IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-07-15

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jstrawwelcome back aelkner15:32
aelknerthanks, good to be back15:32
aelknerhow did the meeting go yesterday?15:33
jstrawpretty good15:33
jstrawsome of it is in email15:33
jstrawstudent gradebook is almost done15:34
jstrawand skilldriver gradebook is going to be almost identical to the section gradebook15:34
aelkneri didn't get any email, unless you're referring to check-ins15:39
jstrawah, a couple of them were to just me dwelsh and th1a15:42
jstrawthe emails about the sprint and PoV15:42
th1aWhat happened with your travels, aelkner?15:43
aelknermy plane from vilnius was delayed due to electrical problems15:43
aelknerthat caused me to miss my connection15:44
aelkneri had to walk for about four miles in the airport before i found out that there was no more flights to the us that day15:44
aelknerso i got a hotel room there and crashed15:45
aelkneri hate traveling!15:45
th1aDid you have to pay for the hotel room?15:45
aelknerthey weren't gong to let me stay for free :)15:46
th1aOK, well, do you have a scanner?15:47
aelkneri don't yet15:47
aelknerbut i could go to kinkos if i needed to15:47
th1aIf you're going to invoice us for all this stuff it would be good to have copies of the receipts.15:48
th1aThen you can include cabs, etc.15:48
aelkneri certainly can send you a copy of the hotel invoice via mail15:49
aelknershould i also invoice you for transportation to and from the philly airport, also sending copies of the receipts?15:49
aelkneri didn't think to do that for chicago15:50
th1aWell... I would say include a) airfare, b) car transportation in Europe, c) Rome hotel.15:51
th1aBut I want scans of paper receipts.15:51
aelknerok, agreed15:52
aelknerbtw, my ears didn't explode on the way back :)15:53
aelknerand my cold has cleared up now15:53
aelknerdid you ever catch the cold?15:53
th1aNot as of yet.15:54
aelknerglad to hear it15:54
aelknerhow was your flight?15:54
aelkneror flights?15:55
aelknerlucky you15:55
aelknerfyi, don't transfer through Rome if you can avoid it15:55
aelknereven if my flight had been on time, i might have missed the transfer due to the lengths i had to go to get there15:56
th1aWell, you know... Italy.15:56
aelknersi, si15:57
aelknerjstraw: what did the email contain?  could you forward it to me from your sent folder?15:58
aelknerdo me a favor and try to keep me in the loop regarding the sprint16:02
aelknerth1a: are you coming to the sprint?16:02
th1aIs it the same dates?16:02
aelknerjstraw: i don[t hafve a calender entry for this yet16:03
aelknerwhat are the date?16:03
jstraw3-6 aug16:03
aelknerfour days?16:03
jstrawjeff's smoking16:03
jstrawI guess 4-616:03
jstrawso monday to wednesday16:03
aelknerdon't get the reference16:04
jstrawhe thinks we're gonna push to the 7th16:04
jstrawand make it longer16:04
aelknerwell, it's a question of budget for the rooms and all16:04
jstrawhalf the team is going on vacation or to school the 7th/8th16:04
jstrawbudget isn't an issue16:04
aelkneralso, tom an i have a limit to how many days16:04
jstrawthe issue is to finalize the rooms16:04
jstrawat ACC16:04
aelknerth1a: what would you authorize?16:04
jstrawand set the schedule... (because we just got word it would be at ACC)16:05
aelkneryes, the ACC is much better than Galludet, but we already know that back at the beginning of the month16:05
aelknerare we gong to get our act in gear and finalize the dates here?16:06
th1aaelkner: You were planning on going to MA?16:06
aelkneryeah, but that was canceled16:06
aelknerdue to lack of interest in the conference outside of our team16:06
aelknerso the decision was to host at the ACC16:07
aelknerwhich is a fine local16:07
aelknerfurther for you, of course16:07
aelknersorry MA is maryland16:07
aelknerwhat is massachusettes?16:08
th1aMaryland is MD, isn't it?16:08
aelknerso, i was right16:09
aelknerdid you get the emails about the cancellation16:09
aelknerif not, our communication sucks16:09
aelknerwell, that might be a but harsh16:10
th1aI got the message.16:10
aelknerbut it would be a good idea to widen the breadth of the emails16:10
aelkneroh, ok16:10
th1aEverything is fine.16:10
aelknerdon't mind me, i'm not really complaining16:11
aelknerjust striving to optimize our communications16:11
aelknerso how many days shoulc i be at the ACC?16:11
th1aI don't think three or four days makes a difference, since your travel time will be less.16:12
th1aBut really, it is your time.16:12
th1aYou're an independent contractor.16:13
aelknerright, just as long as i make my Aug 15 goals16:13
aelknerok, so i'll probably go for four days16:13
aelknerjstraw: how soon do you think we can have this locked down?16:14
jstrawthis week16:14
jstrawaelkner: you should push dave for it16:15
aelknerwill do16:15
aelknerso a question16:15
jstrawit is a substantially higher priority for you and tom to get hotels then for me16:15
aelknerreading Lee Capps' email16:15
aelknerit seems that training is being pushed to Aug11-14?16:16
aelkneris that true?16:16
aelknerwould that mean that we have more time to gradebooks working?16:17
aelknerand use the sprint for finalizing the release?16:17
aelknerthat's great news16:19
jstrawbut we need to be testing16:19
jstrawbefore then16:19
aelknerof course16:19
jstrawAND they're working already16:19
aelknerthat was the other thing i was gong to ask16:20
jstrawfilip reports section gradebook feature complete16:20
jstrawand student gradebook at like 90%16:20
aelknerare all links in the go views working perfectly now?16:20
jstrawmost of what is left for students is a print view16:20
jstrawnope, but messages will likely be pulled from the state release16:20
aelknerare you sure?16:21
aelkneri know they don't need it16:21
jstrawit certainly isn't something I think they need16:21
jstrawif it is totally clean we can keep it16:21
aelknerbut if we can get it working and fully tested16:21
jstrawbut it isn't a priority16:21
aelknerjstraw: could you please coordinate with the four developers (as customer) on the on-going state of the go views?16:23
aelknerthat would save me some time16:23
jstrawI am, but I need th1a and jinty to get me access to add committers16:24
th1aHave you contacted jinty about it?16:24
jstrawyea I sent him an email16:24
jstrawa couple days ago16:24
aelknerthat was during the weekend16:24
aelknermaybe they will respond soon16:25
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Virca3780is there are any body here?16:49
aelknerhow can we help?16:50
aelknerjust wanted to know if we were here?  no questions?16:52
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th1aVirca3780 lives in Trondheim, where he studies computer engineering at NTNU. He enjoys programming and computers in general, rodents, and talking about himself in the third person.16:52
aelkneran he wants to know if we really use this channel, or if it's just for show :)16:54
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wjohnstoaelkner, ayt?17:10
wjohnstoI have a quick question17:10
wjohnstook when trying to getControl of a checkbox17:11
wjohnstoin a functional test17:11
wjohnstois the synax getControl().selected = True?17:11
wjohnstowe have been messing around with it for some time, but we can't figure it out17:11
aelknergetControl('Text of Control').selected = True17:12
aelkneri think17:12
aelknerlet me check17:12
aelknerwhat type of control17:12
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aelknergetControl('Text of Control').click()17:13
aelknerfor text boxes17:13
aelknergetControl('Text of Control').value = 'My text'17:13
aelknerfor dropdowns17:13
aelknergetControl('Text of Control').value = ['the selection i want']17:14
aelkneri suppose that's because with list boxes17:14
aelknerone could17:14
aelknergetControl('Text of Control').value = ['the selection i want', 'another selection i want']17:14
aelknerdropdowns can have only one value of course17:14
aelknerbut you still need to send the list of one item17:15
aelknerdoes that help17:15
jboisturewe really just need help with checkboxs.  we can't check it in the tests17:16
whaddonthere was something about a ListControl and an ItemControl17:17
mgedminooh, testbrowser and checkboxes17:17
aelknercheckbozes are just clickable17:17
mgedmintook me a while to understand that part17:17
mgedmintestbrowser pretends that a checkbox is just like a multi-selection list box with one item17:18
wjohnstoso like, browser.getControl(name='name').click()?17:19
mgedminso there are two controls: one for the "list box" that tou can get with browser.getControl(name="myitem")17:19
mgedminand set the value with .value = [] or .value = ['value']17:19
mgedminand then there's the other control which pretends to be the "list item"17:19
mgedminyou can get it with browser.getControl('label text')17:19
mgedminand set it with .selected = True/False17:19
mgedminor use .click() on it to toggle17:19
mgedminI'm writing from memory, but I'm pretty sure this is accurate17:20
mgedminI believe ignas once contributed a patch that allows you to use .checked as an alias for .selected17:20
aelknerthat's the trick with testbrowser, recalling from memory :)17:20
wjohnstothanks mgedmin and aelkner17:21
whaddonif we want a checkbox to be checked, what should the value be?17:23
wjohnstowe have a value attribute right now which returns False17:24
mgedminhm.. ['on'] probably17:24
wjohnstoI believe we tried ['on'] (from browsing schooltool tests)17:24
mgedminI prefer the selected = True approach, but that doesn't work when you don't have a label17:24
mgedmine.g. if you have a grid of checkboxes in a table17:25
mgedminand can only access them via names17:25
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whaddonmgedmin: we're still having the same ftest problem18:20
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ChrisWanyone alive? :-)18:31
wjohnstoChrisW: yes18:31
ChrisWwhere's the SchoolTool source repo?18:31
mgedminisn't that the old one?18:32
mgedminisn't SchoolTool using bazaar now?18:32
mgedminwith the repository on launchpad.net18:32
wjohnstoI wouldn't know, last I know they were switching to bazaar, but I havent heard since then18:33
ChrisWmarius: I'm having a NameError... who's the POV guy I was chatting with lots at EPC who looks after SchoolTool?18:33
ChrisW(and why does look like a plohn site?!)18:34
mgedminChrisW: ignas18:34
ChrisWthat's the name :-)18:34
mgedminand it is a plone site18:34
ChrisWwhere is he? not on irc?18:35
mgedminI *think* ignas is on vacation now18:35
ChrisWbleugh, why why why make it a plohn site :'(18:35
mgedminsince I haven't seen him in the office this week18:35
* mgedmin does not like plone's default look18:35
ChrisWheh, I was a about to say "don't you guys work in the same office"18:35
* ChrisW wants to steal ST's bootstrap.py18:35
mgedminis it ST's or is it buildout's18:36
mgedminI've seen many's and they all looked the same to me18:37
mgedmini.e. exec urllib.urlopen(...).read()18:37
ChrisWignas was very rpoud of the ST one at EPC, so I guess it's differenr18:37
ChrisWis there any way to browse a bzr repo on the web without having to install bzr?18:37
mgedminor, rather,
mgedmindon't ask me to explain the why of the hundreds of branches and which ones are important18:41
mgedminI'd guess is the one you want18:41
mgedminand here's a
ChrisWdoes look quite different to the "normal" one18:42
mgedminhey, sys.exit(os.spawnve(...)) could be replaced by os.execve(...)18:43
ChrisWtell ignas ;-)18:43
ChrisWI wonder why he goes to such lengths?18:44
ChrisWwhat's his email address again?18:44
mgedminignas at pov.lt18:44
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th1aPeople who want to build SchoolTool from source should be pointed here:
mgedminth1a, do you have write access to
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th1amgedmin: I don't think so.21:49
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