IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-01-21

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th1aGood morning aelkner, ignas.16:29
th1aSo I'm going to be at SLA this weekend for EduCon.16:30
aelknerso i understand16:30
aelknerand jeff too16:30
th1aAre you interested in going aelkner?16:30
aelkneri was thinking i should at least go friday16:30
aelknerbut what about the other two days?16:30
th1aAh, right.  I won't be there Friday.16:31
aelknerwhat will go on during the weekend?16:31
aelknerof particular interest to me?16:31
th1aI don't know... not directly connected to work.16:32
th1aBut if you want to go I'll cover the registration.16:32
th1aSince it is only $50.16:32
aelknerwell, i haven't made any social plans for that weekend16:32
aelknerso i could look over the conference schedule and get back to you16:33
th1aOK.  My talk is first thing on Saturday.16:33
th1aIt is about school reform though.16:33
th1aNo technology.16:33
aelknerthat might be a bit wide of what i'm interested in16:34
th1aI won't be offended if you skip it.16:35
aelknerdid jelkner say he's going to be there for the whole thing?16:35
th1aI think so.16:35
aelkneri'll let you know16:36
aelknershall i report first?16:36
aelknerwell, last week was my first experience with pdp, and it went well16:36
aelknerdespite writings to the contrary, phpCAS support is there, but not without need of hacking16:37
aelknerso we started with moodle16:37
th1aI am not surprised.16:37
aelknerand that took us most of the week to get working16:37
aelknerbut we did!16:37
aelkneri carefully made notes of the steps we had to take16:38
* th1a sucks at that.16:38
aelknerso that we could always reporduce it16:38
aelknerand we have to eventually when we go production with it16:38
aelknerso now when you log in to the moodle site, it redirects you to the CAS server login16:39
aelknerand logging out successfully breaks the connection with CAS16:39
aelknerFriday, we started in on drupal16:39
th1aWhat kind of changes were necessary.16:39
aelknerOh, lots of dumb stuff16:39
aelknerfor starters, we had to create this file16:39
aelknerthat we needed to put in the php path16:40
aelknertogether with the CAS directory16:40
aelknerand change the php pages in moodle to include it16:40
aelknerthen we had to hack little things here and there16:41
aelknerto get it to read properly from the user db after successful authentication with CAS16:41
th1aHow did you find working with Moodle?16:41
aelknerthe code, you mean?16:42
aelknerit wasn't so bad.16:42
aelknermysql is a great sql dbn16:42
aelknerso, when we broke things and weren't abl;e to get back in16:43
aelknerwe could always change the sql to get it back working again16:43
aelknerthat's one advantage of sql over something like the zodb16:43
th1aWhat about the PHP?16:43
aelkneryou can do whatever you want to it, and easily16:43
aelknerPHP is not so bad, a lot like c16:44
aelknerthe particular php for moodle's use of CAS leaves a bit to be desired16:44
aelknerit was a bit of a spaghetti situation16:45
aelknerand the hacks that we needed to make were stufid16:45
th1aYes, that's often the case.  Random extensions like that are a crap shoot.16:45
aelknerlike nobody ever got it to work or something16:45
aelkneryet it was 99% tyhe way there16:45
aelknerit was weird really16:45
aelknerand there wasn't much written on it16:46
aelknerbut luckily there was this one google code page that really helped16:46
th1aI'd say that's a common scenario.16:46
aelknerand a lot of elbow grease got us the rest of the way there16:46
th1aWell 1 week isn't bad.16:46
aelknerso Friday we started on drupal16:46
aelknerand it looks like it might only take one more day16:47
aelknerwhich would be Tuesday cause noone at SLA is there today16:47
aelknerMLK holiday and all16:47
th1aPeople I talk to dislike Moodle coding more than Drupal coding.16:47
aelknerso I figured I'd look into schooltool's CAS today16:47
aelkneryeah, moodle's code does look crapier16:48
th1aignas: Can you offer any advice on SchoolTool CAS?16:48
th1aKnown issues?16:48
aelknerand i figured i's need to get with ignas to get the buildout working again16:49
ignaswell - log out procedure is still not there16:49
ignasi mean16:49
ignasyou have to log out both out of CAS and schooltool16:49
ignasnot sure you could do it the other way16:50
ignaswithout hampering performance too much16:50
aelknerhow do you mean?16:50
aelknerthe other way?16:50
ignaswell - schooltool only authenticates with CAS on log in16:50
ignasso if you log out of CAS16:50
ignasschooltool will only check with CAS when session times out16:51
ignasif schooltool would authenticate every request with CAS16:51
ignas(which includes a lot of stuff actually)16:51
ignasthe system would do the roundtrip through CAS (all the redirects)16:52
ignasevery time you click16:52
ignasor even load an image16:52
ignasand i still don't know how to set session timeout to ~5 minutes for Zope316:52
ignasaround 516:52
aelknerdidn't see the tilda16:53
ignasso in lyceum we are planning to make schooltool logout and wordpress logout to clear cookies16:53
ignason the server16:54
ignasbecause both will be served in the same domain16:54
ignasit becomes more tricky when you have a few different servers16:54
ignasand i don't really know any ways to log of without leaving the 5 minute window16:54
ignasfor other services16:54
ignaswhile not checking with CAS every single click16:55
ignasthat's kind of everything I have thought about16:56
th1aWhat does Moodle do?16:56
ignasit only checks with CAS on log in iirc16:56
aelknercould it be that we only need to check with CAS on login and logout16:56
ignaswell - if you only need CAS on login, and person logs out from "schooltool"16:57
ignashow will moodle know that the person logged out16:57
ignasor do we expect the person to log out of all the services he logged in16:57
aelknergood point16:57
ignasCAS gives easy single sign on16:57
th1aaelkner: Do you know if Moodle checks for every request?16:57
aelkneri'll be able to offer more on that when we have drupal working16:58
ignasbut the single sign off is a bit tricky16:58
aelkneras that wil be one of our test scenarios16:58
ignasi know wordpress definitely checks only once16:58
aelknerwhat happens to moodle when we sign out of drupal16:58
ignasaelkner: you can test it now16:58
ignasjust sign off CAS16:58
ignasdirectly from the CAS server16:58
ignasand see if moodle still works16:58
ignasif they are sane - they will keep on working ;)16:59
aelkneri think you're right16:59
aelkneri'll look into that later16:59
th1aSo what's the use case?16:59
th1aI walk up to a public terminal,17:00
th1alog in to SchoolTool, do something, log out,17:00
ignaseverything is fine17:00
th1asomeone else comes up, goes to Moodle and is logged in to my account?17:00
ignasthe scenario is this:17:00
ignasyou walk up and log into schooltool17:00
ignastyou do stuff17:00
ignasthen you go to your moodle page17:00
ignasand you get there without signing in, everything just works17:01
ignasno log in dialogs17:01
ignasthen you log of schooltool or moodle17:01
ignassome one else can still use the *other* one that you didn't sign off17:01
th1aOh.  I would have to go to Moodle first.17:01
aelknerwell, for moodle i anticipate the possibility17:02
aelknerof having to require ""17:02
aelknerat the beginning of EVERY php page17:02
aelkneractually it's require_once17:02
ignaswell - you should look at what it does17:02
aelknerto that pages that include each other17:02
aelknerdon't run that code twice17:02
aelknerthe code checks for a session variable17:03
th1aI wonder what the performance hit of checking with CAS every time would be.17:03
th1aaelkner: Did you join the RubyCAS mailing list?17:03
aelknernot yet17:03
ignasth1a: with schooltool (schooltool authenticates images and css too) it's HUGE17:03
ignasaelkner: that's the problem the session variable being in there does not mean that you haven't logged out of CAS in the background17:04
aelknerit also checks in with the CAS server, but i didn't get that deep ino the code17:04
aelknerwe just noticed that if we signed out od CAS manually17:04
aelknerthat the moodle pages that we protected with
aelknerwould direct us to the CAS login17:05
th1aCould SchoolTool use a really short lived cookie, like 1 minute?17:05
aelknerso i'm assuming drupal will benifit simarlyly17:05
ignasaelkner: can you give me a ling to casfillter source code?17:06
aelkneri'm trying to think of the page we found for downloading phpCAS, but i can't think of it at the moment17:08
ignasi'll find it17:09
aelknerso i'll continur with my report17:10
ignasi see17:10
ignasok ;)17:10
aelkneri didn't mean it to sound like you were interrupting17:10
aelknerwe can talk about the technical stuff after Tom drops the bag of gravel17:11
ignasI just wrote before reading, sorry17:11
aelknerso I met with Marcie to discuss what they needed17:11
aelknershe showed me their filemaker Pro use for narritive report cards17:11
aelknerand the CSAP stuff17:12
aelknerand we remionded ourselves of what we discussed when you were there Jan 317:12
aelknerIt looks like we have 3 deliverables for April 1517:13
aelkner1) CAS working with moodle, drupal, koha?, and schooltool17:13
aelkner2) narattive report cards in schooltool17:13
aelkner3) CSAP stuff in schooltool17:14
aelknerI believe i will be able to acheive those three things by then17:14
th1aAnd that's assuming "Set up SchoolTool for SLA."17:14
aelknerof course, which i already did week before last17:14
th1aDid you import students, etc.?17:14
aelknerbut i'll need to revisit to respond to ignas' restructure of buildouts17:15
aelknerand schooltool.gradebook and tll that17:15
aelknerno, i only loaded sample data17:15
aelknerbut we already discussed the need to import students17:15
aelknerthat came up when i demoed schooltool17:15
th1aRight -- just make sure you allow time for that.17:16
aelknerthat should present no problem17:16
th1aIt will take real time, though.17:16
aelkneri figured the just need to create a csv17:16
aelknerthat we could import17:16
ignasemm, if you only have titles and usernames17:16
ignasthen yes, i guess you could17:16
ignasotherwise - you'll have to do some work17:17
th1aIt will take at least a week.17:17
aelknerwell, there is the issue of custom demo data17:17
th1aTo set up all the data.17:17
aelknerthat i didn';t mention in points 2) and 3)17:17
th1a(not just students)17:17
aelknerfor instance, each student has an advisor17:17
aelknerwhich isn't part of basicperson17:17
ignaswell - it is i think17:18
aelkneror any type of schooltool person for that matter17:18
ignasbasicperson had a field advisor17:18
ignasunless I hid it away17:18
th1aI thought so.17:18
aelknerthat's good news17:18
aelknerthe advisor is import for the narritive report cards as a key17:18
aelknerso Tom, considering that 1-3 do have various complexities involved17:19
aelknerbut the fact that there are almost three months between now and April 1517:19
aelknerI believe that I could have them ready by then17:20
aelknersound like a plan?17:20
th1aYes.  Write that in an email and Chris and I will sign off on it.17:20
aelknerso before i pass the ball, ignas, will you be available after this meeting to discuss sla.buildout?17:21
ignasfor a while i guess17:22
aelknerthat's all for me17:22
th1aThanks aelkner.17:22
ignaswell - I was playing with buildbot a lot17:23
ignasyou should be able to see the results ;)17:23
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ignasrefactored lyceum.journal into schooltool.lyceum.journal17:23
ignasjust to see if it works17:23
ignasrefactored schooltool.gradebook into a separate egg17:23
ignasadded a schooltool.stapp2008spring "product"17:24
ignasso we could start testing our release configuration17:25
ignasnot too much more17:25
ignasnow i am working on sample data17:25
ignasfor the release configuration17:25
ignasso that the data would span more than 1 year17:26
ignasand there would be some grades sprinkled in the gradebook17:26
* th1a is looking forward to that.17:26
ignasthen you will be able to bash the UI17:26
ignasand all the details17:26
ignasfor being inconvenient to use ;)17:26
* th1a is looking forward to that too.17:27
ignaschris has commited some more code17:28
ignasthat broke on buildbot, but i'll look at it today17:28
ignasother than that - he seems to be a quite productive intern, at least from my perspective17:29
aelkneri'm curious17:29
aelknerhow much time did you need to spend guiding him with the changes he made?17:29
aelknerthey seem a bit advanced17:30
ignasnot too much, an email or two were enough17:30
ignasthe tasks were not too difficult17:30
aelknerhe was good to work with this summer17:31
aelknerwhen mary didn't get him in a fooling around mood17:31
aelknerbut he definitely should be able to help us a lot down the road17:31
aelknerdepending on the level of commitment he can make time-wise17:32
*** jinty has quit IRC17:32
aelkneri does look like he will working on it17:32
ignashe seemed to be working on weekends i think17:32
aelknerenjoy working on it i meant17:32
th1aOK... good meeting I'd say.17:32
*** jinty has joined #schooltool17:33
th1aMy main objective right now is making sure you guys are communicating with each other.17:33
th1aMain objective for the meetings, at least.17:33
aelknerit's always good to have wwekly meeting like this17:33
th1aHave a good week & hopefully I'll see aelkner this weekend at some point.17:33
aelknerok, thanks.17:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:34
aelknerignas: i saw your checkins last week17:34
aelknerthe changes to use lxml were understandable and should probably just work17:35
ignashopefully ;)17:35
aelknerthe other stuff i didn't look at closely17:35
aelknerbut will affect me17:36
aelknerso i thought i would check with you17:36
aelkneron whether i should start from scratch with my sla installation17:36
ignashmm, the change that will affect you most is the gradebook one17:36
aelkneri figured17:37
ignashmm, where could i find your sla installation source code?17:37
th1aignas: How far along is the lxml switch?17:37
ignasth1a: it's done17:37
ignasbecause i don't really know if there is anything wrong with it17:38
aelknerlast week, you warned me not to update my schooltool instances17:38
aelkneras you were in a state of transition17:38
aelkneris that still true?17:38
ignasyou can update, but it would be better to have me online17:39
ignasin case there are problems17:39
aelknerthat's what i was thinking17:40
* th1a takes a shower.17:40
aelknerthat's why i asked if you'd be availble now17:40
aelkneri could start right now17:40
ignasyou should just svn up everything you can17:40
ignasand bin/buildout -n17:40
aelknercould you briefly explain what i need to do to use the new schooltool.gradebook egg17:41
ignasat the moment schooltool egg depends on schooltool.gradebook17:41
aelknerso i don't need to change my buildout.cfg for it?17:42
ignasyou should remove the libxml2 section17:42
ignasand any mentions of libxml217:43
ignasfrom your buildout.cfg's17:43
ignasunless your buildout is using schooltool alpha release17:43
aelknerchecking right now17:44
ignasdon't think anything except cando is using it17:45
aelknerfind-links =
aelknerin sections sla and scripts17:45
ignasyep, nightlies17:45
ignaseverything is fine17:45
ignasjust remove libxml217:45
aelknerthe paragraph at the end, right17:46
aelknerso i just checked my sla package17:47
ignasand there is a mention of libxml2 in the begining of the file17:47
aelknerand the configure.zcml includes schooltool.gradebook17:47
aelknerso i don't need to change anything there?17:47
aelkneroh and it includes schooltool.stapp200717:48
aelkneris that ok?17:48
ignasif it includes stapp2007 and gradebook17:48
ignasthen yes it's ok17:48
aelknerso you're change was purely a packaging thing and not a reorg of the interworking of the packages, right?17:48
aelknerin other words17:49
aelknermaking schooltool.gradebook its own egg is seemless to me?17:49
ignasi think so17:49
aelknerok, well remove the libxml2 stuff and rebuild the buildout from scratch17:50
aelknerand let you know how it goes17:50
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aelknerignas: i made the changes to buildout.cfg and ran bin/buildout -n18:04
aelkneris that all i needed to do?18:05
ignasi think so18:05
aelknermake test ran fine18:05
aelknerrunning make ftest now...18:05
aelknerthat and make run all work on my machine18:10
aelknernow i'll start from scratch on sla's machine18:10
ignasby the way18:11
ignasit would be kind of nice if you would start depending directly on schooltool.gradebook in of sla school setup18:11
ignasin case i will remove the dependency in schooltool18:11
ignaswhich i would like to do in the future18:12
aelknersvn co
aelkneri mean:18:13
aelkner    install_requires=['schooltool',18:13
aelkner                      'setuptools'],18:13
aelknerto be:18:13
aelkner    install_requires=['schooltool',18:13
aelkner                      'schooltool.gradebook'],18:13
aelkner                      'setuptools'],18:13
aelknerforgetting the ] that i errantly included18:14
aelkneris that what you mean?18:14
ignasand if you will want to work on gradebook code18:15
ignasyou will have to do a separate checkout18:15
ignasand use the develop = schooltool schooltool.gradebook thingie18:15
aelknerso i did a fresh checkout of sla.buildout on the sla server18:16
aelknerand ran make and got:18:16
aelknerBuilding lxml version 1.3.618:17
aelknerERROR: /bin/sh: xslt-config: not found18:17
aelkner** make sure the development packages of libxml2 and libxslt are installed **18:17
aelknerand then a bunch of c compilation errors18:17
ignassudo apt-get build-dep python-lxml18:18
ignasor just sudo apt-get install libxslt-dev18:18
aelkneri did sudo apt-get install libxslt-dev18:19
aelknerand got an error:18:19
aelknerSetting up libxslt1-dev (1.1.21-2ubuntu2) ...18:19
aelknerProcessing triggers for libc6 ...18:19
aelknerldconfig deferred processing now taking place18:19
aelknerErrors were encountered while processing:18:19
aelkner udev18:19
aelkner libgphoto2-218:19
aelkner libsane18:19
aelkner libsane-dev18:19
aelkner python-setuptools18:19
ignasthese are old errors18:20
ignasthat are only relevant to your config18:20
ignasso now your code should work18:20
aelkneri'll try18:20
aelknermake got passed the lxml stuff, so that's good18:21
aelknermake test failed in /opt/buildouts/sla-buildout/schooltool/src/schooltool/skin/tests/test_breadcrumbs.py18:26
aelknerccarey broke something?18:26
ignasseems so18:27
ignasdidn't have the time to check it out18:27
aelknerthe failure looks like this:18:29
aelknerFailed example:18:29
aelkner    pprint(list(crumbs.crumbs))18:29
aelknerDifferences (ndiff with -expected +actual):18:29
aelkner    - [{'active': True,18:29
aelkner    ?             ^^^18:29
aelkner    + [{'active': False,18:29
aelkner    ?             ^^^^18:29
aelkner        'name': u'top',18:29
aelkner        'url': ''},18:29
aelkner    -  {'active': True,18:29
aelkner    ?             ^^^18:29
aelkner    +  {'active': False,18:29
aelkner    ?             ^^^^18:29
aelkner        'name': 'Sub-Object 1',18:29
aelkner        'url': ''}]18:29
aelknercould i just change the Trues to Falses?18:29
aelkneri mean, is that the expected behavior?18:30
aelknerit looked like you were having ccarey change the way breadcrumbs work18:30
aelknerso maybe some are not active now by design?18:31
ignasnot sure really18:31
aelknerbtw, that's the only error out of 3249 tests18:31
ignasthe active inactive is permission dependant18:32
ignasit's a unit test18:32
ignasso i guess ccarey just fixed the functional tests18:32
aelknerrunning make ftest now18:32
aelknerso he needs to make sure to do both in the future18:33
ignasso the proper thing to do would probably be:18:33
ignasadding the fixture that adds ICrowd adapters18:33
aelknerwould you be able to do that for me?18:34
ignasin some time18:34
aelkneri guess it's not urgent18:34
aelknerbtw, trac is down18:34
aelknerdid you notice?18:34
ignaswill have to talk to jinty or mgedmin18:35
aelknermake ftest did work18:36
aelknerand make run, so it looks like all is well with sla-buildout18:38
aelknernot being able to look in trac now, could you tell me what i need to do to get cas into sla-buildout?18:39
aelkneror i should say, sla18:40
aelkneras that's the package that would need to include it, right?18:40
ignasdepend on schooltool.cas18:41
ignasin setup.py18:41
ignasthen add <include package="schooltool.cas" /> probably18:41
ignasin the configure.zcml18:41
aelkneri thought that might be it18:41
ignasand then add a schooltool.conf directive i think18:41
aelknerignas: i don't understand the last part18:43
ignassomething like <cas_authority>18:43
ignasserver = http://foo/bar/baz:443/18:43
ignasin your schooltool.conf18:43
ignasi think18:43
ignaswhen you will do that18:44
ignasit would be nice if you'd write up a README.txt that i could commit18:44
ignasor just branch bzr+ssh://
ignasand fix the readme18:44
aelknerschooltool.cas is in a bazaar and not svn?18:46
ignasso you'd have to bzr branch it18:46
ignasthen when you'd be done18:47
ignasbzr push it into your bzr place on launchpad18:47
ignasand ask me to merge the changes18:47
ignaswould be a nice safe excercise18:47
aelkneri'm not quite sure how adding schooltool.cas to the sla package will get the schooltool.cas egg to load18:48
aelknerisn't there somthing i need to do in the sla-buildout?18:49
ignasno, just change sla/setup.py18:49
ignasto depend on schooltool.cas18:49
ignasand that's it18:49
aelkneri'll try that now18:50
ignasand don't forget to bin/buildout18:50
aelknernot being able to do trac is a pian18:54
aelknerignas: i added schooltool.cas to sla's setup (along with schooltool.gradebook)19:01
aelknerand i added schooltool.cas to sla's configure.zcml19:01
aelknerthen i ran bin/buildout and got:19:01
aelknerUpdating sla.19:01
aelknerCouldn't find index page for 'schooltool.cas' (maybe misspelled?)19:01
aelknerGetting distribution for 'schooltool.cas'.19:01
aelkner  Updating sla.19:01
aelkner  Getting distribution for 'schooltool.cas'.19:01
aelknerError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool.cas'.19:01
ignaslet me see19:01
ignasok, i'll have to fix the release procedures for schooltool.cas19:02
aelknerignas: is there anything i can do in the meantime with getting schooltool.cas to work?19:04
aelknera hack or something?19:05
ignasnot sure actually19:05
ignasit will be done in like 5 minutes19:05
ignasso making some tea probably would be good enough ;)19:05
aelknerok :)19:05
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ignasaelkner: try bin/buildout again19:23
aelknermuch better19:24
aelknerbtw, i put the -n out of habit19:24
aelknerdoes it matter?19:24
aelknerwhat does -n mean anyway?19:25
aelknerignas: so the egg is there now19:26
aelkneryou mentioned a change to schooltool.conf19:26
aelknerdo you have an example I could use?19:26
ignas-n means - pull all the newest eggs19:26
aelknercould you paste the cas_activate block here?19:27
aelkner<cas_authority> i mean19:27
ignasi don't have an example19:27
ignasso you will have to try it out yourself19:27
aelkneri thought you got this working somewhat?19:27
ignasit only has "server" as a parameter19:27
aelknerdoesn't that mean you had to create that block?19:28
ignasbut i am working on so many things that i delete things that i am not using19:28
ignasi worked on CAS like a month ago19:28
ignasmaybe more19:28
aelkneri could figure out how to populate the block if i knew of code that used it's settings19:29
ignasi have told you19:29
ignasserver http://foo/bar/baz:port/19:29
ignasthat's it19:29
*** ignas has quit IRC20:47
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