IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-03-01

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fsufitchpcardune: ping!00:13
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ccareyfsufitch: i'm trying to get schooltool to run just the timetable-events.txt functional test00:29
ccareywhat's the command for that?00:29
fsufitchsay WHAT?00:29
fsufitchrunning ftest on timetable-events u say?00:30
ccareyyou know, like running a functional test00:30
ccareyjust for timetable-events.txt00:30
fsufitchi dont remember how to do it on just a specific file00:30
ccareyignas said to pass "-f . timetable-events" but that doesn't seem to work00:30
ccareythat's ok00:30
fsufitchi always run all of the tests to make sure i didn't break anything else00:30
fsufitchccarey: also:
fsufitchreplace compiling with testing00:31
fsufitchit all works00:31
fsufitchdon't do that <_<00:31
ccareywhen i run make test00:32
ccareyi don't think timetable-events.txt even gets tested00:33
ccareybecause i changed it to something that would not pass00:33
ccareybut it doesn't fail00:33
fsufitchwhat's the path?00:34
fsufitchare you using a special branch? i dont have any timetables here00:35
ccareyno just the normal svn branch00:36
ccareyi can just email ignas00:36
ccareyit's fine00:36
fsufitchthat would prolly be better...00:36
fsufitchi'm confused...00:36
ccareyok, thx though00:37
fsufitchnp >_>00:37
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fsufitchaelkner: hi01:55
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