IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-01-18

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th1a_hey pcardune.16:19
pcardunehey th1a_16:19
pcardunewhat's kickin'16:19
th1a_Oh... trying to figure out how to compile a kernel module for my XO...16:20
pcardunesounds like fun!16:20
th1a_Well, I've been avoiding it.16:21
pcarduneI've been meaning to get a virtual XO up and running so I can play with sugar16:23
pcarduneit seems like there is a lot more information on how to do that these days16:23
th1a_I like the design of sugar.  It needs a lot of optimization though.16:23
pcarduneyeah, i read your blog post about that16:24
pcarduneit should probably do ok on a macbook pro... : )16:24
th1a_So you're in Thailand now?16:26
pcardunethat's right16:26
pcarduneif only i knew where they had that school with the XOs... maybe I could go check it out16:27
pcardunethey could call it "tech tourism"16:27
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pcardunethe XO has been all over the newspapers here in bangkok16:27
th1a_Saying what?16:27
pcardunesort of the typical stuff: how great an idea it is and how it has the potential to help a lot of kids - but that its success still isn't ensured and plenty of stuff could go wrong16:29
pcardunedisclaimer: this is in the english language paper and not the thai language papers... which I can't read :)16:31
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ignasth1a_: I have created a schooltool package for our upcoming release, with dependency on the new gradebook and stuff17:28
th1a_ignas: What flavor of package?17:28
ignaswell - stapp2005 and stapp2007 are a part of schooltool package17:29
ignasbut stapp2008spring17:29
ignasis a separate one17:29
th1a_So Python packages, in this case.17:29
ignasso schooltool is not directly depending on new things like schooltool.lyceum.journal17:29
ignasan egg17:29
ignaspython package17:29
th1a_And the gradebook is a separate package?17:30
th1a_Can I try this?17:30
ignasi think you can17:31
ignasbzr co
ignasand "make run"17:31
ignasyell at me if it doesn't work ;)17:31
ignasor curse pypi17:32
ignas(it's going up and down like Christmas lights today)17:32
* th1a_ sighs17:32
th1a_ignas:  It seems like I need a fresh start here but "make clean" doesn't do anything.  What should I delete?17:43
ignasdo a "bzr st"17:44
ignasit will list everything extra17:44
th1a_I'm not finding zc.buildout, so I guess that's a pypi problem?17:45
th1aOK, pypi seems to be working for the moment...18:39
th1a_    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/home/hoffman/Desktop/schooltools/schooltool.stapp2008spring/eggs/schooltool.lyceum.journal-0.1dev_r93-py2.4.egg/schooltool/lyceum/journal/resources/journal.css'18:50
th1a_ignas: ^18:50
ignasmy bad18:50
ignasgive me a sec ;)18:51
ignasth1a_: "bin/buildout -n"18:55
ignasand then make run18:55
ignasnow i'll get on fixing sample data for this school setup19:08
ignasi am thinking about making sample data span 2 years so we could test at least some multi term issues19:08
ignasth1a_: by the way - this will be the configuration that we will be releasing from what I understand, so if you don't like something, want something changed added/removed you should be using it as the baseline19:10
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