IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2007-11-01

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ignasjinty: up?13:38
jintyignas: yeah, seems now i'm an early riser13:39
jintyhow's things?13:40
ignassaw the bug report?13:40
ignasseems like our packages are not moving old database out of the way13:40
ignasand are not updating site.zcml13:40
* ignas is trying out the Zope3.4 KGS13:40
ignasit seems to be working except for some eggs that are not in it ;)13:41
ignasjinty: and we are going to get some food13:42
ignaswe - me and Tom Hoffman13:42
ignassee you13:43
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ignasth1a_: are you using internet in the airport?15:24
th1a_ignas: Yes.15:25
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th1a_ignas: I just got an email from our friends in Nepal.  Can you take a look at this and let me know if you think it could be sanely implemented in ST:
th1a_ignas: I don't know how our calendar knows what month it is.15:36
ignasdon't think so15:37
ignaswe use python datetime15:37
ignasso everything the month the date, the time are taken from it15:37
ignasso without support from python we'd have to write our own15:38
ignasnepalese datetime library15:38
th1a_ignas: Uh, oh.
th1a_You may not get out of this so easy...15:41
th1a_Precisely what?15:41
ignasit's more or less impossible15:42
th1a_We can just translate dates on the fly!15:42
ignasi mean just writing a library that would allow manipulation of nepalese dates in python is difficult15:42
ignaswe depend on concepts of week15:42
th1a_Oh, yeah.15:42
ignas12 months15:42
ignasand from datetime import datetime all over the place15:43
ignasevery thing that does date.month()15:43
ignasor date.weekday()15:43
ignaswill have to be replaced with something that works with both libraries15:43
th1a_Yes, we don't just move individual dates.15:44
th1a_I won't torture you any more.15:44
ignasi mean we can show the date in nepalese format, but date selection widgets, month portlet, monthly, weekly views, term edit view15:45
ignaswould have to start supporting different definitions of what a month is15:45
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