IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-07-21

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th1aGreetings from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.16:05
jstrawhi th1a16:13
jstrawwhat is happening in Huntingdon16:13
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th1ajstraw: Vivian is visiting her grandparents and aunt (and I my parents and sister).16:29
jstrawI have another friend who is visiting Huntingdon today16:29
th1aGood morning everyone... let's get started.16:30
th1aI mostly want to go over the status of things at SLA with aelkner, so lets get the other guys out of the way first.16:32
th1aignas: you're up.16:32
ignasother guys ;)16:33
ignasI am merging bugfixes into release branch16:33
ignasand preparing to do a bugfix release soon16:34
ignasI want to get the course_ids and section_ids fix in it16:34
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ignasas well as person "last name, first name" comma fix16:34
ignasso it'll take me a day or two16:34
ignaslearned a couple of lessons in bzr usage :/16:34
jstrawthank you16:34
jstraw(dwelsh's been on my hide about that one)16:35
ignaswhich one? the comma?16:35
ignasas for bzr16:36
ignasit seems that it is important where from you are branching the feature branch16:36
ignasbut bzr rebase and bzr replay can fix that16:36
ignasnot that it was not painful16:36
ignasthat's kind of everything i did last week16:37
th1aDid you get over your cold?16:37
th1aWhat's up for this week?16:37
ignasforgot about it already ;)16:37
ignaswell - making a bugfix release16:38
ignasand adding a non fully functional Manage page16:38
ignasto lead the way ;)16:38
ignasplus - replacing all the app['terms'] calls16:38
ignaswith ITermContainer(self.context)16:38
ignasand then repeating the pattern for everything else16:38
ignaslike IGroupContainer() ISectionContainer() ICourseContainer() and etc.16:39
th1aOK.  That seems pretty straightworward, if annoying.16:39
ignasyes and YES16:39
th1aThanks, ignas.16:39
th1ajstraw: Any CanDo status update?16:40
jstrawfsufitch: here?16:40
jstrawwant to give a couple sentences on what you're working on?16:40
fsufitchi just finished making skilldriver gradebooks work16:40
fsufitchi'm removing the stale code atm16:41
fsufitchother than that16:41
fsufitchgradebook functionalities are up16:41
fsufitchalthough i need to touch up the filldown a little16:41
fsufitchit only works in some cases16:41
fsufitchother than that, the gradebook needs some styling and it's ready for use16:41
jstrawth1a: that means we're down to finishing testing and sending it to dwelsh for human testing16:42
th1aSo no blockers in sight?16:42
jstrawnot at the moment16:42
aelknermind you we still haven't changed evaluations to use the global id16:42
aelknerbut that was going to be complex16:43
aelknerneeding an evolve script16:43
jstrawaelkner: there are some changes to go, but we're looking to be pretty good16:43
aelknerwhat's our schedule for training16:43
jstrawI will be calling Lee Capps this week16:43
aelkneri mean, can we still be working on it at the sprint16:43
jstrawto setup their instance16:43
jstrawand let them start playing16:43
th1aSo it is nearly done on the outside and some desired changes on the inside.16:43
jstrawth1a: yes16:43
jstrawaelkner: you have the sprint16:44
th1aBut the user facing part is almost ready.16:44
jstrawaelkner: I plan on having them playing with it before that, but it shouldn't hurt us too much16:44
jstrawth1a: it mostly needs to be styled16:44
th1aOK, cool.16:44
aelknerplaying without being trainged?16:44
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aelknerare they visiting?16:44
jstrawaelkner: my preference is to let them look around a little bit16:45
jstrawwe get Lee Capps monday of the sprint16:45
aelknerbut they will play before then16:45
jstrawI am hoping so16:45
aelknerdo we want them seeing it before it's styled and everythiong16:45
jstrawI do16:45
aelknerok, if you think that's best16:46
jstrawthe people who will be looking are their tech staff16:46
jstrawthe guy who I need to train on administration16:46
aelknerwhat happened during Weiterhausen's visit?16:46
jstrawmore then training users16:46
jstrawaelkner: we rewrote a pretty substantial piece of the testing for gradebook16:47
jstrawand cut 30 of 90 seconds out of the test16:47
jstrawand learned a bit of other bits about how we can make our testing better16:47
aelknerit was hard to tell that from the diffs16:47
jstrawI'll talk with you more during the cando meeting16:47
jstrawth1a: that's all for me16:48
th1athanks, jstraw.16:48
th1aOK, some of us have an emailed report from aelkner so we've already got a list of things to go over.16:48
th1aThe first question is last years data at SLA.16:49
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aelknerwith comments17:01
th1aThis is the kind of discussion we had between Providence and Vilnius for several years.17:02
aelknerthere's even the fact that the grade could be different than the actual grade17:02
aelknerwhich led the teachers to complain at one of the meetings17:02
aelknerhow to explain that to the students17:02
aelkneror parents17:02
aelknerbut that's an SLA thing17:02
aelknerwhat else did you want to discuss about SLA?17:04
th1aI don't think we've resolved this.17:05
th1aSo if you start over, you're saying you'll lose the assessment data anyhow?17:05
aelknerif we remove sections, then we need to remove the narrative report cards17:05
aelknerwhich are stored under section id17:06
ignasaelkner: really?17:06
aelkneryes, think of a foreign key in sql17:06
ignasaelkner: I kind of thought that you could mangle an evolution script in such a way, that it would remove the sections and create new sections with same ids for example17:07
ignasi mean - the point of keeping that data not in section __annotations__ is that as long as we have sections with same ids17:07
ignaseverything can work17:07
ignasso it should be possible to salvage the data17:07
aelknerso let's say, for example, that they have a section with id, 'A'17:07
aelkneras they do17:07
ignasthough - it depends on whether it's worth it17:07
aelkneri have data stored under app['schooltool.interventions']'['2007-2008']['jdoe']17:08
aelknermessages, goals, narrative report cards17:08
aelknerthe keys for messages and goals are just running indeces17:08
aelknerthe keys for narrative report cards are the section ids17:08
aelknerviewing a narrative means looking up its section17:09
aelknerif the section id is reused this year17:09
aelknerthen that would mean corruption of data17:10
th1aOK... section ids should not be reused.17:10
aelknersection ids are generated automatically from the section title17:10
ignasemm, well - yes you can't have 2 sections with the same id in year '2007-2008'17:11
aelkneror even between two school years17:11
th1aWhatever we're going to do is going to involve a certain amount of hackery.17:11
aelknerin order to add a new section title17:11
ignaswhat is the problem with 2 sections having same id in different school years17:11
aelknertitled 'A'17:11
aelknerwe don't have school years in schooltool yet, remember17:12
ignasyes I know17:12
aelknerso they need to get rid of sction 'A'17:12
aelknerbefore readding it17:12
th1aIt sounds like we may have a bug in section ID creation then.17:12
aelknerthe nameschooser17:12
aelknerdoesn't know about school years17:12
th1aSection id's should not be significant.17:13
aelknerit's how sections are found17:13
ignascould we please formulate the problem we are trying to solve, because I am totally lost at the moment17:13
th1aI mean, they should be arbitrary.17:13
th1aOK... let me start over.17:13
aelknerallow me to formulate is17:13
th1aActually, let me go.17:14
th1aYou've got assessments.17:14
th1aWhich are assessing work in a section.17:14
th1aSo, normally, all the metadata about that section will be conveniently accessible in the still-extant section object.17:15
aelkneryes, normally17:15
th1aHowever, if you delete the section, the assessment doesn't know what it is an assessment OF, rendering it useless.17:15
th1aI would argue that the section metadata is simple.17:16
th1aWhat do we need to know about it?17:16
aelkneri already named the attributes of a narrative report card17:16
aelknergrade, narrative, more comments17:17
th1aRight, but there must be some reason we need to know the section.17:17
aelknerhow do i find the narrative report card for johnny for section A of school year 2007-2008?17:17
aelkneri'll tell you how it works now17:18
aelknerwe look in  app['schooltool.interventions']'['2007-2008']['jdoe'][narratives']['a']17:18
aelknerand viola17:18
aelknerthere it is17:18
* ignas still hasn't heard "what the problem is"17:19
ignasth1a: do you want narratives to keep working even with sections deleted?17:19
th1aDeleting old sections without losing the narratives, yes.17:19
ignaswhy delete old sections?17:20
th1aThe real problem is keeping them from showing up inappropriately.17:20
aelknerthat's why they need to be deleted17:20
th1ai.e., we need terms.17:20
aelknerwe don't have school years yet17:20
ignashow and when do they show up inappropriately?17:20
ignasand where?17:21
aelknerthe person view17:21
aelknershows a teacher what sections they teach17:21
aelknerso last years sections will apeear there17:21
ignasdo you have timetables?17:21
aelknerthere IS no concept of year17:21
aelknernever set them up17:21
aelknerdidn'[t need to17:21
ignasyeah, but it's the only way for a section to have a relationship with time at the moment ...17:22
ignasand yes, we don't have any other way of doing that at the moment...17:22
aelknerso that's why we remove the sections17:22
aelkneri'm sure chris ok'd this already17:22
th1aIn this: app['schooltool.interventions']'['2007-2008']['jdoe'][narratives']['a'] what kind of object is ['a']17:22
aelknerbut i will check17:22
aelknera narrative report card17:22
aelknerwith the three attributes mentioned17:23
th1aWhy does it care if there is a section with id 'a'?17:23
aelknerto get the section title17:23
aelknerfor the view17:23
ignasso yeah, coding around it by including the title of the section in the card17:23
ignasmight work17:23
ignasthough - having another schooltool instance17:23
ignaswould work too17:23
ignasas in - shutdown this one17:24
ignascreate a new one17:24
ignasreimport persons17:24
ignasadd new sections17:24
aelknerthat was the plan17:24
aelkneractually, nit reimprt persons17:24
ignasbecause that's the way we probably have to do multiple school years at the moment :/17:24
th1aIf you re-create the whole instance and still lose data, that isn't actually accomplishing much.17:24
ignasth1a: not losing, the data is "archived"17:25
ignasin another database17:25
aelkneragain, i'll check with chirs, but...17:25
aelknerthe plan would be to start with a fresh data.fs17:25
aelknerimport teachers and students17:25
aelknerhave the propagation create the moodle and drupal persons17:25
aelknercreate the new section and propagate those17:26
aelknerand keep the old schooltool instance separate from the new one17:26
th1aLosing access to last year's narratives because of "yuck" is a bad idea.17:26
ignasth1a: having database objects that have no way of being managed is not too good as well :/17:27
th1aignas:  What do you mean?17:27
ignasth1a: unless aelkner has manage views for narratives that are not related to sections17:27
ignasth1a: at the moment the way to access that data is through sections17:27
ignasth1a: you don't have a list of narratives on it's own even (i am guessing)17:28
ignasso you don17:28
ignasdon't have "delete" view, "list" view17:28
ignasand edit views that do not depend on sections17:28
aelknerof course not17:28
aelknerthere is no such thing as a narrative that doesn't tie to a section17:28
ignasand that is a yuck, that requires significant investment of labor to make it work right17:29
aelknerwhat sense would that have17:29
aelknersections are what define a narrative17:29
aelkneras in17:29
aelknerwhat assessment do we give johnny for this section17:29
th1aThe narratives are already done.17:29
ignasthe fact that narratives are not on sections is a sidefect ;) though yeah - it would make it possible to have these objects without sections17:29
ignasit still would need work17:29
aelknerlet's take a step back for a section17:30
aelknerthe UI question is this (i.e., what is the user asking)17:30
aelknerwhat is the assement for johnny for section a17:31
aelknerschooltool needs to answer this question17:31
aelknerso how could we not involve the seciton in answering a question about a section?17:31
th1aWhat if you want to view all narratives for a student?17:31
aelknerfor a schooltyear, that's what the intervention view does17:32
th1aThe only thing you need to know about the non-existent section is its title.17:32
th1aThat's the only missing data.17:32
aelknerit loops though app['schooltool.interventions']'['2007-2008']['jdoe'][narratives']17:32
aelknerand displays links to each narrative17:32
aelknerthe link says17:32
aelknerNarrative Report Card for Section 'A'17:33
aelkneractually i use course title - section title17:33
aelknercause it's clearer17:33
ignasth1a: imagine that the cards are in annotations, really, because that's where they are17:34
aelkneractually they are not17:34
ignasth1a: the code under the hood places them elsewhere because I insisted ;)17:34
aelkneri prefer it that way too17:34
ignasth1a: but the UI is coded in such a way that it's as if they are attached to sections very very closely17:35
aelknerall the data is issolated17:35
ignasth1a: so what you are asking the same as having calendars without persons, it is possible, but requires significant changes to the UI17:35
ignaseven though all that calendar needs is - title of the person/resource/group ...17:36
aelknerthat's a good anology17:36
ignaswe'd have to add UI for managing calendars without "parents"17:36
th1aI think you guys need to remember we're talking about a temporary workaround that would prevent us from having to tell our clients "you know those narrative reports you entered three months ago, you can't see them now."17:36
th1aI'm saying the use case is "show me this kids narratives."17:37
th1aBetween now and when we move the sections into school years.17:37
aelknerth1a: remember that SLA is the only school that used narratives last year17:37
ignasaelkner: how long it would take you to add the missing UI? and fix all the possible leaks, like links to non-existent sections and courses?17:37
aelknerand if they are ok with starting from scratch17:37
ignaslet's talk money ;)17:38
th1aI don't understand where the leaks would be.17:38
th1aYou write try except when you look up the title of the section.17:38
ignasth1a: any place in the report card views that tries to link to a section, link to a course17:38
th1aIf the section doesn't exist, look up its title.17:38
ignasshow a title of any of those17:38
ignasth1a: just the "copying" part and related subscribers17:39
ignasthat would copy the title on change, so that it would be up to date when section get's deleted17:39
th1aYeah, but you're missing the priorities here.17:39
ignasth1a: i am just trying to avoid tracebacks17:39
ignasthe absolute URLS that might be showing sections/section_a/narratives/17:39
aelknerplease let's stop complicating this17:40
th1aI would way rather be able to see the data I entered about a kid and oops, I get a 404 if I try to view the section, than not be able to see the narrative.17:40
aelkneri believe that SLA agrees to the following17:40
aelknerwe create a new Data.fs17:40
aelknerthe old one could be accessible from a different instance17:40
aelknerfor historical purposes17:40
aelknerbut the data this year will be fresh17:41
aelknerwhen we have terms17:41
th1aOK, I've said my peace.17:41
aelknerwe could evolve this year's data to be time capable17:41
aelknerso that we could start 2009-2010 without having to go fesh17:41
th1amoving on...17:41
th1aaelkner: Did you discuss the mysql issue with Chris last week?17:42
aelknerwe are trying to set up a meeting for this week to discuss it17:42
aelknerhe knows about the problem17:42
th1aRight, ok.17:42
aelkneri sent him and Wilfredo a detailed message17:42
th1aI don't know why you wouldn't cc: me on that email.17:43
aelkneri thought i might regret that17:43
aelkneri could forward it to you17:43
th1aWho upgraded Moodle?17:43
aelkneri dunno17:43
aelkneri asked before, but i didn't get an answer17:43
aelknerstrange goings on at SLA17:44
th1aSo, you came back at some point and someone else had broken SLA's Moodle?17:44
aelkneri'll have more clrification this week17:44
aelknerto be clear for you at this time:17:44
aelknerwe made our patches to a copy of the live moodle last year17:45
aelknerFranky had copied it to the test server17:45
aelknerthe patches worked17:45
aelknerat some point, they upgraded? the live moodle and drupal17:45
aelknerso i copied them to the test server again17:46
aelknerand made the patches again17:46
aelkneri couldn't point to the live mysql db17:46
aelknerbecuase that would be risky of corrupting their data17:46
aelknerwhile making patches17:46
aelknerso i need to know more about what wetn into the upgrade17:47
th1aSo their live servers are ok?17:47
aelknerand maybe whoever did it could apply the same patch to the test mysql db17:47
aelknerthe plan was to get the copy of the live code patched17:48
aelkneron the test server17:48
aelknerthen when all was well17:48
aelknercopy the test code over the live17:48
th1aDo you have a stock Moodle and stock MySQL working on your test server?17:48
th1aCan you get Moodle running on your test server at all?17:49
aelknernot the new version17:49
aelknerif i put the old version back, it wold work fine17:49
th1aIf you had a fresh/empty database could you get a new moodle running?17:50
aelkneri would need a database that matches the code, but presumably, yes17:50
aelkneri would have to see17:50
aelknerfor now i'm blocked by the fatal errors17:51
aelknerthat result from new code not matching old db structure17:51
th1aHave you looked at the Moodle docs for upgrading between the relevant versions?17:51
aelkneri don't even know what happened yet, so no17:51
aelknerthat will be part of the discovery this week17:52
aelknerwhen they get me in the loop17:52
th1aDoes this block CAS and data propogation?17:53
aelknerschooltool cas is ready and waiting17:53
aelknerdata propagation is independent17:53
aelknerwell, i should say17:54
aelknerthat part of my discovery this week17:54
aelknerwill involve finding out if the new db changes the way propagation writes sections17:54
aelknerbut that is less likely17:55
aelknerwe'll have to see17:55
aelkneri'll know a lot more by next week17:56
th1aIt seems to me that the big question is whether or not their upgraded Moodle is any different than any other stock upgraded moodle.17:56
th1aIf it isn't, then you can just test with a fresh current moodle.17:56
th1aIf migrating their database was difficult.17:57
aelknerwould you like me to cc you on all notes regarding this from here on17:57
aelkneralso, i could forward you the last note i sent17:57
aelkneri sent it17:59
th1aOK.  I've said all I've got to say.17:59
aelknerme too17:59
th1aHave a great week guys!18:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:00
aelknerjstraw: what time is the conference call?18:00
aelknerplease have welsh call my home phone18:00
jstrawwill do18:01
aelknerwhat time?18:01
jstrawnot sure yet 12:30 ish though18:01
fsufitchaelkner: you still there?18:08
aelknerwhat's up?18:09
aelknerare you at the ACC?18:09
th1aaelkner:  So moodle works fine... this is only a moodle cas problem?18:11
aelknerwell wait18:12
aelknerif you mean the live code that i copied to the test server worked before i applied the cas patches...18:12
aelkneri couldn't say18:12
aelkneri didn't try that18:12
fsufitchaelkner: yes, i'm at the ACC18:12
fsufitchi'd like your opinion on what i'm doing18:12
aelknerfsufitch: could you ask welsh to have the conference call in his office18:13
aelknerwhere conferencing actually works!18:13
aelkneranyway, shoot18:13
fsufitchif you svn up18:13
fsufitchand go to the gradebook18:13
fsufitchu can check up on the filldown and the validity checking18:13
aelknersvn up'd18:14
aelknermake running now18:14
fsufitchso the cell turns orange if the score is invalid18:14
fsufitchand dave says i should make it so that if someone tries to *submit* orange scores, it should change the valid ones, and make the invalid ones red18:15
aelkneri didn't get any colors when i entered '6'18:15
fsufitchi get colors18:15
fsufitchit depends on your scoresystem, i guess18:16
fsufitchdo you have a scoresystem?18:16
aelknermy scoresystem is 0-418:16
fsufitchclick outside of the cell18:17
aelkneri hadn't hit submit18:17
fsufitchif your cursor is still in it, it thinks you're skill editing18:17
fsufitchnono, don't hit submit18:17
aelknerso maybe that is it18:17
fsufitchjust change cell18:17
fsufitchchange the cursor to another cell18:17
fsufitchas if u were gonna edit a different grade18:17
aelkneri got a traceback when i hit submnut18:17
fsufitchyes, i know, i haven't fixed that yet18:17
fsufitchif you go to the regular gradebook18:18
fsufitchenter a 6 in one of the cells18:18
fsufitchand click on w/e  other cell18:18
aelkneri changed the 6 to a 5 in one of the cells and got orange18:18
fsufitchit does an onchange18:18
aelkneri understand, it's client side18:18
aelkneryou still need to work on the server side, understood18:19
fsufitchshould i make it an onkeypress instead?18:19
aelknerso are you asking me if i think welsh is right?18:19
aelkneron change is better18:19
fsufitchi'm asking you for your opinion on how the gradebook is developing18:19
fsufitchit's becoming a sort of JS  monster18:19
aelknerbecuase people can fix typos before leaving a cell18:20
aelknerwhy yell at them before then18:20
fsufitchbut at least it's better than ajax18:20
fsufitcheh, with onkeypress it would check after every character typed18:20
fsufitchwhcih could be a good thing18:20
fsufitchsince if you change something to a 5, for example18:20
fsufitchbut then don't exit the cell18:20
fsufitchand just hit submit18:20
fsufitchit never turns it orange18:20
aelknerhitting submit is leaving the cell18:21
aelknerso the onchange method would get called18:21
fsufitchyeah, but  the user never sees the orange ;)18:21
aelknerand i think you can abort the submit18:21
fsufitchoh!  so you're suggesting a full check of the table when submit is clicked?18:21
aelknerbut yes, you will become a JS jedi knight before all is done :)18:21
fsufitchlol, yup :)18:22
aelkneri think the sprint will be a good time to look over overything together18:22
aelknerand make any changes we want18:22
aelknerfor now, i think you should feel free to develop it the way you think is right18:22
aelknerwith welsh's input of course18:22
aelkneri'd like to stay out of the deatils until the sprint18:23
fsufitchone more question though18:23
aelkneranything else?18:23
fsufitchi also got the skilldriver gradebook working18:23
aelkneri saw, nice work18:23
fsufitchby changing the sectionGradebook adapter/traverser to accept any object18:23
aelknerthat was the right way18:23
fsufitchokay :)18:24
fsufitchi'm done18:24
aelkneryou're showing yourself to be trustworthy18:24
aelknerjust keep refining the UI with welsh's direction18:24
aelknerby i'm done, what do you mean exactly18:24
aelknerno tasks on you plate?18:24
fsufitchdone w/ questions18:24
fsufitchi got plenty of tasks :)18:25
aelknerwe'll get into tasks at the conference call18:25
aelkneri'm going to take a shower now18:25
fsufitchshould i go ask dwelsh about that?18:25
aelknerabout waht?18:25
fsufitchconf call18:25
aelknerjstraw said 12:30ish18:26
aelknerjust make sure that you do it from his office18:26
aelknerlast time they tried the conference room, i couldn't hear anyting18:26
fsufitchso i'll ttyl then18:26
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jstrawto personnel!18:55
*** jstraw has left #schooltool18:55
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fsufitchaelkner: from jstraw: welsh ain't here, so we can't have the conf call19:32
aelkneroh well19:32
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jelkneraelkner: ayt, bro?23:22
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool23:30
replaceafilljelkner, hi23:30
replaceafilljelkner, how r u?23:30
jelknercan we meet a bit earlier tomorrow?23:30
jelknerlike 6:30?23:30
replaceafilljelkner, no problem23:30
replaceafilljelkner, here outside CDC, right?23:31
jelkneri would like to set you up with a user and passwork on the virtual machine i have for you23:31
jelknercan we get into your office at that time?23:31
replaceafilljelkner, :S23:31
replaceafilljelkner, i dont think so23:31
jelknerthen that won't work23:31
replaceafilljelkner, u need inet connections?23:31
replaceafilljelkner, we can go to my house23:32
replaceafilljelkner, do u know metrocentro?23:32
replaceafilljelkner, i live next to metrocentro23:32
replaceafilljelkner, we could meet there23:32
jelknerthat is closer to bario la venga anyway23:32
replaceafilljelkner, hhmm kind of...23:32
jelkneri'll ask someone from here to go with me23:33
jelknerand i have your cell23:33
jelknernever mind the first part23:33
replaceafilljelkner, right23:33
jelkneri'll find it myself ;-)23:33
replaceafilljelkner, :D23:33
replaceafilljelkner, check maps google ;)23:34
jelknerbut i need an address23:34
replaceafilljelkner, i can come here, wait for u outside and go to my house23:34
jelknerlet's try the house23:34
replaceafilljelkner, hmm u sure?23:34
jelknera house is a much smaller location23:34
jelknereasier to pin point23:34
jelknermetro centro is too big23:35
jelknertoo much room for error23:35
jelkneri know how to ask directions23:35
replaceafillhave u been to metrocentro?23:35
replaceafilli better wait for u here at cdc23:35
replaceafilltheres no problem23:35
jelkneri know how to find that23:36
jelknersee you at 6:30 then23:36
replaceafilli live like 4 blocks away from here23:36
replaceafillill be here23:36
replaceafillu just need inet connection right?23:36
jelknerwith ssh23:36
replaceafilldo u want me to have windows vista or something set up for you?23:36
jelknerso we can get into the machine23:36
replaceafilljust kidding23:37
jelknerdoes vista come with ssh now?23:37
replaceafillyou guys gonna kick me out of the channel now23:37
jelknera bit of an update23:37
jelknerit turns out that MINEDU already has a SIS23:38
replaceafillare we going to use ur laptop?23:38
jelknerwe can23:38
replaceafilli have debian if thats ok23:38
jelknerall we need is ssh23:38
replaceafilljelkner, just one more question23:39
replaceafilljelkner, do i have to take lunch with me?23:39
jelknerthe mayor will buy us lunch23:40
jelknerbtw.  you do know what i'm hoping you'll accomplish?23:40
jelkner1. explain to the director of the school what free software it, better than i can23:40
jelkner2. reinforce with my students how cool python is23:41
jelknerand most important...23:41
replaceafilldo u want me to prepare something "formal"?23:41
replaceafilllike a presentation or document?23:41
jelknerif you have the time23:41
replaceafilldo the have a projector there?23:41
replaceafilli prefer the informal stuff, but...23:42
jelknerand i'm sure the teacher will give you a bigger audience if you want one23:42
replaceafillnah thats ok23:42
jelknerthe most important thing is that you get to talk to him (Julio)23:42
replaceafillim low profile :)23:42
replaceafillJulio is the teacher there?23:42
jelknerhe will be our customer23:43
jelknerwhen i first found out that MINED has an SIS23:43
jelkneri thought the project may be in trouble23:43
replaceafilldoes MINED has a SIS?23:43
jelknerbut Julio wants *students* to be able to see there grades23:43
jelknerbut only for administration of data23:43
replaceafilldo u know the SIS name?23:43
jelknerhold on...23:44
jelknersistema de registro academico institucional23:44
jelkneryou will get to see it tomorrow23:44
replaceafilldo they use it in perulapia?23:44
jelknerjust started23:44
jelknerthe secretary there has a manual she is struggling to setup23:45
jelkneri want to find out more about it23:45
jelknerbut a web search turned up empty23:45
jelkneri thought we were dead when i found that out (today)23:45
replaceafilli will ask somebody in MINED if has heard of it23:46
jelknerbut after talking to Julio, i found he wants *students* to have access to information about their grades23:46
jelkner(please see what you can find out)23:46
replaceafilljelkner, sure np23:46
jelknerso just like in the virginia case23:46
replaceafilland that SIS has no grades module23:46
jelkneri don't know23:46
jelknerthere is certainly a way to report grades back to the state23:47
jelknerthey are planning on requiring all schools to use it23:47
jelknerbut i don't know if it has a regular teacher gradebook23:47
jelknerwe can find out tomorrow23:47
replaceafillcan they give you a copy of the manual?23:47
jelkneri would also like to know who they bought it from23:47
jelknerand how much they paid for it23:48
jelkneri'm sure we can get a copy of the manual23:48
jelknerand who benefits from the current financial relationship23:48
jelknerthat is always the key to figuring out how these things work23:48
jelknerfollow the $$23:48
replaceafillmaybe futurekids has something to do here23:49
jelknerlet's see tomorrow23:50
replaceafillmicrosoft tentcle on salvadorian education ;)23:50
jelknerok, i need to get back to work on your virtual machine23:51
jelknersee you tomorrow morning23:51
replaceafillse u23:51
jelknerbright and early! ;-)23:51
replaceafillill be here23:51
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:51
*** replaceafill has quit IRC23:59

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