Lumiereyvl: does xls include the custom demographics import?18:13
ignasLumiere: yep18:17
Lumiereignas: is that in trunk?18:18
ignasit's in release18:18
LumiereI'll need to figure that out with replaceafill later :)18:18
ignasour sample data even includes the custom columns18:18
Lumierecan we add demographics columns somehow?18:21
Lumiereor do we just stick a header out there18:22
Lumiereand put info in18:22
Lumiereand the importer goes *ooh custom stuff*18:22
ignasyou mean "custom demo configuration" ?18:24
ignasyou have to add columns first in the demographics admin form18:24
ignasand then you can see those in import/export18:24
ignasthere is no way to customize the schema through xls18:24
ignasif that's what you want18:24
Lumierethat's gonna drive people nuts18:25
LumiereI need a walkthrough at some point (but not today)18:25
Lumiereignas: multiple imports?18:25
ignasyou do it once18:25
ignasyou configure demographics columns18:25
ignasand then import/export works with your columns18:26
Lumierethe xls import?18:27
Lumiereor a csv?18:27
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th1aThis is briefly explained in the book under custom demographics.18:40
th1aIt would be easy to make it a little more convenient to the user.18:40
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Lumiereth1a: I talked with Lee Capps18:44
Lumiere(10:52:59) Lee Capps: Dates: July 1 we should know the participating sites (we expect everybody). July 31, they're to have their servers set up. August 15 their to have their Data imported.18:44
th1aThat sounds reasonable.18:45
Lumiere(10:53:43) me (gt): so that puts me looking at July 15 to have the beta dpkg and apt repository18:46
Lumiere(10:54:04) me (gt): and July 31 feature freeze18:46
Lumierethat was my initial reaction18:46
LumiereI need to make initial instructions this weekend18:46
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Lumierehi replaceafill23:46
Lumierefeeling any better?23:46
replaceafillLumiere, a little bit :)23:46
replaceafillgood enough to work ;)23:46
replaceafilli see in the log that you want to discuss something...23:47
Lumiereonce we get cando to 09.0423:48
replaceafilli almost got it, i have two "bugs", if the teacher is not in the Teachers group the CanDo tab doesn't work23:49
replaceafillthat didnt happen with cando and 2008.1023:49
replaceafilland the other one is the gradebooks styles of 2009.04 have higher precedence that cando's23:49
replaceafillthat makes them look weird23:49
Lumiereyea it did23:52
Lumiereteachers have to be in teacher group23:52
Lumierejust like students in student23:52
Lumierethe solution is a bigger issue23:52
replaceafillyes, but if i install cando/2008.10 the tab works even if the teacher is not in the group23:52
Lumierewe need to make it so we are not relying on groups23:52
Lumiereit shouldn't23:53
Lumiereteachers/students should not need to be in a group23:53
Lumiereto work23:53
replaceafilland another think i dont understand is: if i put 2009.04.cfg at top of cando buildout.cfg and the check out 2009.04 and put it in develop = ..., the bin/start-schooltoo-instance always looks for egg, not the branch23:54
replaceafillit's the same that aelkner faced when he was updating jelkner's box23:55
aelknerthat's right23:56
replaceafilli had to use the same hack :(23:56

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