IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-11-16

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ignasth1a: ping20:01
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ignasth1a_: ping20:02
th1a_ignas: Hi.20:02
ignaswanted to consult you on a change20:02
ignasi want to exchange places in the "add remove" members, items views20:02
ignasthe one that shows 2 lists of items20:03
ignasso that current items20:03
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ignaswould be at the top20:03
ignaswhile possible items - in the bottom20:03
ignasbecause from what i understand - when you make these lists contain 25 items20:03
ignasit becomes more natural to have it this way20:03
th1a_I don't understand why.20:04
ignasso when you go to the form, you see the "current" members, bookings etc20:04
ignasinstead of seeing available stuff on top20:04
ignas25 items are enough to push off the other list to the very bottom of the page20:04
th1a_Oh... currently they are reversed?20:05
ignasat least in some places from what i understand20:05
th1a_I was thinking they were side by side, but I think I'm thinking of different views.20:05
th1a_Could they fit side by side?20:05
th1a_Does that make any sense (he says without looking at the view).20:06
ignasnot too much, makes it look confusing20:06
th1a_OK, just try it.20:06
ignastables are quite wide, because of filtering widgets20:06
ignasyes, at the moment "current members" is in the bottom, and "add members" is on top20:07
th1a_That seems reasonable, and we can always change it back.20:07
th1a_I don't think any serious thought went into the current arrangement.20:07
ignasjust wanted to check so it wouldn't be a surprise20:08
ignasouch, booking is "booked on top" "available in the bottom" while groups and sections are the other way, so I guess i'll have to go through  some more views and check them for consistency20:10
th1a_Good pickup.20:12
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