IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-02-09

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ccareyhi ignas00:07
ignassorry that I missed wednesday meeting00:07
ignashas a very hectic week :(00:07
ccareythat's alright00:08
ignasso - did you manage to get commit access for cando ?00:08
ccareyi got a password from jinty, but i still can't commit the cando buildout00:08
ccareystill not authorized00:09
ignashmm, strange00:09
ccareyi mean, he said i should have write access now00:09
ignascould you svn add the files that i have mentioned and send me the patch then?00:09
ignasi'd like to have the working changes commited before continuing the work00:09
ccareyi svn added the files00:10
ccareyhow should i send the patch?00:10
ignassvn diff > some-file00:10
ignasand attach that file to an email00:10
ccareyi'll go ahead and do that now00:10
ccareyalright it's sent00:15
ignasgot it00:16
ignaslet me run the tests ;)00:19
ignashmm, try svn revert -r on your changes00:27
ignasremove the files that you have added00:27
ignasand svn up00:27
ignassvn isn't too good at detecting conflicts in added files00:28
ccareytests pass00:31
ignasnow let me remove the bin directory00:32
ignasto do that (just so you'd know)00:32
ignasit's an svn externals directory00:32
ignasso you do svn proplist00:32
ignasget a list of properties on "."00:33
ignassvn propget svn:externals00:33
ignasgives you the value of the externals property00:33
ignasthen you: svn pdel svn:externals00:33
ignasand commit the thing00:33
ignaswhich should remove the bin directory from svn externals00:34
ignastry svn up00:35
ccareyi see the change00:35
ignasnow "rm -rf bin"00:36
ignasand "make bootstrap"00:36
ignasand then "make buildout"00:36
ignasand now we'll add a "make run" part00:38
ignasrun bin/make-schooltool-instance00:38
ignasor rather bin/make-schooltool-instance instance00:39
ignasit's still using cando make-instance script00:39
ignasrm -rf instance00:40
ignasand open setup.py00:40
ignasin there you will see registrations of entry points00:40
ignasremove the entry point that registers make-instance and start-instance scripts00:40
ignasand the app factory entry point00:40
ignasand the template ;)00:40
ignasand add"00:41
ignascando2007 = cando.cando200700:41
ignasand run bin/buildout00:42
ccareyok i did that00:43
ignashmm, now the make-schooltool-instance script should be gone :/00:44
ignasyou should edit the [scripts] section and add schooltool in there00:44
ignasand run bin/buildout again00:44
ccareywhat do you mean?00:46
ignasin buildout.cfg00:46
ignasthere is a section [scripts]00:47
ccareyoh ok00:47
ccareyso the scripts were generated00:48
ignasnow bin/make-schooltool-instance instance -t cando.cando200700:49
ignasbin/start-schooltool-instance instance00:49
ignasand check it out ;)00:50
ccareyLookupError: Template by name 'cando.cando2007' not found00:50
ccareyshould i paste the whole message?00:50
ignastry not passing -t cando.cando200700:51
ignasand see the list of available templates00:51
ccareycando.cando2007 is listed00:52
ignasmaybe -t wants the shord id00:52
ignastry "-t cando2007"00:52
ccareyit didn't take that either...00:53
ignaslame me00:54
ignasbin/make-schooltool-instance instance_type=cando.cando200700:55
ignaswell and "instance" as the first argument00:55
ignas(the directory to create instance in)00:55
ccareythere we go00:56
ignasdid it start up? ;)00:56
ignasis it CanDo ?00:58
ccareyyou mean with the CanDo skin?00:58
ignasi mean - if you did "make run" in the old can do00:59
ignaswould you see the same thing00:59
ignasis a Makefile01:00
ignasthat has both - the run01:00
ignasand make-instance parts01:00
ignasyou might want to copy + modify them01:00
ignasto suit cando01:00
ignasand add them to the Makefile01:00
ccareyshould "build-schooltool-instance" change to "make-instance"?01:02
ccareyor is it fine that way?01:02
ignasyou should change it i guess01:03
ccareythen it would be make make-instance01:05
ignasyou won't run it anyway ;)01:06
ignasit's a dependency for "make run"01:06
ccareyi'm getting "missing separator" on the line01:10
ccarey    bin/start-schooltool-instance instance01:10
ccareyin the Makefile01:10
ignastabs vs spaces?01:10
ignasin makefile the space before bin/start ... should be "tab"01:11
ccareyyeah that's it01:12
ccareyalright, make run works01:12
ignasrm -rf instance01:13
ignasand make run then01:13
ccareyOSError: File '/home/chris/cando-buildout-integration/instance/schooltool.ini' not found01:14
ccareyi'll paste the whole thing01:14
ignasemm no need to01:14
ignasi think you forgot to make ".PHONY run"01:14
ignasdepend on make-instance01:15
ignaslook at the Makefile i have linked to01:15
ccareywhere is that in the linked Makefile?01:17
ignas"run: build"01:18
ignasadds dependency on build to the step run01:18
ignas        test -d instance || $(MAKE) build-schooltool-instance01:18
ignascreates the instance during the build step01:18
ccareyi see01:20
ccareygot it running this time01:20
ignassvn diff > some-patch01:21
ignasand mail it to me01:21
ignasnow - 2 things01:26
ignasremoving of all the unnecessary stuff from the top level directory01:26
ignasand "find-links ="01:26
ignasin [cando-buildout-integration]01:27
ignasand [scripts]01:27
ignaswe need find-links to make buildbot pass01:28
ignasoh and svn up01:31
ccareyso the necessary top level files are01:31
ccareyMakefile, buildout.cfg, bootstrap.py01:31
ignasthe rest seems extra01:32
ignasins needed to01:32
ignasand sleep ;)01:33
ignasI need some sleep ;)01:33
ignasso we'll continue next time01:33
ignastry resolving svn issues01:34
ccareythat's fine01:34
ccareybye ignas01:34
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