IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-12-16

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replaceafillaelkner, ping03:40
aelknerreplaceafill: i'm here03:51
replaceafillaelkner, hey man03:51
aelkneryeah, sorry i didn't get you that email03:51
replaceafill:) no prob03:51
aelkneri still need to think about the design a bit03:52
replaceafilljust wanted to know ur comments03:52
replaceafillah ok03:52
aelknerwell, let me just say for now03:52
aelkneryou'll need to think about the gradebook as a kind of client03:52
replaceafillwhich only gets the grade, right?03:52
aelknerand cando, the server of the external activities03:52
aelknerthat means, you need to look for utilities as the client03:53
aelknerand cando would serve them up in jelkner's case03:53
aelknerso you simulate what cando would do in your test03:53
aelknerby providing the utility that you're looking for03:54
replaceafilljust one thing03:54
replaceafilli was talking to ignas03:54
replaceafilland he said an adapter would be better03:54
replaceafill1. because section would be a context03:55
replaceafill2. because in order to override utilities u have to use the overrides.zcml file03:55
replaceafillwhat do u think about using adapters?03:55
aelknerbut you wouldn't need to override any utility03:56
aelkneryou just name them03:56
aelkneryou see, cando might not be the only server of these external activities03:56
replaceafillyes, th1a said maybe the journal would be one03:57
aelknerin theory, a schooltool instance could have cando and some other future add-on03:57
aelknerboth of which want to server up external activities03:57
aelknerserve up03:57
replaceafillso, should i code my own design and when it's complete talk to u about it?03:58
replaceafilli know ur really busy03:59
aelknergo ahead and code what you can come up with to meet those requirements03:59
aelkneri can look at a diff later03:59
replaceafillthanks man03:59
aelknerno prob04:00
replaceafillaelkner, just one last question!04:01
replaceafillshould i use the cando branch with years or without them or it's not important?04:01
replaceafilli guess it is irght?04:01
aelkneri'd leave cando out of it04:01
aelknerfor now at least04:01
aelknerif you can't test it from within schooltool.gradebook, it's not worth doing04:02
replaceafillgot it04:02
replaceafillstubs :)04:02
replaceafillok thanks04:03
aelknerbtw, it's still worth while to have an adapter04:03
aelknerthe adapter should be a method that looks up the utilities04:04
replaceafillALL external utilities provided by ALL third party modules04:04
aelknerand returns a list of IExternalActivity objects04:04
aelkneryes to yoru question04:05
aelkneryou don't need to do more than get all the utilitites for that utility interface04:05
aelkneryou'll get a list of tuples (name, utility)04:05
replaceafillthen call every utility to get ITS external utilities04:06
replaceafilli mean external activitiees04:06
replaceafillok can i try tonight and send u something tomorrow?04:07
aelknerand compile the list and return it04:07
aelknersee how much progress you can make over the next couple of days04:08
aelknerthen send me a diff04:08
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replaceafillth1a, thanks for the letter17:55
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