IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-12-01

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kkubasikheya all!01:13
* Fujitsu waves.01:13
kkubasikim trying to load up some gradebook data01:13
kkubasikso I can look into exporting it01:13
kkubasikanyone know where in the source control I can find the gradebook unit tests?01:14
kkubasikjust need a starting point to read01:14
Fujitsukkubasik: src/schooltool/gradebook/README.txt would probably be a good starting point.01:32
kkubasikoo, looks good01:34
FujitsuThe tests directory under there is probably also useful.01:35
kkubasikFujitsu: yeah, this looks pretty good! thanks!01:42
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kkubasikhey anyone know how to access the gradebook functionality through the schooltool interface?06:54
kkubasiki can work with the code easy enough06:54
kkubasikbut i cant find it in the interface06:59
kkubasikis it some magical Zope config im missing perhaps?07:00
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th1akkubasik: Yes, you have to turn it on.21:48
th1aOf course, I don't remember how to do that offhand.21:49
kkubasikth1a, sorry im so cofused by zope21:49
kkubasikits ok, if i know its not just me being a fool i can look :)21:49
th1aYou've got a checkout?21:49
th1aActually, you need to read this.21:50
th1afollow the instructions for schooltool.jelkner200721:50
kkubasikth1a, yeah, i have a working checkout for the most part21:53
th1athe jelkner2007 has gradebook on by default.21:53
th1aDo you have devmode on?  That's in schooltool.conf21:53
th1aThat lets you generate sample data.21:54
th1aYou'll also probably have to log on as a teacher to see the gradebook.21:56
th1aSpurious paste ^21:59
kkubasikth1a, alright, im downloading all the jelkne2007 junk now22:04
kkubasikso, these are the nightly alpha builds right?22:06
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kkubasikth1a, i just looked at hte configure.zcml22:12
kkubasikand got gradebook running in my checkout22:12
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kkubasikstill trying to grok the zope templating language22:19
kkubasikthe .pt files, but its persistance manager is wicked easy and awesome22:19
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