IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-08-07

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th1aignas: I think the translations stuff in LP has gotten yet more confusing.18:51
ignasoh? how?18:54
th1aHm... well, they seem to be using "branch" and "series" inconsistently, which is really screwing me up.18:55
th1aAh... I guess this is the right place:
ignaslet me upload the pot files then ;)18:58
ignasor do we want them to be translating only development?19:00
ignasi can't recall :/19:00
ignasoh yeah, now i can, we only want development series translatable19:05
th1aSorry... had to go test the new furnace.19:51
th1aignas:  we want people to translate release series only, right?19:51
ignasi thought only development, because we want to release with translations19:53
ignasinstead of releasing and waiting for people to translate it19:53
* ignas is not sure now19:53
th1aWe should have separate translations for older versions though, shouldn't we.19:54
th1aAlso, we can put up the series templates before the release.19:54
ignasyeah, we can, we probably should create 2008.10 series right after the feature freeze (ok, more like 2009.04 not 2008.10)19:55
ignasbut you understand what I mean19:55
ignasso yes, we want people to translate the last series i guess19:56
th1aI mean, at this point it doesn't matter so much because nobody is going to be like "No, I'm sticking with the beta."19:56
th1aBut it seems to be saner to have it organized around releases.19:57
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