IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-01-15

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replaceafillth1a, ping01:22
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jelkneraelkner: hey man17:50
jelknergood morning17:51
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replaceafillaelkner, ping21:49
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aelknerhey replaceafill21:55
replaceafillaelkner, hey man21:55
replaceafillaelkner, i have two specific questions21:56
replaceafillaelkner, 1. are u ok with multiadapters?21:56
aelknerhow do you mean?21:56
replaceafillremember u told me in ur mail i'd need two adapters for getting the grades21:57
replaceafillto let skilldrivers provide iexternalactivity21:57
aelknerthe first adapter gets you the gradebook21:57
replaceafillbut the adapter also needs the gradebook21:57
replaceafilland then i need to adapt to iexternal activity, right?21:58
aelknerright, that's the code that you'll need to write21:58
replaceafillbut it can be done with a multiadapter21:58
aelknerthe adapter to the gradebook is already written21:58
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replaceafilladapting (iskilldriver, icompetencygradebook) -> iexternalactivity21:59
replaceafillso the iexternalactivity adapter would have the skilldriver AND the gradebook21:59
aelknerthat's fine22:00
replaceafillcool :)22:00
replaceafillit works :)22:00
replaceafillbut my problem is question #222:00
aelknerthe gradebook has the skilldriver as the context22:00
aelknerso that's redundant22:00
replaceafillthere's an adapter iskilldriver -> icompetencygradebook?22:01
aelknersure, that's how the gradebook is built22:01
replaceafilli'm using isection -> iskilldrivers22:01
aelknerthat gets you the skill drivers container, not the gradebook for a skill driver22:01
aelknerthe latter has the skill driver as context22:02
aelknerand provides the access to the scores22:02
aelknerthat the second adapter22:02
replaceafilli didnt find that adapter :(22:02
aelknericompetencygradebook -> iexternalactivity22:02
replaceafillim looking at cando.gradebook.configure.zcml22:03
aelknerlook at cando.skilldriver.configure22:03
replaceafilloh yes22:04
replaceafilli found this:22:04
aelkneranyway, the gradebook has what you need22:04
replaceafillbut its commented!22:05
replaceafill  <!--adapter22:05
replaceafill    factory=".gradebook.sectionSkillDriverGradebook"22:05
replaceafill    trusted="true"22:05
replaceafill    /-->22:05
replaceafilland skilldriver package has no gradebook module22:05
replaceafillthen i thought "they got rid of it" :(22:06
replaceafilland went to look for a solution in the cando.gradebook package22:06
replaceafillaelkner, u checking?22:13
aelkneryeah, adn i can't remember how to log in to my cando instance :)22:13
aelknerfound it22:16
replaceafillwhere is it?22:16
aelknerno, i was talking about the password22:20
aelknerthere is an adapter from skill driver to gradebook, a traversal adapter22:21
aelkneryou can tell by looking at the url when grading a skilldriver22:21
aelkneris the traversal adapter22:21
replaceafillso i can do icompetencygradebook(iskilldriver)22:22
replaceafillwhat u recommended, right?22:22
aelkneryou can try that out in pdb, you know22:23
replaceafillok i will22:23
replaceafillcan i ask u the 2nd question?22:23
replaceafillis the problem i have22:23
replaceafilliexternalactivitiy adapters are not persistent, they are created on the fly, right?22:24
aelkneri know where you're going with this, i think22:24
aelknersorry, i should let you go first22:24
replaceafilli'm getting an error22:24
replaceafillno prob man22:24
replaceafillTypeError: Not picklable22:25
aelkneryeah, don't make them persistent22:25
replaceafillis it possible to assign a non persistent attribute to a persistent component?22:25
aelknerwhat attribute would that be?22:26
replaceafilla reference to the iexternalactivity adapter for the third party module22:26
replaceafilland the error is coming from: zope.location-3.4.0-py2.4.egg/zope/location/location.py22:28
replaceafillafter the zodb tries to serialize the attribute i guess22:28
aelkneryes, that's right22:31
aelkneryou're linked activity needs to be persistent22:31
replaceafillit is22:31
replaceafillit subclasses activity22:31
aelknerbut it doesn't need to have the external activity as its attribute22:31
aelknerjust a way to get to the external activity22:32
replaceafillideas for "a way"?22:32
aelknerisn't the title enough?22:32
aelknerwhen you find the utility that returns the external adapters for the section22:32
replaceafillbinding them by title?22:32
aelknerschooltool.gradebook asks the world22:33
aelknerare there any external activity utilities?22:33
aelknercando responds, yes22:33
aelknerschooltool.gradebook calls the utility to get the external activities for the ssection22:34
aelknereach are named22:34
aelkneryou match up the name22:34
replaceafilleach utility has name22:34
replaceafillor u mean the iexternalactivity?22:34
aelknereach iext... has the skill driver gradebook as context22:35
aelknerfrom that, you can get the skill driver title22:35
aelknerand use that to match it to the linked activity22:35
replaceafillhhmm i see22:35
aelknernot exactly22:36
replaceafillthe linked activity should have its own title that should match the skilldriver's22:36
aelknerbecause schooltoolo.gradebook doesn't know about skill drivers22:36
aelknerthe external activity, the thing created on the fly from the gradebook22:37
aelknershould have the title as an attribiute22:37
aelknerschooltool.gradebook can always expect that22:37
aelknerthe adpater icompetencygradebook -> iexternalactivity22:38
aelknerneeds to populate the title22:38
aelknerand it resides within cando, so it can know abotu how to get the skilldriver title22:38
aelknerthe utility, also of course, within cando22:39
aelknercan loop through the skill drivers, adapting each one to a competency gradedbook22:40
aelkneradn further adapting them to external activities22:40
aelknerfinally building the list that is returned in getExternalActivities()22:40
replaceafillthat's cool, but what happens in the schooltool.gradebook part?22:41
replaceafilllinkedactivity are persistent22:41
replaceafillsubclassing activity22:41
aelknerthat's fine22:41
aelknerbut yo'll need to change the linked activity not to have the external activity attribute22:41
aelknerso, it look's like you're back in schooltool.gradebook22:42
aelknersee, i told you this stuff wasn't going to be as easy as people seemed to think it would be22:42
replaceafillwell, i'll give it a shot, ok? and let you know what i come up with22:43
aelkneryou're mock external activities need to not be persistent22:43
aelknerthey're basically a snapshot of the scores as of today22:44
aelknerthat's why they adapt so seemlessly from the gradebook, itself also a snapshot22:44
aelkneryou don't need to change your mock external activity itself22:45
aelknerjust the linked activities need to be changed22:45
aelknerto obtain the external activity dynamically22:45
replaceafilldamn persistency! :D22:46
replaceafillthanks aelkner22:46
aelknerno problem22:47
* th1a sighs.22:48
replaceafillhi th1a22:49
th1aHi replaceafill.22:50
replaceafilli pinged u yesterday, just to tell u i have my plane ticket22:50
replaceafilland to ask u, what package will be the "sprint focus"?22:51
replaceafillor how could i help?22:52
th1aignas and I are discussing that.  Basically demographics/indexing/reporting.22:52
th1aThey're kind of interlinked.22:52
replaceafillah ok22:53

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