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jstraw1th1a: ayt00:31
jstraw1th1a: please check my sprint book stuff00:35
jstraw1I put draft cando stuff in it00:35
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jelknerfsufitch: what's up?02:29
jelkneri'm doing my laundry02:29
fsufitchjelkner: im busy being sick <_<02:46
jelknerfsufitch: sorry to hear that02:47
jelknerrest up, and get better02:47
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th1aAnyone have a clue why this would come up on a .deb install: ImportError: No module named paste.script [fail]17:18
ignasth1a: restarting should fix it17:19
ignasor plain installing python-paste.script or was it python-paste first17:19
th1aRestarting what?17:19
ignas/etc/init.d/schooltool-2008 start17:19
ignasthe h17:19
ignasI was sure I have fixed this problem17:20
ignasmanualy installing python-paste or/and python-paste.script17:20
ignasshould fix it17:20
th1aapt-get update?17:20
th1aapt-get install python-paste?17:20
ignasapt-get install python-paste17:20
ignasapt-get install python-paste python-pastescript17:21
ignasthough if pastescript is there (we are not the ones installing it) he should not be getting the error...17:22
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ignasis in the same package as it's python code17:22
th1aWell, we'll see what happens.17:23
ignasok, i am going home now to do some assembly17:26
ignaschair assembly ;)17:26
th1aAssembler programming?17:26
th1aAssembling a strategic cruiser on SiSi?17:27
ignasdid that already17:27
ignasdon't have anyone to test it one ;)17:27
ignastest it on17:27
th1aHow do the new graphics look on your box?17:27
ignaswell - same as the old ones17:28
ignasbut the UI!17:28
ignasthey have made it 10 times more responsive17:28
ignasdragging windows is not painful anymore17:28
th1aAre asteroids different?17:28
ignashaven't been in space that much ;)17:28
ignasalso - the new fitting screen is very nice17:28
th1aThe new effects look nice.17:29
ignasi have found some bugs, but it's nice ;)17:29
th1aI'm not sure if it is going to be the death knell for my graphics card and motherboard.17:29
ignasok, see you tomorrow ;) must run now, been at work since early in the morning17:29
ignasth1a: oh, what do you think of our new german contributors?17:30
ignasi have forwarded you the mail i think17:30
th1aOh... yes, I need to read that email.17:30
th1aThanks for reminding me.17:30
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jstrawth1a: did you get my note yesterday?17:54
th1aYes,  I'm just making a couple tiny changes and I'll push the new version.17:56
th1ajstraw: Where can they get the Virginia competencies XML?17:58
jstrawth1a: we'll need to post em17:59
th1aPush them to svn?18:00
jstrawth1a: maybe a good idea18:00
th1aCould you do that?18:04
jstrawth1a: let me check with welsh before I add it18:14
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ignasreplaceafill, hi18:31
ignasreplaceafill, i won't  be online tomorrow ;) and today I got more time than I expected ;)18:31
ignasyay new chair at home]18:32
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replaceafillignas, hey19:15
replaceafilli saw your mail19:15
replaceafillnice trick with the viewlets19:16
th1areplaceafill: Congratulations for your progress with Grok.19:17
ignasI think i'll merge the grokified component to trunk, and add grokcore stuff to our next release19:18
th1aCan I see the grokified branch?19:18
ignas for browsing19:19
ignasthe src/contacts module is grokkified19:19
replaceafillignas, th1a: should i keep grokking another packages?19:20
th1aLet me take a look at the branch...19:20
ignashmm, if you want to grokkify another package i'd say it should be one of  basicperson/schoolyear/lyceum journal as these are pretty new code and should be easier to manage without digging too deep19:22
ignasdefinitely don't touch calendaring, app and timetabling19:23
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replaceafillis there any z3c.form, z3c.pagelet directives involved in those packages?19:26
th1aHere's what I'm wondering -- not so much what can we do to grokkify what we've already written,19:26
th1abut what can we do to make future development -- by outside developers -- more Grok-like.19:26
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ignasth1a, hmm, what do you mean grok like?19:26
th1aLess explicit configuration.19:27
th1aLess boilerplate.19:27
ignasth1a, my idea is - after grokkifying a few packages we should start noticing some patterns that would make it possible to do some things in an easier manner19:27
ignasth1a, like - how should we do actions for new content objects19:27
th1aYes, more than one example is probably good.19:28
ignasare the boilerplate that is schooltool specific19:28
ignasother things like evolution and localisation are porbably unavoidable...19:28
ignasalso we can make test collection and test boilerplate more compact19:29
ignasif you look at the grokkified package19:29
ignasin the browser/ you will notice that all the stuff except the absolute urls and action items19:30
ignasis describing the functionality pretty concisely anyway19:30
th1aYeah, it looks pretty nice.19:31
ignasas for the rest of the boilerplate19:31
ignasthe only way I imagine doing it is the way grokproject does19:31
ignaswhich is - write an example19:31
ignasconvert it into a template19:31
ignasand have schooltool_plugin script19:31
ignasand schooltool_custom_school script19:32
ignasthat creates all the parts for you19:32
th1aWhat about traversal?19:33
ignassetting stuff in properly, adding translation directory, setting up translation stuff, adding evolution scripts, adding a layer for your plugin/school19:33
ignaswell - at the moment we only have 1 module grokked, later we should probably either:19:34
ignasadd grokky baseclasses for traversal plugins19:34
ignasto keep the traverser registration 1 line19:34
ignasor add class level directives19:34
th1aThat was the bit that leaped out at me.19:34
ignasto say that "i can be traversed into from school tool application" for example19:34
ignasthe absolute url stuff definitely can be refactored out19:35
ignasbut i want to see more of the cases19:35
ignasbefore creating schooltool/grok/ module with all that stuff19:35
replaceafillignas, is it possible to merge your branch with mine?19:36
th1aSounds good.  I'm happy we've made such quick progress.19:36
replaceafillor should i start a new one?19:36
ignasreplaceafill, i think you should just pull from my branch19:36
ignasand your branch will be updated19:36
ignasif you will work on another module - branch from this one19:37
ignasinto a new branch though19:37
ignasso I could still merge contacts first, and then merge the other module19:37
replaceafilldo we use z3c.pagelet or something like that somewhere?19:38
ignaspagelet - nope19:38
ignasreplaceafill, too much stuff to rewrite at the moment19:38
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ignaswould be nice, but someone has to look at our macros and refactor everything to use pagelets/layouts19:38
ignasand I don't realy have time for playing with that at the moment19:39
th1aDoes Martijn know about this yet?19:43
replaceafillshould i name my new branch schooltool_grokking_basicperson?19:43
ignasreplaceafill, yeah, that would be nice19:44
ignasth1a, oh he will know about it ;) i have some complaints to file ;)19:44
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ignasth1a, argh, the german developers will be fun, they seem to be having some interesting problems there ;)19:45
ignasand they seem to understand the system pretty well too19:46
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th1aignas: Yes... I'm reading the response now.19:46
th1aThey certainly seem to know what they're doing.19:46
jstrawth1a: where was that cando mail thread going on?19:49
jstrawcause I don't seem to get any of it19:49
th1aShe emailed Welsh.19:50
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