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eva_02everydoby here ?01:29
eva_02i have a problem with launchpad01:30
eva_02they don't given me translate01:32
eva_02i mean "anybody" %)01:38
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jintyignas: A Web UI to build packages/eggs:
jintyignas: and a skeleton schooltool config for that UI:
jintyignas: Very alpha code... but maybe you want to comment before I go further15:23
ignashow do I run it? ;)15:27
jinty./ ?15:28
jintyin vanguardistas,builder15:29
jintyI want to set one up on relativley soon15:31
jintybut it can't cope with the current schooltool reporitory layout15:31
ignasi see15:32
torkel_jinty: is there any live demo of that package builder on web?15:33
torkel_jinty: and can it be used to build any kind of python eggs? (zope3, plone)15:34
jintytorkel_: no, and yes (with a lot of work)15:34
jintyone planned use is to maintain debian packages of zope eggs with it15:35
jintyI'm presuming it will never be used to release zope eggs15:35
torkel_perhaps not, but it would have been nice with some ttw theme/layout engine -> eggs :)15:36
jintyWell, I use it (in my company) for the whole release cycle. i.e. subversion tagging -> egg -> debian package15:38
jintyothers could as well15:38
torkel_sounds nice, I'd better bookmark it :-)15:39
jintytorkel_: When it's ready, I'll move it to a better place15:40
jintyperhaps svn.zope.org15:40
jintyor code.launchpad.org15:41
* jinty goes to lunch15:44
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test123test message from EMEA16:21
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test123Hi aelkner16:27
th1a_Hi ignas, aelkner, test123, jfroche, Lumiere.16:30
aelknerhey Tom16:30
th1a_aelkner: I can't believe that pick Feeley threw.16:31
aelknertell me about it16:31
th1a_That was one stupid pass.16:31
aelknerwe really looked lke we might pull it off16:31
aelknerbut we still shocked a lot of poeple16:32
aelknerand anyone taking the 2 points was happy16:32
th1a_OK.  Down to business.  I'm writing a budget today.16:32
th1a_So you'll be hearing more about that.16:33
ignasnot too much new things16:34
ignashave made ldap and CAS authentication proper plugins16:34
ignasat last16:34
ignasnow both of them preserve POST data16:34
ignasand can be enabled through schooltool.conf16:35
ignasso you just add a slug into your instance plugins16:35
ignasand add configuration blockj16:35
ignasthat's kind of it16:37
th1a_What's next on your list?16:37
ignashmm, probably some fixes to lyceum gradebook16:38
ignasand i have a to do list in Lithuanian16:39
th1a_aelkner was moving last week...16:39
th1a_ignas: In Lithuanian?16:39
ignasok, not in lithuanian, in english16:40
ignasLyceum are asking some small things to be fixed16:40
ignaslike i18n stuff16:40
ignasshowing booked resources in the edit event view16:40
ignas(even if they are not editable)16:40
ignasat least as information16:40
ignasshowing edit/view event views depending on your permissions16:41
th1a_All good things to fix.16:41
th1a_ignas: Anything else?16:42
th1a_aelkner: I need to double check jelkner's new blueprints, but I don't see why there'd be a problem.16:43
aelkneri discussed them with jeff on the phone, but haven't had a chance to look at them16:43
aelkneri think i'll need to talk wth him again to refine them16:44
th1a_I'll look at them today.16:44
aelknerhe said it was hard to phrase things16:44
th1a_But you're planning on doing those this week?16:44
aelknerbut i know the genereal goals16:44
th1a_OK.  Cool.16:45
th1a_I guess one thing that is a bit of a blocker is you're also running into needing to withdraw kids and retain the data you've got.16:45
th1a_Which is also an issue in Lithuania, and not an easy one to solve.16:46
th1a_test123: I got your email.16:47
th1a_So did you show SchoolTool to the teachers?16:47
test123I was not sure I could make the call16:47
th1a_No problem.  Thanks for being here.16:47
test123No. I timed out on the demo16:47
test123But I mentioned the functionality that they would have16:47
test123and gave the headteachers the iPod touches16:48
test123to play with16:48
test123We lacked an internet connection in the meeting room16:48
test123and we were short on time16:48
test123I would like to complete the gradebook How To16:48
test123and agree some screen shots with Ignas/Jeff... Would that be OK?16:49
th1a_We need an iPhone skin ;-)16:49
test123I have a proposal under development for that16:49
test123what is your deadline?16:50
test123Did Ignas get my email?16:51
ignasi have even replied to it i think16:51
test123OK.. thanks!16:52
ignaswhen it comes to gradebook you should talk to aelkner16:52
ignashe is working on it at the moment, and i haven't touched gradebook since it was made by srichter16:52
test123OK can you forward my message to him and cc me  so I have his email? thanks16:53
aelkneri saw your email16:53
aelknerbut it wasn't about gradebook functionality16:53
aelknerbut about starting the server?16:53
aelknerso that would be ignas' domain16:54
test123Its about recreating the ``zope 2debug '' envt16:54
test123in z316:54
ignaszope2debug ?16:54
ignaswhy do you need it?16:54
ignasand what precisely do you mean by "zope2debug environment" ?16:54
test123its a python shell that the gradebook readme16:54
test123seems to imply we need16:54
ignaswhat do you want to do with the readme?16:55
ignasrun it on an existing server?16:55
test123Basically I would like to reproduce the readme protocol16:55
test123using a python session16:55
ignasi am sorry, i don't really understand what you mean by "reproduce" and by "protocol"16:56
test123I am assuming that gradebook doesn't have a GUI16:56
ignasit has16:56
ignasi might have pasted you the wrong readme though16:56
test123then that is what is missing from my understanding16:56
ignasi have corrected that mistake in my last email16:56
th1a_The doctest (README) just tests the backend.16:56
ignasby linking into the readme that is using testbrowser16:57
ignasand should be more clear16:57
test123thanks.. that makes it clearer16:57
ignasthough you are not expected to run it16:57
th1a_We don't really have documentation for using it.16:57
ignasjust follow the steps manually16:57
th1a_Although perhaps it is time to do that.16:57
aelknerthe README is a good example on how to use it16:57
th1a_Right now we only have one user and the interface is changing.16:57
test123I need to get back to the sys admin tasks before I time out here16:58
test123Can we pick this up please tomorrow?16:58
aelkneri'll be here tomorrow if you have any questions16:58
test123thanks.. Tom?16:59
th1a_I'll be around.17:00
test123then I'll check out.. looking forward to taking this fwd ,,17:00
th1a_Me too.  ttyl test123.17:00
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th1a_Just when you think Ian has some idea of what's going on...17:01
th1a_I forwarded an email from jinty about our bizarre zope3 package bug.17:01
th1a_To the dev list.17:01
th1a_I'm going to try filing a bug on PPA.17:02
th1a_jfroche: ayt?17:02
th1a_OK.  I think we're done.17:04
th1a_Anything else?17:04
th1a_Have a good week then!17:05
* th1a_ drops the bag of gravel.17:05
ignasth1a_: unrelated question (if you have time) - what are your plans about interns?17:08
ignasth1a_: i could try giving them something to do if i was seeing them online17:09
th1a_Seeing them on IRC?17:09
ignaswould be nice17:09
th1a_Should we set up a meeting time?17:09
ignasif it is possible17:09
th1a_I'll try to set it up.17:09
ignasbecause well - i just have no idea what they are capable of, what they can/want to do17:10
ignasand don't really know who they are ;)17:10
ignasth1a_: thanks17:10
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th1a_hi jinty.17:13
jintyhey th1a_17:13
jintyI take it you got my mail about the re-installing zope3?17:13
th1a_Did you happen to try making a non-PPA package?17:14
* jinty just tests quickly his package built for debian unstable17:15
jintyon the same system where he could re-produce the original problem17:15
ignasjinty: dependencies in your files are assuming presence of Zope3 and twisted ...17:16
ignasjinty: in the buildtools17:16
ignasmakes it difficult to build the thing in my "clean python" environment17:17
jintyignas: Ah, I see, unfortunately those dependencies are used to set the debian package dependencies17:18
jintyand python-zope.interface doesn't really exist yet17:18
ignasi wouldn17:19
ignaswouldn't mind having them in a commented out area ;)17:19
ignasbecause now i have to do the hunting myself ;)17:19
jintyah, I see;) just depend on for now ;)17:20
jintythat should nail down most of them17:20
ignasno module twisted.web2.wsgi :/17:21
ignasTwisted is packaged as a tar.bz217:25
ignasand has an old style non setuptools setup.py17:26
ignasjinty: sorry, but i think i'll pass on testing the thing unless i'll find the time to rewrite it to be a proper WSGI application17:27
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jintyth1a_: when I use the zope3 package I built for debian unstable, I don't get the recurring install problem17:28
jintyth1a_: so the problem happens somewhere between you downloading the package and it being made available from the PPA17:28
th1a_That's good to know for the bug report.17:28
jintyit's probably not your magic script, so ...17:29
jintyth1a_:  one other thing, I'd like to install my package builder software on schooltool.org17:35
jintyth1a_: but I'm going to have to upgrade the machine17:35
jintycool, then I'll bring it to the latest released ubuntu version17:36
th1a_Fine with me.17:37
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ignasth1a_: still there?19:30
ignasdo we really want to have nepali calendar support?19:31
ignasbecause it is a change with a difficulty level of "timezone support"19:31
th1a_I've just been thinking about it as an intern project at this point.19:32
th1a_What are the steps (roughly) after getting a datetime implementation?19:33
ignaswell - "making schooltool capable of handling 2 different datetime implementations"19:33
ignaswhich is - rewrite/refactor most of our calendaring code, timetabling code19:33
th1a_Well, it wouldn't be something you'd need to switch.19:34
ignaswell - it would be something you'd need to cope with everywhere19:34
ignaswe have "January" built into our code19:34
ignasfrom top to bottom19:34
ignasassumptions about weeks, months being in there, and being of some specific length19:35
ignas"from datetime import datetime"19:35
ignasshould get replaced with some kind of centralized datetime utility19:35
ignaspytz code might have it's own assumptions about months as well19:35
ignasoh, and nepali datetime widgets, with nepali date parsing might be needed19:36
th1a_This isn't something I'd be seriously budgeting for (or expecting you to deal with AT ALL) in 2008.19:36
ignasi know, i just don't want resources to be wasted on a task that is more or less impossible without huge investment of time19:37
th1a_Yes, this is a good point.19:38
mgedminwell, if it makes its way into the codebase, I fail to see how ignas could avoid dealing with it19:38
th1a_mgedmin: Doing the datetime stuff wouldn't end up in the SchoolTool codebase.19:38
ignasmy point is - datetime is not even close to being enough19:39
ignasit's just the first step19:39
th1a_It is just a kind of appealing problem.19:39
th1a_The algorithmic part.19:40
th1a_Not the integrating into SchoolTool part.19:40
th1a_Anyhow, you're probably right.19:40
th1a_I can just forward this discussion to Jeff and Chris.19:41
th1a_OK, I just did that.19:43
th1a_I also sent him an email about having the interns meet with you.19:48
ignasth1a_: wow20:01
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th1a_jinty: I just sent you a link to the bug report.20:41
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* jinty subscribes to th1a_'s bug20:45
* jinty subscribes to th1a_'s bug20:46
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