IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-11-23

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test123Hi Ignas14:43
test123Can you please help me with setting a current score on a person14:44
ignascurrent score?14:48
test123Yes,.. I am referring to a table called groups, activities and permissions14:49
test123in SchoolTool extracted from an early design document14:49
ignascould you tell me in which file should I look for it?14:50
ignasand what you are trying to do?14:50
test123Its says.. current scores and attendance can only be edited for the section being taught by that instructore14:50
test123I have created a person, course, section and leader14:50
ignasleader for a course?14:51
ignasor instructor for a section?14:51
test123Leader for a course14:52
ignasyou need instructor of a section14:52
ignasleader of a course is someone who can manage sections and set requirements for courses i think14:52
test123Ok. I have created a section and an instructor14:55
test123where to now?14:55
ignasshould give you some hints/instructions on the overall process14:56
test123Ok.,. but is this component (also the ldap component) installed with the tizard install?14:57
ignaswell - it's complicated14:58
ignastizard is not a branch of schooltool14:58
ignastizard is a separate product14:58
ignasthat uses "schooltool"14:58
ignasschooltool is a separate package14:58
ignasjust as schooltool.ldap is14:58
test123and gradebook?14:59
ignasis a part of the schooltool package14:59
ignasboth schooltool and schooltool.ldap are in "eggs" folder14:59
ignasin the tizard installation14:59
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ignasjinty: hey15:00
jintyhey ignas15:00
test123sorry if this is obvious - but I am just finding my way around.15:01
jintyI just saw the plugins commit, interesting15:01
test123Do I need to do anything to access the functionality in the eggs?15:01
ignastest123: no15:01
ignasjinty: yeah, CAS now is enabled by adding15:02
ignas  server https://localhost:4430/15:02
ignasinto schooltool.conf15:02
ignasgoing to do the same with ldap15:02
jintythat's cool and the right place for the configuration15:02
jintydid you have to fight hard with ZConfig?15:03
ignasnot hard, but it was not meant to do these sorts of things15:03
jintyyeah, I know15:03
mgedminooh, using % formatting on the XML schema and then passing a StringIO to ZConfig was fun15:04
* mgedmin saw the code15:04
* jinty is starting to put more and more stuff directly in zcml15:04
jintyto try get around ZConfig15:04
* jinty looks for the checkins15:05
ignasthe bit that hooks into the configuration15:05
ignasnot too nice, but it works for now, and it can be improved a bit15:05
mgedminwheee, nice url15:06
* mgedmin sighs15:06
jintyit is very interesting15:07
ignasapparently i could have used productConfiguration15:07
ignasbut i have decided to have authentication configuration blocks with schemas15:08
ignastoo lazy to do my own error handling otherwise15:08
jintyI'm more interested in that the configuration is settable in the right place15:09
jintyso, this basically overrides the authenticaltion that already exists?15:09
jintywhat happens if I add 2 authentication plugins?15:10
ignasthey conflict15:10
jintysounds good15:11
* jinty has got a server right now that allows him to release an egg and a debian package with one click15:15
jinty(given many many assumptions)15:16
jintyunfortunately one of those is that there is a subversion repository, and it doesn't look like the schooltool one...15:18
* mgedmin still dreams about automatic/trivial creation of .debs from python eggs15:20
* jinty is doing it15:22
jintyor, rather, automatic updates of debian packages15:23
jintystill gotta create them b hand15:23
ignasjinty: hmm, i could try and help you doing bzr version of that, i mean i have performed steps of releasing schooltool.cas ldap devtools manually15:26
jintyignas: give me a little more time15:26
ignasok ;)15:26
jintyI'm still working on the server part of the whole thing15:26
jintybut I will take you up on your offer of a bzr plugin15:27
ignasjinty: made LDAP configurable through schooltool.conf17:10
ignasnow all that is left is to make it work properly ;)17:10
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