IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2007-11-12

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* th1a shuffles some paper around.16:31
th1aGood morning aelkner, ignas, jfroche.16:32
th1aignas, jfroche...16:34
th1aI ordered my XO's this morning.16:35
th1aThe "$100 laptop."16:36
th1aExcept it isn't $100.16:36
th1aWant to start us off aelkner?16:36
th1aWhat have you been working on?16:36
aelkneri was sick as a dog last week16:36
aelknerso i couldn't bring myself to do more than look over blueprints/bug erpots16:36
th1aYou seemed quiet.16:37
th1aAre you feeling better?16:37
aelkneryesterday i recovered16:37
aelknerso i'm ready to get on the horse this week16:37
aelkneri only have small bugs to work on16:37
aelknerDave wants one more reports for cando16:37
aelknerfor students16:37
aelknerit shoudl nopnly take a day to do16:38
aelknerdo you m,ind if i do it for him?16:38
th1aFeel free to do reports.16:38
th1aAre you going to do the section switching in the gradebook?16:38
aelknerany work from SLA?16:39
aelknerabout when i'd start going in?16:39
aelkneryou mentioned dec?16:39
th1aWell, things are slightly held up on my end.16:39
th1aI've got a potentially good school in South Africa with potentially a good local developer.16:40
aelkneri noticed16:40
th1aSo I need to explore that quickly before I finalize my budget.16:40
th1aEither way it doesn't change your situation.16:40
th1aIt is just holding up my submitting a proposal to Mark.16:41
aelkneri have plenty to do in the meantime16:41
th1aI'm hoping to have it resolved this week.16:41
th1aaelkner: Anything else?16:42
th1aOK.  Glad you're feeling better.16:42
ignasnot much, mostly getting things into place, or rather "finding places the things are in"16:42
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ignasyou saw the results ;)16:43
jfroche_hello *16:43
th1aHi jfroche.16:43
ignasexcept for that - packaging and releasing some schooltool eggs that are not schooltool16:43
th1aDid everyone else see this:
* jfroche_ speaking from ikea ...16:43
ignassetting versions, tagging releases, and coming up with some kind of idea about how to do that16:43
ignasoh, and testing/migrating to Zope3.4 KGS16:44
aelknerhaven't had the chance to look it over yet16:44
th1aAnd you backported that IE 7 bug and we're waiting on Jiny to make the source debs?16:44
ignasit's a one liner16:44
th1aaelkner: It is a good read.16:44
aelknerlooks it16:44
ignasand fixed a couple of buglets lyceum have reported16:45
ignasthat's it16:45
aelkneri see that ignas started setting the groundwork for CAS16:45
ignasaelkner: got a working prototype, needs quite a lot of improvement though16:45
ignasif you want to help - i can explain you what needs to be done16:45
aelknerwell, we'll be working on that with SLA16:46
aelkneryes, i'd be happy to help with that16:46
aelknerwhen the time comes16:46
ignasi need it working in a week ;)16:46
aelknerwell, i'd be starting from scratch, so i don't know how much i could contribute in such a short term16:47
th1aOh, you're going to try to get it going that soon, ignas?16:47
th1aThat's good.16:47
th1aAre you going to Lyceum tomorrow?16:47
ignasyes, i will try, I hope they are ready for that :)16:47
th1aI'm sure it will be fine.16:48
th1aOK... jfroche.16:50
jfroche_upload of ical is ok but need tests16:50
th1aAh, that's good.16:50
jfroche_thats all for this week16:50
th1aIs that in the Action menu?16:50
th1aFor calendars?16:50
jfroche_will ci this on trunk right16:50
th1aMakes sense.16:51
jfroche_action then little form with upload field16:51
th1aShould be simple enough.16:51
jfroche_calendar this week16:52
jfroche_+ tests this16:52
jfroche_wuhu at last for me for the ikea queue !!16:52
th1aI'm going to write an email to the schooltool list about the status of our (not quite) release and the "State of the Nation."16:54
th1aOtherwise, it is a holiday here and my parents are visiting.16:54
th1aignas: Perhaps you can fill us in a little more about what you're doing with CAS at Lyceum.16:55
th1aAre you setting up the Ruby CAS server?16:55
ignaswell - i want to make CAS plugin usable as soon as possible16:55
ignasit is clear how to set CAS server, i mean - there are no problems with that16:56
ignasbut schooltool CAS plugin16:56
ignason the other hand needs a lot of improvements  to be usable16:56
th1aSo the school is setting up LDAP and CAS will authenticate against that?16:57
ignasthat part does not matter too much to schooltool16:57
ignasbecause most of the improvements to CAS authentication16:57
ignaswill be transferable to the direct LDAP authentication as well16:57
ignaswhich should help tizard i guess16:58
th1aOK.  Cool.16:58
ignasthat's why i want to do this sooner rather than later16:58
th1aIt is fine doing it now.16:59
th1aWell, that's pretty much all I've got.17:00
th1aAny last words?17:00
ignasany news from South Africa?17:01
th1aNo.  I'll send them an email right now.17:01
ignasi see17:01
th1aOK.  Sent.17:04
th1aOK.  I guess we're done here.17:04
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen.17:05
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:05
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