IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-01-30

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fsufitchaelkner, ping15:59
fsufitchignas, ping16:03
ignasfsufitch: hi16:03
fsufitchignas, hi16:03
fsufitchhow can i set up ftesting for tjtalk?16:04
fsufitchutests were easy enough, but i dont get how the ftesting works16:04
ignaslook at schooltool.lyceum.journal ftests ;)16:04
fsufitch... okay16:04
ignasyou want to add a layer16:04
ignasand ftesting.zcml16:04
fsufitchtheres no ftesting.zcml that i see for schooltool.lyceum.journal16:06
fsufitchwait wtf it's not in browser/16:06
ignasyeah, and ftesting.zcml are not in browser, I don't know why i did it, probably because they are "for the package"16:06
ignasas in - ftesting.zcml resembles configure.zcml not browser/configure.zcml16:07
fsufitchbut ftesting is a "browser thing"16:07
fsufitchbah whatever16:07
fsufitchwhy does this thing use BasicPerson as the skin though?16:07 and zcml is also used in unit tests16:08
ignasbecause I was too lazy to add a separate skin16:08
ignasok, it was more complicated than that16:09
fsufitchi thought u were more perfectionist than to do something like that16:09
ignasbasicperson skin was lyceum skin before16:09
ignasand in a sprint we moved basicperson out of lyceum16:09
ignasand renamed the skin to match16:09
ignasand - yes i've done worse things than that16:09
ignasbut as they say - so what I say not what I do ;)16:09
* ignas at least feels sorry when he does that :P16:10
fsufitchokay, so just to get this straight, in the zcml, you're creating the BasicPerson skin (wtf, but whatever)16:10
fsufitchand then you have
fsufitchi dont get how collect_ftests and ZCMLLayer work together to get the ftest files16:11
fsufitchoh there's an __init__.py16:12
fsufitchstill doesnt help...16:13
ignascollects all the foo_bar.txt files in ftesting/16:13
ignasin ftests/16:13
ignasso you put all ftests in there16:13
fsufitchwonderful how zope works like that16:13
fsufitchso should tjTalk be using the BasicPerson skin too?16:13
fsufitchor the schooltool skin?16:13
ignaswell - depends on whether you want basicperson in your tests16:14
ignasor you don't cate about the person at all ;)16:14
ignasdon't care16:14
ignaslyceum needs or at least wants first_name last_name person16:14
ignaswhile most of the system uses the i have only "title" person for testing16:14
ignasi mean - what's the difference if you are testing term add/edit forms16:15
fsufitchi'm not16:15
fsufitchand for now, im not using the people's names16:15
fsufitchbut i will later16:15
fsufitchthough, i might just use the title16:15
fsufitchi want to make this extensible so later i can test the exporting of people scores to the gradebook16:16
fsufitchso that would be the SchoolTool skin, right?16:16
fsufitchignas, ping >_>16:17
ignasi mean - look schooltoo.course schooltool.term schooltool.schoolyear16:19
ignasthey all have their ftesting.zcml16:19
ignasand layer16:19
fsufitchwtf time_machine.zcml o_O16:21
fsufitchawesome, it works16:25
fsufitchignas, how does the actually work?16:38
fsufitchthere is no "Full Name" field in the person add form16:38
fsufitchis there?16:38
fsufitchno, there isn't o_O16:39
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ignasyeah, basic person vs person16:47
ignastime_machine allows you to set the system date to something other than today16:47
ignasfor when you want to test term transitions and simmilar stuff16:47
ignasfsufitch: as for addPerson - there are 2 of them, one for basic person and other one for schooltool.person16:59
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