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ignasth1a: ayt?14:12
th1ahi ignas.14:31
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ignasso - what's missing?14:33
ignasthe excel import link is there for me :/14:33
* th1a tries to wake up.14:33
ignas(it's in manage action bar)14:33
ignasok, no hurry14:33
ignasI am busy in the background14:33
th1aOK, well, why might it not be there?14:34
th1aWhat package is it in?14:34
ignaswhat branch did you check out your schooltool from?14:35
* ignas thought that you missed it cause it's not in the same menu as "Courses" , but rather up there under the "red bar"14:35
th1aAre my instructions out of date:
ignasnope, my friend installed schooltool and even imported sample data using those14:36
ignasand bzr updated everything14:37
ignasbecause he made the sandbox before the merge14:37
ignasso he had bzr pull everything14:37
ignasand restart the server14:37
th1aI like to start fresh when I'm doing documentation -- to make sure all the documentation still works.14:38
ignasi see14:40
ignaswhen did you branch everything?14:40
th1aYesterday morning.14:40
ignashmm, should have worked unless launchpad was doing very late mirroring14:42
th1aI had the same problem when I tried to start from scratch about three weeks ago.14:42
ignasthree weeks - import was missing in trunk14:42
ignas(my fault, merged to release, released, did not merge to trunk)14:43
th1aHm.... I just did a pull and it looks like everything came in.14:44
ignasdo pull in every branch you made14:45
ignasthe sprint affected everything14:45
ignasI would move everything to launchpad so launchpad would be the primary source, but making automated releases and debian packaging from launchpad is very difficult to do14:46
th1aI'm getting the changes in schooltool and schooltool.gradebook.14:46
ignasthus we have primary repository in schooltool.org14:46
ignasand launchpad is mirroring it14:46
th1aDo we have a bzr rep at
ignasour trunk and all the release branches are stored in schooltool.org14:47
ignaslaunchpad is just mirroring trunks14:47
th1aI didn't know that.14:47
ignasthat's so we could keep all the releasing operations "local"14:47
ignaslocal checkout, local branching and local tagging14:47
ignaswhen I click the "magic" button ;)14:48
th1aOnly problem is the mirror is slow, apparently.14:48
ignasyeah, it got slower in the last 6-10 months14:49
ignasthey were doing it every 40 minutes but apparently it is putting too much strain on their servers14:49
th1aI see.14:49
th1aWell, I'm relieved that's the problem.14:50
th1aNow, if I could just run Apocrypha on my desktop...14:51
* ignas already was in 2 wormholes and found a dozen of plexes in known space, but no sleeper pew pew yet14:54
th1aI can play on my laptop on low quality, but it is not very satisfying.14:55
th1aWith like, 5 fps.14:56
th1aAnd my desktop motherboard doesn't have pcie, so an upgrade is pretty much... everything.14:56
th1a3498 tests pass.15:02
* ignas is setting up sandboxes for releases at the moment15:03
th1aYou know, if I had a faster computer, I could run these tests faster, and GET MORE WORK DONE.15:03
th1aYeah, that's the ticket!15:03
th1aWell, if I still seem to be having problems, I could branch from
ignas is the http trunk15:04
ignas for other branches15:04
ignasbut the system is easy15:04
ignasgradebook is in:15:04
* ignas has to go and reconfigure apache to do it in a friendly manner some time soonish15:05
ignas + bzr+ssh:// would look better15:05
ignaswould move it to launchpad, but you can't set up a branch/ trunk hierarchy in there...15:06
ignasso listing all the release branches for example would be pretty tricky15:06
th1aHaving the public facing side using Launchpad is fine.15:10
th1a*I* probably should switch though.15:10
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jelknerth1a: u here?15:21
jelkneri just tried to call you at both numbers (skype and home)15:22
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th1ajelkner: I was talking to welsh.15:38
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jelknerreplaceafill: ping21:43
replaceafilljelkner, pong21:43
jelknerhey man, just saying hi!21:43
replaceafilli don't ping you cause i think ur at class or something :)21:44
Lumierereplaceafill: he's been out for an hour 20 now ;)22:00
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