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test123_Ignas : can you let me know where we are with Tizard?12:30
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test123_Hi Marius.. is Ignas around?12:31
test123_for some reason his handle has disappeared from my member list12:32
test123_Are we having communication issues?12:32
mgedminignas isn't here yet12:33
test123_what's the easiest way to leave him a message?12:34
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Aistetest123_: send him an email13:45
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ignastest123_: yes?14:45
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th1ajinty & ignas:  Are we going to back-port the IE7 bugfix and do a final release?16:11
ignasyes, give me a second to do that16:12
ignasnow a more important question is16:14
ignasare we going to repackage some eggs16:14
ignasbecause we were using unstable versions and now there are stable versions available16:14
ignasand did anyone fix the old database problem16:14
th1ajinty said he did, but I'm not sure which solution he applied ;-)16:15
jintyth1a: sorry been really busy16:18
th1aWhat, do you have some kind of job or something?16:18
th1aSpeaking of which, you're welcome to send me an invoice before Monday.16:18
jintyth1a: We're in berlin, the whole company16:24
th1ajinty: Is this some kind of David Bowie/Lou Reed stunt?16:26
jintywe're kinda planning on how to take over the world16:27
ignasth1a: any news from the South African guy?16:27
th1aignas: No... I should ping them again.16:27
ignasjinty: i'd suggest not doing that, it involves way too much international travel ;)16:27
test123_Hi Tom, Ignas.. london calling16:28
jintyth1a: basically, if you install the new schooltool over an old one, it'll move your old database out of the way16:28
th1ajinty: OK.  Cool.16:28
th1aHi test123_ ... Ian.16:28
test123_Can I interrupt for a second as I have a train to catch ,,, or is it better to talk to Ignas offline16:28
th1aThis is fine.16:28
th1aIgnas has created the branch, right?16:28
jintyit won't delete it, just move it.16:29
test123_Jens and I are planning16:29
ignasweeks ago16:29
ignasjinty: what about KGS and stable eggs?16:29
test123_to work on this ... we wanty to wait for stability16:29
ignasjinty: are we going to release new versions of some debian packages?16:29
th1aOh!  It is under trunk!16:29
ignastest123_: as for stability - what kind of stability do you want? and what kind of work are you going to do?16:29
th1aThat's why I wasn't finding it.16:29
jintyignas: yeah, we should definitely update our debian packages to use stable eggs16:30
jintybut I'd like to wait for the final z3 tarball16:30
jintythen update it all at once16:30
ignasmakes sense16:30
jintyignas: thanks for the list16:30
test123_the work will pick up from the work earlier in the LDAP integration as at Dallas16:30
jintyI'll make sure I use the versions you list16:30
th1aWell, I'd like to "release" this now with the bugfix.16:31
test123_you mentioned Ignas that Tizard was broken... that was the fix I was refering to16:31
th1aAlthough our self-updating Zope3 package is still a problem too.16:31
ignastest123_: now it is not broken anymore, but still the state of LDAP hasn't changed from the last year16:31
jintyth1a: im not sure about that, maybe you could send me some shell logs?16:32
th1aThe terminal output when I do apt-get upgrade?16:32
ignastest123_: so it is still quite bad, otoh - if you are going to work on it you don't really need me to do something16:32
test123_good that's all I am concerned about at present.  Is the LDAP readme in the tizard branch?16:32
ignasLDAP readme.txt?16:32
ignasnot sure what it is ...16:33
ignasyou mean the unit/functional pseudo test16:33
ignasthat does not work anymore as the public LDAP server you have set up is down?16:33
test123_No.. its a pdf that was the documentation of how to work with the "toggled config"16:34
test123_I will make sure that it is there. Is it OK to use it as the change control log16:34
test123_for any issues/bugs/wishes we have16:34
test123_as a result of this tesr16:35
ignasnot sure i understand what you mean, sorry16:35
test123_Sorry for the confusion16:35
test123_We have as you say a dependency on an external LDAP source to test the tizard line16:36
test123_I have documented how had this working in a pdf .. which I think got to Tom16:36
test123_but probably not to the code branch schooltool-ldap16:36
test123_which is why you have not seen it16:37
test123_My suggestion is that I add it there,. and we use it as a log of this integration test16:37
test123_If you have another way which is better integrated with your bug tracking systems please let me know16:37
th1aIt makes sense to have it in the repository, I think.16:37
ignashow do you "use a pdf as a log for an integration test"?16:38
ignasbut yes - having it in repository would be nice16:38
test123_I create it in latex and print to pdf16:38
test123_It means I can embed images16:38
ignasthen having the latex in there would be better16:38
th1aIt is just documenting the process.16:38
test123_which I find helpful.. as the walls in Dallas can confirm16:38
ignasbecause you can track changes to a latex file, but you can't do that with a pdf16:39
test123_the latex for the images can either have inline code for diagrams or pull in subordinate psfs16:39
test123_I mean pdfs16:39
ignaswell - latex, external images, external pdfs16:39
ignaseverything needed to generate the main pdf16:39
test123_We use pdfs created in a drawing tool externally16:40
test123_OK we are agreed16:40
test123_I have to get my train now .. but will be back online Monday... have a good weekend!16:41
th1aHave a good weekend, Ian.16:43
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jintyth1a: yeah, just send me as much terminal output as you can fit in the mail ;)16:59
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th1ajinty: I just sent you the terminal output.17:32
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