IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2009-01-17

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replaceafillhey ignas20:27
ignasreplaceafill: hi20:27
replaceafillthanks for your reply, i changed the approach and now my pickling problem is gone20:28
ignasadapters in attributes can really hurt someone in the future, i mean - when you see Persistent class - you know you will have to evolve, and you know where it can and will be store most of the time20:29
ignasbecause of Contained directives20:29
ignasand interface20:29
ignasand adapters to someone not familiar with code20:29
ignaslook like just another piece of code that can be refactored and moved around20:29
replaceafilli wanted to ask you, i guess i finish the integration20:30
replaceafillcan you review my schooltool.gradebook branch?20:30
replaceafillor whenever you have time20:30
ignasjust send me an email with the branch url20:30
replaceafillignas, sent20:33
ignaswill look at it as soon as i'll have time20:33
replaceafillok thanks man20:33
ignasafk, shopping20:49
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