IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-12-15

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aelknerfsufitch: are you there?06:40
fsufitchaelkner: yes06:40
aelknerfeeling much better now06:40
fsufitchgood :)06:40
aelkneri saw you got your code into trunk.  nice work06:41
aelkneryou looking for something new to do?06:41
fsufitchyay for cando working now!!06:41
fsufitchuh, perhaps06:41
fsufitch((not opening big mouth))06:41
fsufitchi learned stuff this summer... ;)06:42
fsufitchwell, yeah, you could give me something new06:42
fsufitchbut i'll probably have no time to work this weekend06:42
aelknerthat's not a problem06:42
aelkneryou can work whenever you want06:42
aelkneri think a real good one would be to solve the mouse-over problem06:42
fsufitchmouseover prob?06:42
aelknerBug #14561506:43
aelkneryou see, paul used jquery to do the cando gradebook06:43
aelknerand there's a bug with the mouse-over for the competncies06:43
fsufitchi'm going to have to look into jquery...06:44
aelknerthe problem is that jquery is stupid in it's calculation of the coordinate for the tolltip06:44
aelknerit doesn't take the browser width into account06:45
aelknerso if the competency id is off to the right, causeing the user to have to scroll to get to it06:45
aelknerthen the tolltip doesn't appear when you mouse over it06:45
fsufitchyea, i saw that before06:46
aelknerthat's becuase it creates the tooltip at a coordinate that's greater than the width06:46
aelkneri think you'd be ideal for this problem06:46
aelknerand it may take you a while to colve it06:46
aelknerbut that would be quite alright06:46
aelknershall i assign it to you?06:47
aelknerfsufitch: ping me when you get the email that i assigned it to you or if you don't after 10 minutes06:50
fsufitchaelkner: got it06:51
aelknerif i'm not around when you may have a question, just email me, and i'll get back to you as soon as i can06:52
fsufitchthanks :)06:54
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