IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-01-19

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th1agood morning aelkner, yvl.16:30
th1aHave we seen ignas?16:30
th1aWell, you might as well do your update, aelkner.16:32
aelkneras you saw last week, i worked with douglas on the problem he had with persistence16:33
aelknerthen this weekend, i reviewed his solution, and also reviewed his cando code changes16:34
aelknerhe'll have to move his work to the skilldriver package, but that shouldn't take long16:34
aelkneri should be able to get that deployed to jelkner's machine this week week as he has hoped16:35
aelknerregarding the bugs assigned to me16:35
aelkneri looked over all the bugs, and some of them i changed to invalid becuase they were really old16:35
aelknerand the navagation issues were no longer valid16:36
aelknerone of the schooltool.gradebook bugs has to do with the identifier not being needed on the add/edit forms16:37
aelknerbut that's really a schooltool issue becuase schooltool.gradebook uses schooltool's templates for add/edit16:37
aelknerso if you think i should change schooltool to no longer have this field on any form, i could do that16:38
th1aNo, that's fine.16:38
aelknerno, don't change schooltool?16:38
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aelkneri mean, do we reallly need that field?16:39
th1aHi ignas.16:39
ignassorry i'm late16:39
aelknerhey ignas16:39
th1aI would rather have it around.16:39
aelkneri was just discussing the identifier field on add/edit forms16:39
aelknerthe question is:16:39
aelknerdo we really need that field any more?16:39
ignasno idea, ask users ;)16:40
aelknerit only causes users to get confused16:40
aelknerjelkner submitted a bug to that effect16:40
ignasit's not database related, so removing it won't cause any backwards compatibility headaches16:40
aelknerthat's true16:40
ignasre adding it if people complain is alse doable16:40
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aelknerso i'd be happy to get rid of the field in schooltool and fix any funcitonal tests16:41
th1aWell, it leaves you with a place you can park some meaningful data, but I suppose it is not a place where you can do anything useful with it.16:42
th1aI mean, if I'm doing courses, I like to put the course id in there.16:42
th1aCS-101 or whatever.16:42
aelkneridentifiers should always be built from the name choosers16:42
th1aBut I suppose that doesn't accomplish anything.16:42
aelknerdoesn't the course container allow you to do what you're talking about?16:43
* jstraw1 did not expect people talking about schooltool this morning ;)16:43
th1aAlso, I like to be able to make pretty URL's, which most people don't care about.16:43
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aelknerwell, that's your call16:44
ignasth1a: you being a US citizen get pretty urls for free anyway ;)16:44
ignasour default name choosers do it pretty well16:44
th1aLet's table that for the moment.  We should probably change it but it doesn't seem like a priority.16:45
th1aWhat else, aelkner?16:45
aelknerso looking into the schooltool issue caused me to realize that sla is still not school years capable16:46
aelknerso i started by updating the schooltool branch in my sandbox to be up to date16:46
aelknerand that exposed some bugs in the sla code16:47
aelknerfor instance16:47
aelknernarrative report cards are kept in the narratives container under the student's intervention container16:48
aelknerand the __name__ attribute of the narrative has been the section id16:48
aelkneri then used that to get the section from the sections container16:48
aelknerwith school years there isn't just the one sections container16:48
yvlyes, but isn't the InterventionStudent re-created for each school year?16:49
aelknerwell, i created the concept of school years for interventions even before there were school years in schooltool16:49
aelknerso that's one issue in itself16:50
yvlso the InterventionSchoolYear should be bound to SchoolTool school years16:51
aelknerit would make sense16:51
yvland that would provide a way to unambiguously retrieve a section from narative's __name__16:51
yvlok, your're right - there's still some work to be done :)16:51
aelknerwell, can the same section id be used in two different terms for the same school year?16:52
aelknerso there lies the problem16:53
yvlgood point16:53
aelknerunless we store the narratives in the terms container16:53
aelkneror in the term, that is16:53
aelknerside by side with the sections container16:54
aelkneror is the term a sections container, ic can't remember16:54
aelkneri just checked16:55
aelknerthe term contains the sections container16:55
aelknerso it could contain the narratives container as well16:55
ignasyep it could16:55
aelknerthen, then narrative itself wouldn't need to change, or the add form16:56
aelknerwe would just need to evolve the data to move the container to the term16:56
yvland what about goals/messages ?16:56
ignasaelkner: actually16:56
ignasaelkner: just change the ids16:56
ignaswell ok, probably make it double hierarchy also16:57
ignasapp -> narrativeContainerContainer -> narrativeContainerForTerm -> Narratives16:57
aelknerright now it's app -> interventionsContainer -> studentInterventions -> narrativesContainer16:58
aelkneri'm suggesting that we should move the interventions stuff out of the root16:58
aelknerand put them with the school years/terms16:59
ignasi'd suggest you not doing it16:59
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replaceafillgood morning everybody16:59
aelknermorning replaceafill17:00
th1agood morning replaceafill.17:00
aelknerignas: what would you sugggest, then?17:00
ignasi mean - you have everything in place already, you only need to add one more container keyed by term17:00
ignasdoing it the way sections work17:00
ignassection containers are not in terms17:00
aelknerthey aren't?17:01
aelknerit sure looks that way in the UI17:01
ignasit sure does17:01
aelknerah, the traversal adapter17:01
aelknerbelies the true data structure?17:01
ignasapp['schooltool.course.section'] is a sectioncontainercontainer17:02
ignaskeys are term int ids17:02
ignasso each item there is a sectioncontainer17:02
ignaswhich has all the sections17:02
aelknerah, so the id of the term could be used in the narratives container container17:02
aelkneras you suggested above?17:03
ignaswell, wherever it fits17:03
aelknerso we would need to evolve the narratives containers to insert the terms level17:04
aelknerbut this would need to happen AFTER the evolution that schooltool does to insert terms17:05
aelknercan we rely on schooltool's evolution to occur first, then sla's17:06
th1aEvolution always goes in sequence, doesn't it?17:06
ignasth1a: no control really17:07
ignasth1a: if you have 1 evolution utility17:07
ignasthen - yes17:07
ignasif you have multiple17:07
ignaslike zope, schooltool, cando17:07
ignasthen they are executed in alphabetical order17:07
th1aOr am I thinking of database generations?17:07
th1aOr is that the same thing.17:07
ignasyes and yes17:08
ignasthe problem is that I don't know at the moment17:08
ignaswhether SLA utility or schooltool utility will get executed first17:08
ignasand you can't really control it17:08
ignasinside of each utility17:08
ignasit goes sequentially17:08
aelknerth1a: could we have yvl work on this with ignas' help?17:09
ignasbut among utilities - zope can choose to migrate SLA before schooltool17:09
aelknerignas: right now we only have on deployment of sla17:09
aelknerso we could use brute force17:10
aelknerevolve schooltool first17:10
aelknerthen do the bzr up of sla17:10
aelknerand then it wold be able to evolve from there17:10
ignasyeah, it is possible to do it during deployment17:10
th1aYes, we don't really need the right answer in this case.17:10
ignasso if you upgrade schooltool first17:10
ignasand run the application17:10
ignas(even if not fully functional)17:11
ignasand then update sla17:11
ignasand run the application again17:11
ignasit will work17:11
aelknerth1a: i wanted to call you to discuss the list of bugs assigned to me after the meeting17:12
th1aLet's see what yvl is up to.17:12
th1aaelkner: Sure.  I have one to discuss with you as well.17:12
aelknerok, that's my report17:12
yvlth1a, I was sick last week, so no update from me today :|17:12
yvland plan increased number of hours this week to catch up17:13
th1aWhat are you planning on working on?17:13
th1aAlso, what about that riot in Vilnius last week?17:13
yvlsame - report headers, a bit of sprint planning with Ignas,17:13
yvlthen bugs17:13
yvlas for the riot... it was not that big :)17:14
yvl~100 people, and very short17:14
yvland 7000 watching and shouting ;)17:14
th1aOne of those.17:14
aelknersounds like a soccer game :)17:14
yvlstill, it's the biggest in years.. :)17:14
yvlthey played with tear gas balls a bit :)17:15
yvlthrowing back to police :)17:15
aelknerwhat was the issue?17:15
yvltaxes, basically17:15
ignasand salaries17:16
yvlthey were increased as a counter-measure for the crisis17:16
th1aOnce again th1a distracts his employees from the task at hand.17:16
yvlwe don't mind ;)17:16
th1aI have to discipline myself.17:16
aelkneri'll stop asking questions17:16
ignasnothing too much17:16
ignassprint planning17:16
ignasrefactoring import/export even more17:16
ignasand made a passport17:17
th1aOn your laser printer?17:17
yvl[me too]17:17
ignaswhich took me most of 2 days17:17
ignas(had to go home, which is 3+ hour trip on a buss)17:17
ignasand go back when i had a passport17:17
th1aWe need to beat out a finalish proposal for the sprint.17:17
ignasbut did some refactoring while at home17:17
th1aI just have to go to the post office for a passport, which is convenient, except when I'm trying to mail a letter and half my neighborhood is trying to get a passport.17:18
ignaswell - if i had my own flat in Vilnius17:19
ignasi'd not have to go anywhere far17:19
ignasbut legaly i am still living with my parents17:19
yvlyou can always register as homeless :)17:19
th1aHere every conversation is like "No, you need your birth certificate from the Dominican Republic."17:19
ignasand yeah - i don't really want to register as a "person without defined place of habitation"17:20
th1aCan't you just get a Great Wildlands passport?17:20
th1aWhat's the next step in beating out a sprint plan?17:20
ignasbut new Lithuanian passports are awesome17:20
ignasth1a: seeing if we can really do it17:21
ignasth1a: I'll have yvl estimate how long some of the things would take him to do17:21
ignasalso see if I know all the details that can bite us17:21
ignasand come up with some degradation plan17:21
ignasfor safety17:21
ignasdon't want to get stuck with a table querying mechanism that we spend 3 days implementing without finishing it17:22
th1areplaceafill: How are you doing?17:23
ignasoh yeah17:23
ignasi'll be reviewing replaceafill's branch17:23
ignasthis week17:23
replaceafilli guess i'm almost done with the integration17:23
aelknerreplaceafill: you got my note?17:23
replaceafilli just need to move some code around in cando17:23
replaceafillaelkner, yes, i agree17:24
replaceafillaelkner, external activities feel more natural in the skilldriver package17:24
replaceafill1 extact for 1 skilldriver17:24
aelknerjelkner agreed that external activities were only necessary for skill drivers17:25
aelknernot for the sections themselves17:25
replaceafilli also wanted to ask, can i have some bug assigned, maybe one from the gradebook package?17:25
replaceafilli mean i got familiar with the package and i'd like to continuing working17:25
aelknerth1a: if i'm going to be making extensive changes to schooltool.gradebook this quarter17:26
th1aHere's a meta-bug: make the SchoolTool gradebook more consistent with the CanDo gradebook UI.17:26
aelkneri was going to discuss this with you later17:27
aelknerbut for now, could we keep the gradebook on my plate17:27
aelknerand not get involved with too many cooks?17:27
th1aNot really.17:27
th1aIt'll be ok.17:27
aelkneri see many hours reolving conflicts in my future17:28
th1aWe'll keep it straight.17:29
aelknerthe first thing i want to do is merge replaceafill's branch to the trunk17:29
th1aOne thing that might help is not planning things on the phone.17:29
aelkneror is ignas the gatekeeper there as well17:30
ignasaelkner: yep17:30
ignasaelkner: i'll look at his branch first anyway17:30
ignasaelkner: want to see what he did17:30
th1aWhich trunk?17:30
aelknerschooltool.gradebook trunk17:30
aelknerand cando, of course17:30
aelknerbut i'm the gatekeep for cando, not ignas, right?17:31
th1aAs far as I know.17:31
aelknerignas: how soon will you be able to do the merge?17:32
ignasaelkner: don't know, depends on how good replaceafill code is17:33
replaceafillignas, if u find code that u don't like, u send me an email and i fix it?17:34
replaceafillignas, cool17:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:34
aelknerth1a: shall i call now?17:35
th1aaelkner: Let's try continuing our discussion here.17:35
th1aIf we're worried about coordination, having the two of us talking on the phone doesn't help.17:35
aelknerso did you and jelkner discuss the gradebook when you saw each other?17:35
th1aActually, we didn't have time.17:36
aelkneri kind of figured becuase i didn't see any new gradebook bugs17:36
th1aAnything else about the existing bugs?17:36
aelknerfirst, could you please look over the one that i changed to fix commited and close them out if you think they're ready17:37
th1aSo, like, 148503 (broken link permissions)... what's going on with it?17:40
th1aAdding a comment to the bug would help.17:40
aelknerok, i'll do that now17:41
aelknercomment added17:42
aelknerth1a: for bug 284100, i could add an event handler for section add to create a single worksheet called 'Default'17:45
th1aIs released?17:45
aelknera while back, yes17:45
aelkneri just didn't get around to changeing the bug status17:45
th1aIs fixed and released?17:46
ignasreplaceafill: ouch, you did a very interesting thing with branches17:46
th1auh oh17:47
replaceafillignas, ?17:47
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ignasreplaceafill: well  - instead of branching gradebook17:47
ignasreplaceafill: you seem to have created an empty bzr branch and pulled gradebook trunk into your branch17:47
aelkneri thought something looked strange when i viewd the branch on-line17:48
ignasreplaceafill: will see how I can fix it17:48
replaceafillignas, anyway I can fix it?17:48
replaceafilli can branch trunk17:49
replaceafilland make my changes there17:49
replaceafilli thought i would need my own branch17:49
ignasreplaceafill: will take you more time, and will lose the history17:49
ignasreplaceafill: i'll look at it17:49
th1aFor 284100 I'd like to create default sheets that correspond to terms in the active year.17:50
aelknerthe gradebook is traversed from a section17:51
aelkneri don't see how we could have cross-term grading17:51
th1aOh, right.17:51
ignasth1a: i'd think terms and sheets should be separate things17:51
aelknerbut i could name the default worksheet to be the name of the term that the section belongs to17:52
th1aWe're really going to have to get linking going between multi-term sections.17:53
th1aThat seems like a must for 1.0.17:54
aelknerstrikly speaking shooltool doesn't allow for multi-term sections17:54
ignasyeah, sorry about stalling that, will nudge up in my priority list17:54
aelknerbecuase sections go in the term17:54
ignasaelkner: you still can connect sections17:54
th1aRight, so we're just going to let them know they're all part of a larger whole.17:54
aelknerignas: explain 'connect sections'17:55
ignasaelkner: add attributes "previous" and "next" to a section17:55
ignasand when you need to display a gradebook view17:55
ignasyou can add links to the sections from the previous terms17:55
ignasso even if you have more than 1 section, you still can aggregate them in views if that is more convenient for your users17:56
ignasas long as they are linked during term initialization17:56
aelknerignas: are you suggesting that i change sections in schooltool to have two new attributes?17:57
th1aWe're not suggesting you do it at this point.17:57
aelkneri see, down the road17:57
ignasaelkner: no, i am suggesting that i should have done that a couple weeks ago, but got too involved with export/import and sprint17:57
th1aBut we do need it soonish.17:57
ignasand the Christmas stuff17:57
ignasso more like a month ago17:58
th1aOtherwise, you can't do, say a sane end of year report card.17:58
aelknerwe could discuss this at the upcoming sprint17:58
th1aIt's already all planned out.17:58
aelknercould you give me link to the planning doc?17:59
th1aIt might be in ignas's brain.17:59
aelkneroh, that doc :)17:59
aelkneronce again, the upcoming sprint could be a good time to do some mind-share on the subject18:00
th1aWe had to have a plan for this when we came up with the new term implementation.18:00
ignas1.1.11 TODO Make Add new term give an option of copying sections18:00
ignas    * Make this operation link new sections to old sections18:00
ignas      also Show linked sections in the UI and make schooltool.lyceum.journal use this information.18:00
th1aWe either had to create multi-term sections, or a way to link single term sections into a larger, um, super-section.18:01
aelknersounds scary18:01
th1aIt is the simpler approach.18:02
ignasaelkner: the linking bit is simple, I just have to do the "copying" and the "give option to copy" bits18:02
th1aI mean, in the gradebook case, you either need a gradebook that juggles different terms, or separate term gradebooks that know the others exist.18:02
aelknerthe second option is the simplest to implement18:03
th1aActually, replaceafill, here's a thought.18:03
replaceafillth1a, yes?18:03
th1aCan you implement gradebook activities as "external" to other gradebooks?18:04
th1aThat is, instead of Cando -> SchoolTool, SchoolTool > SchoolTool?18:04
aelknerth1a: ?18:05
aelknercando is a schooltool plug-n18:05
aelknerlike sla18:05
th1aTo import a score from another worksheet or gradebook?18:05
th1aInto another?18:05
th1aActually, it is probably broadly necessary.18:06
replaceafillth1a, with the "Update Grades" mechanism?18:07
th1aI think...18:07
th1aIt is a bit of a CanDo workaround, but it is probably safer in general.18:08
replaceafillth1a, i could give it a shot :)18:08
th1aOK.  Take a look at it.  Hopefully now that you've set up the utilities, etc. once, doing it again won't be too hard.  Really.  ;-)18:09
th1aOK, so aelkner -- do the default page thing.18:10
th1aAs I mentioned earlier, making the SchoolTool gradebook more consistent with the CanDo gradebook is a broadly defined bug.18:12
aelknerth1a: you mean css/js type stuff?18:12
th1aI mean from the user's point of view.18:13
aelknerwell, schooltool.gradebook users don't deal with competencies18:14
aelknerso you'll need to be more specific18:14
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th1aWell, for example, after a person changes a score in the CanDo gradebook, the cell turns green, right?18:15
th1aDoes the SchoolTool gradebook do that?18:15
aelknercss/js, as i was saying18:15
aelknerit would work differently of course18:16
aelkneras gradebook activities have varying score systems18:16
aelknerwhereas cando has just the one18:16
th1aOK, but I'm not talking about the css/js code per se, although ideally we can share more.18:16
th1aI'm saying we want a consistent user experience.18:17
aelknercando is not dependent on schooltool.gradebook, so any code share would have to happen in schooltool itself18:17
aelknerbut i understand the point18:17
aelkneri could proceed with copying/tailoring code from cando into schooltool.gradebook18:18
aelknerand not worry about sharing at first18:18
th1aSo basically, either you can go through two interfaces yourself and come up with a set of changes, or I can and tell you what to do.  But you're a lot more familiar with both of them than I am anyhow.18:20
th1aI think it will be more efficient for you to come up with a plan yourself.18:20
aelkneri'll figure it out.  could you please create a bug for this and assign to me18:20
th1aYou might want to subsequently make a bunch of related sub-bugs for the specific issues.18:22
th1aBut basically you18:22
th1aare moving CanDo improvements to SchoolTool gradebook, since CanDo's has gotten way more attention.18:22
th1aFocus on the most common use cases.18:23
th1aI'm adding scores > how are they different?18:23
aelknerthe only one that comes to mind is the score validation18:23
aelknerthe role-ever competency to see its title is not relevant18:24
th1aWhy not?18:24
th1aDon't activities have titles?18:24
aelkneryes, and they appear already18:25
th1aIn the same way?18:25
aelkneras the column heading18:25
aelknerit's not the same issue18:25
th1aDidn't we have to narrow them?18:25
aelknerin schooltool.gradebook18:25
aelknerthe use selects the activity title18:25
aelknerin cando, the competncies titles are really long, selected by the state of virginia18:26
aelknerbut, no, we didn't narrow the titles18:26
th1aI need to get my fake gradebook up to speed.18:26
th1aIt is going to have to work exactly the same way in SchoolTool.18:27
aelkneri was hoping you would be asigning me many gradebook bugs after discussing with jelkner18:27
th1aWell, here's a bug: columns have to be of uniform width regardless of the length of the title.18:28
th1aAnd you have to be able to mouse over the title to get the whole thing.18:28
aelknermakes sense18:28
aelknerso there's really just the two features18:29
aelkner1) js score validation18:29
aelkner2) fixed-width columns with roll-over titles18:29
aelknercould you please create one bug for each?18:30
aelknerand assign to me18:30
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aelknerignas: i want to get into the spirit of this whole feature branch concept18:31
replaceafillth1a, could I ask for a blueprint for the schooltool -> schooltool external activities task?18:32
aelknercould you please give me the exact command i'd use to create a feature branch of schooltool, for instance18:32
aelkneri mean, first i branch using bzr branch18:32
aelknerthen i need to push, right?18:33
ignasbzr branch
ignasand then you just work there18:33
ignasand bzr push it to launchpad18:33
ignaswhen you want me to see what you have done18:33
ignasthough - people in #bzr could explain it in more detail18:33
replaceafillignas, is this the same i should have done?18:34
aelknerwell, i think i could figure it out from using you sandbox instructions18:34
ignasreplaceafill: yep18:34
th1aaelkner: What about fill-down?18:34
aelknerreplaceafill: remember ignas' sandbox instructions?18:34
aelknerth1a: ah, fill-down18:35
aelkneryou want that, too?18:35
aelknerremember, cando really needs that becuase of the millions of comps to score18:35
th1aThis is what I mean by consistent user experience.18:35
th1aI want them to work the same way.18:36
replaceafillaelkner, no, could u share the url?18:36
aelknerth1a: agreed, that could be third bug18:36
th1aThat should be enough to get you started...18:36
replaceafillaelkner, thanks18:37
aelknerth1a: indeed18:37
aelknerreplaceafill: look at the section 'Publish you changes'18:37
aelknerthis is where you [push your branch to launchpad so that ignas can then merge to trunk at his convenience18:38
aelknerit would be a good idea to name the branch you publish with a hint as to the feature18:38
replaceafillaelkner, wow cool18:38
replaceafillaelkner, ok18:38
aelknerlet's consider your schooltool.gradebook integration work18:39
aelknerfirst you branch the schooltool.gradebook trunk18:40
aelknerthen you make yoru changes18:40
aelknerthen you publish it to say:18:40
aelknerbzr push lp:~douglas/schooltool/schooltool.gradebook_integration_feature18:40
aelknerif douglas is indeed you lp account name18:41
aelknerignas: does replaceafill have access to do this?18:42
ignasaelkner: yeah, he should, i mean - schooltool branches are public18:42
aelknerignas: as long as he does it in his folder, right?18:43
aelkneri.e., lp:~replacefil/...18:43
replaceafillignas, should i push a new schooltool.gradebook branch using this method?18:43
replaceafillignas, and leave the old one?18:44
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aelknerignas, th1a: do we agree that i'm going to remove the identifier field from the add form in schooltool skin?18:47
th1aUm... I'm ambivalent.18:48
ignasreplaceafill: well - i am reviewing your branch at the moment, so no need really, but you can try to see how it goes18:48
th1aaelkner: I'd rather you work on the gradebook.18:50
ignasreplaceafill: why did you pick the named utility approach instead of named adapters?18:56
aelknerignas: that was my suggestion18:57
aelknerexplain to me how one could get it done with adapters18:57
ignaswell getAdaptersFor((section, ), IExternalActivities)18:58
aelknerthe problem at hand is18:58
replaceafillshould i change it to use adapters?19:00
aelknerwell, my thinking was that the user was going to decide which external activities to 'publish'19:00
aelkneryou can't do that with adapters19:00
ignasok, sorry, must run now, will write an email probably19:01
aelknerbut since we decided that all skilldrivers are to be published automatically19:01
aelknermaybe adapters would work after all19:01
aelknerreplaceafill: and it would simplify your code i think19:02
aelknerbecuase you would remove the utility step19:02
aelkneri just always considered adapter to be something that works automatically19:02
aelknerand utilities to be something more client-based19:02
replaceafillaelkner, want me to change it?19:03
aelkneryou're going to create a new branch, right?19:03
aelknerso why don't you do the adpater thing there, and keep your other branch around for comparison19:04
replaceafillah ok19:04
aelknerthe cando part is small enough that it won't take long to change back to utilities if we decide we need it19:05
replaceafilljust 1 component should be change in cando19:05
aelkneri suppose, that even outside of cando, where we are safe to assume all skill drivers are available as extacts19:06
aelknerif a different plug-in wants to publish19:06
aelknerexternal activities19:06
aelknerand it is not so automatic, but rather, under user control19:06
aelknerit could be the responsibility of that plug-in19:06
aelknerto know how to deliver the extacts using the user choices19:07
aelknerso i think ignas is right19:07
replaceafillaelkner, did u check the way i handle jelkner'19:08
replaceafills request19:08
aelknerwhich one?19:08
replaceafillof not having the same extact twice19:08
replaceafilli dont like that part :(19:08
aelkneri saw that you throw and exception, right?19:08
replaceafilli takes all the activities in the worksheet and compares their title19:09
replaceafilldef activityExists19:10
aelkneryeah, it looks good to me19:11
aelknerdid you test it?19:11
replaceafillbrowser/README.txt -> line 102519:12
aelkneri see19:13
aelknerso all's well on that front19:13
replaceafilli'm going to move cando's code to the skilldriver package today19:13
*** ignas has quit IRC19:19
replaceafillaelkner, just sent u the new diff20:23
*** replaceafill has quit IRC20:35
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*** jelkner has joined #schooltool22:12
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