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Lumierehi ignas15:06
ignasLumiere: hi15:06
LumiereI still haven't figured out how to add --user to start-schooltool-instance or to schooltool.ini <_<15:06
* Lumiere has been hacking schooltool-egg/paste/ to add it <_<15:07
Lumierewe need a way to do it, and it needs to be in the book for sysadmins15:07
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ignasLumiere: what's your setup?15:11
Lumiereignas: cando trunk checkout with the default instance directory15:11
LumiereI've tried adding user=cando to both of the schooltool.ini sections to no avail15:12
Lumiereand --user to start-st-instance gets me an error15:12
Lumiere(user=cando seems to get ignored)15:12
LumiereI've looked15:12
ignasLumiere: yeah, start-schooltool-instance is a custom script15:12
Lumiereand I can't see what to do from it15:12
ignasyou either use the original bin/paster script15:13
ignas(you'd have to add it to buildout.cfg)15:13
ignasedit the code, to pass on the --user option15:13
Lumierewhich is what I do now15:13
ignasor try adding [exe] section15:13
Lumierefrom what I can tell... the [exe] section only gets called if you run ./schooltool.ini15:14
Lumierehow hard would it be to update start-schooltool-instance to take --user15:14
ignasnot hard at all i'd say15:14
ignascheckout schooltool15:15
ignaslook at setup.py15:15
ignasto find the place where command is defined15:15
ignaslook at how it deals with options15:15
ignasadd options15:15
* Lumiere <3 google... (google optparse ->
* mgedmin hates pydoc optparse -- not a single good example in the module docstring15:23
Lumieremgedmin: heh15:23
Lumieremgedmin: I have a good example15:23
LumiereI just need to extend it in a not-dumb way :)15:24
* Lumiere tests15:25
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Lumierelisppaste5: url16:01
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.16:01
mgedminguess not16:02
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "add --user to paste" at
Lumiereignas: that should work16:02
Lumiereyep... it does :)16:03
Lumiere10:03:04 jstraw@shipon:~/compile/cando/schooltool-trunk 38$ ./bin/start-schooltool-instance instance --user=ignas16:03
LumiereBad username: 'ignas'; no such user exists16:03
ignasLumiere: want it applied and released?16:05
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Lumiereyou should probably give it to trunk too16:51
* Lumiere had to take someone to Metro ;)16:52
ignasLumiere: well - i got distracted, but it's commited now17:11
ignasshould be packaged some time soonish ;)17:11
ignasok, not let's test schooltool using 2.5 python17:14
ignasLumiere: packaged and released17:17
Lumiereignas: I thought a lot of the 2.5 problems were related to zope3 not schooltool17:17
ignasthey are17:18
ignasbut if they are there - schooltool won't work ;)17:18
ignasi am wondering whether they fixed one issue that was left17:18
LumiereI am still wondering what the __file__ warnings are about17:23
aelknerignas: i have a question about testing pdfs17:26
ignasaelkner: yes17:26
aelknerhave you ever done it in schooltool17:27
aelkneri ask because justus didn't test the sla pdf17:27
aelknerfor instance, the schooltool.conf setting for reportlab17:27
aelknerit enables pdfcal17:27
aelkneri would need to simulate that somehow17:27
ignasis the closest I could find just now17:28
ignasit has tryToSetUpReportLab17:28
ignasin it17:28
ignasLumiere: you are not supposed to use __file__ if you use eggs17:30
ignasLumiere: you should be using pkg_resources.resource stuff17:30
aelknerignas: thanks17:33
Lumiereignas: ah17:35
Lumiereignas: so both schooltool and ReportLab need that fixed at some point ;)17:36
ignasLumiere: kind of, setuptools handles it pretty well ;)17:36
Lumiereit still throws warnings about it17:37
ignasit is trying to find out whether the package is safe to zip17:37
ignasand if it finds any __file__ usage17:37
ignasit tells you - nope, we can't zip it, so we won't zip it17:37
ignasnot that there's anything wrong with non-zipped eggs17:37
ignasthere are worse things that people do ;)17:38
ignaslike - Zope using __file__ in such a way that breaks if your package is zipped (even if you are not using __file__)17:38
ignasat least Zope was17:38
Lumiereignas: do you know what the release numbers will look like at/post 1.0?17:41
Lumiereok... so you're going to be using date based releases long term17:41
ignasif it's good enough for ubuntu...17:41
Lumierenow that we're building eggs17:42
LumiereI am thinking it is time to get a release workflow and tagging system17:42
Lumierewhich means working with you and jinty to learn how SchoolTool's release / dpkg builder works17:43
Lumiereand planning my svn to bzr transition17:43
* Lumiere plans to make a 2009.04 and then transition all 2009.08 development to bzr17:44
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ignasaelkner: you had ajax export somwehere, but i can'd find it... where was it?18:01
ignasahhh, json!18:01
aelknerah yes, sla's propagation package has it18:02
ignasyeah, found it18:02
Lumiereignas: I am dumping the svn repository to look it over19:26
Lumiereignas: bah19:30
Lumiere.svn shows up in svn:ignore19:30
Lumiereall over the place19:30
Lumierebut I think19:31
Lumierewe can do a search and replace19:31
Lumierefor schooltoolfork/.svn19:31
Lumiereto schooltoolfork/.subversion19:32
ignasi guess19:32
LumiereI think that's the easiest thing to do19:33
Lumiereand 83 mb of repository ;)19:37
Lumierehmm nope19:37
Lumieregot it19:38
Lumiere2500+ times in vim19:38
Lumiere /.svn to /.subversion19:39
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