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aelkner_hey ccarey00:49
ccareyhi aelkner_00:50
aelkner_just saying hi before i pack up my computer and head for Birginia00:50
aelkner_we're having a meeting tomorrow to show off CanDo to a lot of people00:51
aelkner_hopefully we'll generate enough enthusiasm00:51
aelkner_that we can get some funding for you and a couple of other interns00:51
aelkner_i'll let you know when we have a decision from them00:52
aelkner_cya ccarey00:52
ccareythat's great!  thanks for keeping me updated00:52
ccareyand good luck00:52
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``Cubemgedmin: ping13:55
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th1aignas: You mean the next release for Ubuntu?17:09
ignasthe 2008.04 one17:10
ignasUbuntu has their feature freeze February 7th17:12
ignasand final freeze on March 28th17:12
th1aI was just looking that up.17:12
th1aThose dates are probably good for us.17:12
th1aI mean, we should definitely work from those.17:12
ignasi guess17:13
ignasso i should assume that I have ~1 month for all the new features we want in our next release17:13
th1aIt is probably more a matter of integrating the features we did over the past few months into trunk.17:14
ignaswhich ones precisely?17:14
th1aI would like to have your journal as part of the release.17:15
ignashmm, then we'd have to postpone the time cycle thing17:15
ignasfor the next next release17:15
th1aI guess that's the choice?17:15
th1aI suppose it would make more sense to do time.17:15
th1aDon't you think?17:16
ignashmm, time is a big chunk, and a very important one17:16
ignasi am not sure i can flesh it out 100% in a month17:17
th1aThat's the problem on that side.17:17
ignasi'll try to think about it for our monday meeting17:17
th1aYes.  We should do one or the other.17:17
ignasand come up with some things we can do if we feature freeze in february17:18
th1aI guess the thing about doing Journal first is that it makes it somewhat more likely people will start using that component.17:18
ignasand it is more aligned with lyceum17:18
th1aWhich, as we know, may make our lives more difficult.17:19
ignasat least with short term goals for lyceum17:19
th1aAlso, the time stuff will tend to break things.17:19
th1aSo doing that sooner rather than later is probably good.17:19
ignasalso true17:19
ignasas i am not sure I could implement all the things related to time tracking in one go, i'll try to come up with some architecturally clean chunks of user visible functionality17:20
ignasso we could see which parts we'd like to get to our users, if not internally17:21
ignasoh, i got the dates wrong, the date is February 1417:23
th1aThat's slightly less painful.17:24
th1aignas: We'll need KGS packages at some point, too.17:26
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Lumierehi eldar18:17
eldarLumiere: hey jason18:19
eldarhow's it going?18:19
Lumierenot too bad18:25
LumiereCanDo presentation today18:26
Lumiere3pm @ ACC18:26
Lumiereto all CTE teachers in Arlington County18:27
* Lumiere goes to douse himself with water18:28
eldaroh that's pretty cool18:28
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eldardo i have to include the generations package in configure for the application to actually try to evolve?22:12
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eldarjfroche: ayt?22:45
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