IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2007-11-14

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* ignas is looking for a volunteer for some design work18:20
ignasany takers?18:20
ignasi need a button and 1 form18:20
th1aWhat sort of design?18:21
ignasa bug reporting button and page18:23
ignaswe (me and lyceum) have decided that the buttom should be always present18:23
ignasin the bottom right or maybe left side of the page18:23
ignasin the footer18:23
ignasi need it "drawn" and i need the form designed18:24
ignasi can do the rest18:24
th1aDo you need the actual code or just drawings?18:24
ignasi prefer code18:24
ignashtml mockups would be just as fine18:24
th1aI can have a crack at it tomorrow.18:26
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ignaswe need something so simple any teacher could use18:32
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mattva01alan, quick question18:58
mattva01when updating schooltool, it did not seem to do anything so I deleted the schooltool egg as we discussed18:59
mattva01but now I get Couldn't find a distribution for 'schooltool'18:59
mattva01so , aelkner, what should i do?19:00
ignasmattva01: hmm19:01
ignaslisppaste5: url19:01
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.19:01
ignaspost your buildout.cfg19:01
ignasand the svn info output for the place you run bin/buildout from19:02
ignasand the output of bin/buildout -n too if you can19:02
ignasthe more info the better19:02
mattva01k one sec19:03
lisppaste5mattva01 pasted "Buildout issue" at
ignassvn info in jelkner200719:08
lisppaste5mattva01 annotated #50828 with "svn info for jelkner2007" at
ignasinteresting :D19:11
ignasadd find-links =
ignasin [jelkner2007] section19:11
ignasthat should fix it19:11
ignasstill i can't understand why and how it fails19:12
mattva01ok that seems to be working19:12
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ignasaddition of [buildout] option "use-dependency-links" is the change19:13
ignasbut still - it is set to True by default19:13
ignasbut seems to disable the find link set in jelkner200719:14
ignaswhich might be a bug in buildout19:15
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mattva01yeah possibly19:15
ignasso if you could (next time when upgrading) remove the find-links that you added19:15
ignasand place use-dependency-links in the [buildout] section19:15
ignasuse-dependency-links = true19:15
ignasand see if it starts working19:16
ignasif it does - it's a bug in buildout ;)19:16
mattva01sounds good19:16
ignasjust doing my job19:21
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