IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-01-15

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fsufitchth1a: ayt?00:32
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jelknerth1a: u here?16:30
jelknerignas: r u?16:31
jelkneri have a question about bug vs. blueprint16:31
jelkneri'm using the cando messaging system that eldar worked on recently16:31
jelknerthings are working well, but i have a complaint about the layout16:32
jelknerwhen a student sends me a message, i want to do one of 2 things:16:32
jelkner1. mark it as reviewed16:32
jelkner2. reply to it16:32
ignasif bugs have a category "wishlist" i'd go for that16:33
ignasand then16:33
jelknerin the first case i click a button on the message labelled "Mark message as reviewed"16:33
ignasif someone agrees to fix it16:33
ignasyou might need a blueprint16:34
ignasbut you could just put the description in the bug i guess16:34
jelknerin the second case i need Actions Menu --> New Message16:34
jelknerboth choices should be buttons16:35
jelkneron the message16:35
jelknerit looks like we are sending 4 young developers to pycon16:35
jelknerfilip, chris, andrew, and willi16:35
jelknerif tom wants us to pay their consulting fees, we need to have them work on cando16:36
jelkner(or he and dave need to work that out, but that's what it looks like)16:36
jelknerso i'm thinking of things like this that they can do (pun intended ;-)16:37
* jelkner goes off to launchpad to look for wish list on bugs.16:38
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th1aignas: U.S. students are among the least likely to believe18:18
th1athat their classmates are kind and helpful (only 3918:18
th1apercent of girls and 35 percent of boys), followed18:18
th1aonly by Lithuania and the Czech Republic.18:18
th1aThat's a quote.18:18
ignasbut yes, the situation was not too good back when i was a student, and I have heard that it god worse18:24
th1aIn terms of cooperation between students, or in general?18:29
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