IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-07-23

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Lumierewhaddon: got bugs?20:08
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Lumierehi aelkner21:31
aelknerhey jason21:31
Lumieresorry about the massive spam21:31
aelknerno prob21:32
aelknerit's nice to be in the loop21:32
LumiereI have wbrady starting up the manual testing21:32
Lumiereand I got you added to cando-developers21:32
wjohnstoLumiere: for the bug 250599 (xml importing), do you want it so all the xml files have to have the same layout21:51
wjohnsto<cando: '' /> etc21:52
Lumiereuh sec21:54
Lumiereif I import something that is proper xml21:56
Lumierebut doesn't have the cando: stuff21:56
LumiereI get a response from the system that the xml was properly imported21:56
Lumierebut nothing is imported21:56
wjohnstoI see21:57
wjohnstoand you want it to be?21:57
wjohnstoor do you want an error?21:57
wjohnstowhich one?21:57
LumiereI want Red Text saying "Found nothing to import" or "Data doesn't match what I am looking for"21:58
wjohnstoso it can only with with cando: stuff21:58
Lumiereand I am fixing that with Lee Capps22:01
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ccareyaelkner, what else needs to be done for gradebook?22:40
Lumiereccarey: check your email22:47
Lumiereyou should see a lot of things22:47
Lumiereassigned to filip22:47
LumiereI am default assigning to filip or whaddon, they can sub assign from there22:48
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