IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-09-25

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mattva01is the upgrade that urgent?21:26
mattva01aelkner: I need to upgrade?21:30
aelkneryou're asking the wrong questions21:30
aelknerjeff is there, he's the one that wants you to work on infrastructure21:31
aelknerask him what he wants, and i can help21:31
mattva01aelkner :well he seems to think it is too urgent to put into our issue tracker21:33
aelknerso what are you asking me?21:34
mattva01apparently you told him it was important, is that true?I have a whole queue of things to work on, so it would helpful to know :)21:36
aelknerhere's what we discussed, although i don't know why he can't tell you that being right next to you:21:39
aelkner1) you need a mechanism for updatin21:39
aelkner2) you need a mechanism for automatic backups of Data.fs21:40
aelknerjeff would ideally like to be able to update without waiting for you21:40
aelkneri told him, if you're going to let him do things like that21:40
aelkneryou need it to be a simple script to run21:41
aelknerand you need daily backups of data.fs in case he messes something up21:41
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jcrowleyi'm here21:54
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rjellisoI am so totally here21:54
rjellisoI am so totally sorry :(21:56
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