IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-02-12

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th1aIn case you're wondering, there was some kind of billing SNAFU between our web host and Canonical.  They're straightening it out.17:37
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algath1a: our server (secondary MX for has a clogged mail queue now :\18:22
alga~4200 messages, mostly spam18:22
th1aalga: Sorry about that.18:22
th1aI'll move the rest of the lists to Launchpad as soon as it gets back up.18:22
th1aIt's been sitting on my TODO list.18:23
algano worries, that's what the backup MX is for...18:23
th1aDid Ignas make it back alive?18:25
algaHe popped into the office 2h ago, dropped some candy and left18:25
algastill jetlagged, apparently18:26
th1aGoing back is the hard part.  He seemed fine when he was here.18:26
algaright... eastward transat travel makes us owls into early risers for a couple of days18:27
algaAlthough the opposite worked for Marius once18:27
mgedminI'm currently in total zombie mode and unable to perform advanced grammar operations18:28
algayou were an early riser for a week after returning from the US18:28
mgedminsuch as opposite_of(replace(eastward transat travel, eastward -> westward))18:29
th1aYes, I ended up getting up at 5:00 AM every day feeling great during my first trip to Eastern Europe.18:29
mgedminI think I skipped a day18:29
mgedminI mean, I was a very very late riser after I came back18:29
algamgedmin: what's wrong with your sleep now? bought some good books? :)18:29
mgedmingetting up at 7:15 am18:29
algaI'm going through Anathem right now18:29
mgedminworking until 18:0018:29
mgedminthen working until 20:00 -- 22:00 because pylons are fun!18:30
mgedminthen cooking food18:30
mgedminthen catching up with the rss feeds18:30
algayou? cook?18:30
mgedminthen going to sleep at 1 am18:30
mgedmindropping an instant bouillon cube and some macaroni into boiling water counts as cooking, right?18:31
mgedminanyway, I'm a bit short on sleep for the last week and a half18:32
th1aHow's Anathem?18:32
algaoooh, fascinating!18:33
algavery stephenson in its, uh, breadth and depth18:34
th1aJennifer loves the Baroque Cycle but she couldn't get through Anathem.18:35
algaI coldn't get through Quicksilver18:35
th1aI couldn't get through either.18:36
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mgedminI almost got bogged down in the first baroque book18:45
mgedminthen it got sufficiently interesting18:45
algamgedmin: btw, that article about ebooks was spot on.  I read it immediately before I read your post about it.18:48
algaI can so relate with the Palm V nostalgia18:49
algaI cannot read Anathem in bed because there's no backlight :)18:49
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algayay, the schooltool mail queue has gone!20:46
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