IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-02-15

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aelknerjelkner: ayt?18:24
jelkneri'm in puerto rico18:30
jelknerand i don't have a phone available18:30
jelknerso i  was trying to use skype18:30
jelknerbut the mic isn't working18:31
jelknerso you couldn't hear me18:31
jelkneraelkner: what is the plan to get my gradebook updated?18:31
jelknerbtw. when you answer me, you may have to wait awhile for a reply18:32
jelkneri'm on my little eeepc, and i can only view one window at a time18:32
jelknerso i don't know i have new messages unless i look18:32
jelkneri'm here grading today18:33
aelkneri haven't heard from douglas regarding his gradebook branch, and i've been real sick18:33
jelknerso i wanted to check in on the gradebook update plan18:34
aelknerhe needs to publish it18:34
jelknerok, i'll email him now18:34
jelknerfsufitch: u here?18:43
jelkneri'll email you our flight number and arrival time later tonight18:44
jelknerbut we get into Dulles sometime between 5 and 6 pm18:44
jelknerwe are still on for dinner, yes?18:45
fsufitchjelkner: hello there19:03
fsufitchand yes that's find19:03
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replaceafillaelkner, u there?19:49
aelknerreplaceafill: yes19:53
replaceafilljelkner told me that u need my branch url, right?19:53
replaceafillthis one?19:54
aelkneryes, that's the one, thanks19:54
replaceafillbecause i dont have one for cando19:54
replaceafillah ok19:54
aelknerno, that's ok, i got your diff19:54
replaceafillcool, thanks19:55
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jelknerfsufitch: did you get my email?20:48
fsufitchjelkner: checking20:50
fsufitchawesome :)20:51
jelknerso, we will call your cell as soon as the plane lands20:51
jelknerwill that give you enough time to get there?20:51
fsufitchi'll prolly already be there20:52
fsufitchits not a long dist20:52
jelknerif it is close enough, you can wait til we call20:52
jelknerthat way if the plane is delayed you won't have to wait around20:53
fsufitchhm, how long do you expect it will take from the time you land to the time i can pick u up?20:53
jelkner20 to 30 minutes20:53
fsufitchah, thats the dist from my house to the airporty20:54
fsufitchokay :)20:54
jelknerbtw. where are we eating?20:54
fsufitchuh not sure yet20:55
jelknerwhat about anitas?20:55
fsufitchi dont know all too many restaurants20:55
jelkneranitas is very good and not too expensive20:55
fsufitchyeah thats wat i was thinking21:00
fsufitchmy favorite though, which is also on the way, is the cheesecake factory at fair oaks mall21:00
jelknerare you driving us?21:19
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jstrawfsufitch: there's a decent indian place and a red hot and blue at on 65722:00

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