IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-10-02

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fsufitchignas: ping16:12
ignasfsufitch: pong16:13
fsufitchhow would i handle a zope.schema.Object so that formlib plays nicely and makes it into an input?16:13
fsufitchbtw, its schema is
fsufitchi saw that i'm supposed to use a CustomWidgetFactory, but i have no idea how to do it16:15
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fsufitchignas: sorry, net timeout16:16
fsufitchdid you get my msgs?16:16
ignassorry got distracted16:28
fsufitchit's okay16:28
fsufitchi see there's a FileWidget in
ignasno idea, really, look for FileWidget in schooltool code I guess16:29
fsufitchschooltool uses file uploads?16:29
fsufitchignas: there is no FileWidget in schooltool16:33
ignasbut we are using file uploads16:44
ignasperson picture16:44
ignasis uploaded16:44
fsufitchignas: i can't even find anything when i grep for "Image"17:10
ignasphoto = zope.schema.Bytes(17:11
ignasit seems that just Bytes gives the file upload field17:12
fsufitchwell i did use bytes, but here it's supposed to be a generic file17:13
fsufitchand bytes doesn't take care about the original filename17:14
fsufitch... which is a problem17:14
fsufitchlike, i can get the data inside the file into Message.attachment17:14
fsufitchbut then when i output it, it has no mimetype or filename17:14
ignasin that case - as in #zope3-dev17:15
fsufitchokay :)17:15
ignasbecause i really don't know for sure at the moment17:15
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aelkneryvl: ayt?19:52
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yvlhi aelkner20:04
yvlstatus: obsolete packages removed, functional and unit tests fixed for all packages except message20:11
yvlI'll fix them some time soon, as I'm kind of on vacation...20:12
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