IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-05-24

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BillybobHey I have a question - can I run schooltool on windows?05:51
ignasyes, but it might be tricky05:52
ignasi mean - i have succeeded once ;)05:52
BillybobOk, how would I go to do so?05:52
Billybobor do you know of any other open source SIS systems?05:52
ignasnot really05:52
BillybobHow good is SchoolTool?05:53
ignaswell - i am a bit biased05:53
ignasI was working on it for 4 years ;)05:53
BillybobOH, cool05:53
ignaslook at
ignasit should give you an overview of the current state05:54
Billybobok, thanks05:54
ignasas for windows - the easies way is ubuntu system in a VM05:54
ignasthe hardcore way05:54
BillybobThanks for your help05:54
ignasis following the development sandbox instructions05:54
ignasas in - checking out schooltool trunk from bzr, and doing all the assembly by hand :/05:55
Billyboboh, ok05:55
Billybobwell thanks05:55
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