IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-02-10

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jstrawignas: I thought you were going out to the Air and Space museum...18:10
ignasjstraw: well, i am waiting for dwelsh to get here and get me to the airport18:11
jstrawif you haven't be retrieved by 12:15... I can pick you up and take you out to Dulles18:11
jstrawI work my afternoon shift out that direction18:12
jstrawthat will get you out there by 118:12
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LaserJockis Tom Hoffman about?18:24
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jstrawLaserJock: he isn't at the moment, anything I can help with?18:51
LaserJockjstraw: I just wanted to talk with him about some emails he's been writing to edubuntu-devel about student data storage18:52
jstrawLaserJock: btw, that message was cross posted to schooltool-devel18:53
jstrawso there are a couple of conversations that may be going back and forth18:53
LaserJockjstraw: right18:53
LaserJockI've been kind of tossing around the idea of getting a mailing list for education18:54
LaserJockwhere people from various tools, distros, etc. can talk about these kinds of issues18:54
LaserJockI think the solution should be much larger than schooltool or tux4kids18:54
ignasjstraw: cool18:55
ignasjstraw: about the "you can take me thing":18:55
ignasjstraw: you there?18:55
jstrawignas: I can take you, I'll be leaving here between 12:15 and 12:2018:57
jstrawI can pick you up just after 12:30 and get you out to the airport by 118:58
ignasjstraw: ok, just come over to jeff to pick me up18:58
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ignasjstraw1: ?19:10
jstraw1I swapped from wired to wireless19:10
jstraw1to move to the library for 5 minutes or so19:11
ignasi see19:11
jstraw1next time i log off I am on my way19:11
ignasok :)19:11
ignaswhere should I wait for you?19:11
jstraw1I'll stop out front and come into the lobby19:11
jstraw1so if you're in that common area you'll see me19:12
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