IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-10-19

jelkner2. i check out the code00:00
jelkner3. make changes to it00:00
jelkner4. check it back in00:00
jelkner5. matt builds egg and package00:00
jelknerwe want to get that down to a science00:00
jelknerso we can do it in our sleep00:00
jelknerthat's the only way the project will be successful00:00
jelknerbtw.  i need to ask you about Box00:01
jelknerthe first argument changed from the lower left corner to the center, yes?00:01
jelknerjhancock_: well?00:03
*** mattva01|sleep has joined #schooltool00:08
mattva01|sleepwell that was dumb00:08
mattva01|sleepI tripped over my power cord00:08
*** jhancock has quit IRC00:12
*** Mattva01 has quit IRC00:13
jhancock_sounds good to me00:16
jhancock_Yes I did00:16
jhancock_all shapes are relative to the center00:17
mattva01|sleepI have a question00:17
jelknerjhancock_: i'm testing that now with the students00:18
jhancock_is it going well?00:18
jelknerkeep in mind that it broke the examples i had put in the book ;-)00:18
jhancock_we did it to make rotating easier00:18
jelkneri remember00:18
jhancock_I thought we changed all that00:18
jhancock_I mean the book00:19
jelknerbut i need to see how easy it is to make a house and such00:19
mattva01|sleepall this is required by gasp is basically just the src directory, , and the copyright type stuff00:19
jelkneri was working off matt's old debian package00:19
jhancock_the rest is for testing00:19
mattva01|sleepok cool00:19
jhancock_and the egg stuff00:19
mattva01|sleepyeah :)00:19
jelknerthe egg stuff doesn't need to go in the bzr repository..00:20
mattva01|sleepoh you have to add me to those who are allowed to update the egg on cheeseshop00:20
jelknerlet's get that done now00:20
jhancock_ok what is your name00:20
jhancock_as cheeseshop is concerned00:20
jelkneri'm jelkner00:21
jelkneradd me too while your at it...00:21
jhancock_k I am looking now00:21
jelknermattva01|sleep: can you handle the bzr branch?00:22
jelknerany chance of getting it soon?00:22
mattva01|sleepyeah give me like 2 minutes00:22
mattva01|sleepi'm stuck in windows atm, so bzr can be kind of funky :)00:23
jelknerjhancock_: are you at school?00:23
jhancock_yeah I am00:23
jelknercan i skype you?00:23
jhancock_K so I think I added you matt00:23
jhancock_not now00:23
jhancock_I am in class00:23
jelknermattva01|sleep: i don't get it, i gave you a laptop?00:24
jelknerhow can you be "stuck in windows"?00:24
jhancock_Just go to pypi.python.org00:24
jhancock_and see if you were added as a maintainer00:24
mattva01|sleepno yeah but 1 sec00:24
mattva01|sleepyes you did00:25
mattva01|sleepit worked00:25
jelknerjhancock_: so after matt gets the bzr repository in place00:26
jelkneri can check in out and add pause, yes?00:26
jelknerthe pause you sent me00:26
jhancock_I believe so00:26
jelknerand i'll also fix the space after comma issues00:26
jelknerand then check in my changes00:26
jelknerand have matt build a new package00:26
mattva01|sleepok screw this , I'm using the laptop00:26
jhancock_I sent you the egg reconstructor instructions00:26
mattva01|sleepdon't think so00:27
jhancock_K, ill email them to you00:27
jhancock_It is way easy00:27
jelknerjhancock_: can you send them to me?00:27
jelknermatt is getting a bit overwhelmed00:28
jelknerit may be best for me to be resposible for the egg00:28
jhancock_Oh that is a good idea00:28
jelkneror you00:28
jhancock_I added you to the maintainer list as well00:28
jelknerlet me see...00:28
jhancock_I can do the egg once I can get my laptop home00:29
* mattva01|sleep searches room for ethernet cord00:29
jelknerok, i see that00:29
jelknersend me everything i need to lay an egg00:29
jelknerincluding clear instructions00:29
jelkneri'll put the instructions on the wiki00:29
jelknerand i'll try to build and update the egg tomorrow00:30
jelknerwe need to get this clean and organized00:30
jelknerotherwise we get mired in confusion00:30
mattva01|sleepdon't worry the egg is easy00:30
jelknerthen even i should be able to make it!00:30
mattva01|sleepsince the script already exists you can just issue one command to build it00:30
mattva01|sleepyes I know00:31
mattva01|sleepthats fine with me00:31
jhancock_K I emailed it00:31
jhancock_That way jeff you can keep track of the version number00:31
jelknermattva01|sleep are you going to be able to do the bzr repository?00:31
mattva01|sleepyes , I'm just being slow00:32
jhancock_I think the egg stuff should be in the developer repository00:32
jhancock_and the just the source in the user repository00:32
jelknermattva01|sleep: it's getting late00:32
jelknerif you don't have time, maybe i should try?00:32
mattva01|sleepif you want to00:33
mattva01|sleepi'm having a wierd issue with my internet00:33
mattva01|sleepirc seems to be fine00:33
mattva01|sleepbut www is really really slow00:33
mattva01|sleepsame with ssh00:33
jelknerso, can you just delete the other branches?00:35
mattva01|sleepall of them?00:35
jelknerwhat is main?00:35
mattva01|sleepoh yeah that one can be deleted, i'll do it00:36
jhancock_that is way old00:36
jhancock_we should just have00:36
jhancock_and gasp-dev00:36
mattva01|sleepyeah sounds good00:36
mattva01|sleepactually I had this one called gasp-release but you can rename it I think00:36
jelknerhow do you delete a branch?00:37
mattva01|sleepi have to delete mine00:37
mattva01|sleepmy internet is being really slow though00:38
jelknerjhancock_: can you delete stable and dev?00:38
mattva01|sleepso give it a sec00:38
jelknerright now we only need one branch: gasp-dev00:39
jelknerwe should get rid of all the others00:39
mattva01|sleephmm this one isnt giving me the option of deleting it00:39
jelknerand gasp-dev will be owned by the gasp-dev team00:39
mattva01|sleepone sec00:39
mattva01|sleepbrb,gonna check if my sis is downloading a torrent or something00:40
jelkneri just deleted the gasp-release branch00:40
jelkneri can't delete matt's branches00:41
mattva01|sleepyeah 1 sec I'm trying00:41
jhancock_Mine are all gone00:41
mattva01|sleepits not giving me the option on this one00:41
mattva01|sleepah appears to be a bug actually00:42
jelknerjhancock_: i got the update egg instructions, now send me the code00:42
mattva01|sleepnvm been fixed00:42
jhancock_can mat send it00:43
jhancock_I can't send exe stuff00:43
jhancock_I did send it to him00:43
jelknerjhancock_: this is the problem we are having00:43
jelknerwhat matt had was a big jumbled mess00:43
jelkneri couldn't even figure out what to change00:43
jelknerwe need a nice clean bzr branch00:44
jelknereasy for folks to check out and change00:44
jelknerotherwise, the application can't be improved, used, tested, etc.00:44
jhancock_so maybe we need a gasp-egg00:44
jhancock_branch as well00:44
jhancock_to keep all the conveluted stuff00:45
mattva01|sleepok here's how I did it,00:45
jelkneryes, that would be good00:45
jelknerbut even that branch should be cleaner than what matt had00:45
jelknerit should contain the minimum needed to build an egg00:45
mattva01|sleephey, that was technichally not my mess00:45
jelknerclutter really leads to confusion00:45
jelknerand failure :-(00:45
mattva01|sleepI just didnt clean it up00:46
jelknerwe need to clean this up and move forward00:46
jelknerso, where can i get the latest gasp00:46
jhancock_the email with pause00:46
jhancock_I sent you00:46
jelknerjhancock_: i favor an additive process rather than a subtractive one00:46
jelkneri want:00:46
jelkner1. just the files needed in the core gasp directory00:47
jelknerand i'll make a bzr branch of those00:47
jhancock_the api and backend file are in the email00:47
jelknerthen we can figure out exactly what needs to be added to make the egg00:47
jelknerok, hold on...00:47
jhancock_i'll send you the and color00:47
jhancock_that should be all00:47
jelknerand we need to license00:48
mattva01|sleepi'll build the correct package if you guys do that00:48
jelknerand contributors file00:48
jelkneris v3 out?00:48
mattva01|sleepyeah but v3 can be annoying00:49
*** th1a_ has joined #schooltool00:49
mattva01|sleepplus linux uses v200:49
jelkneri want v300:49
* mattva01|sleep sighs00:49
jelkneri trust the fsf to know what they are doing00:49
mattva01|sleepI trust linus :)00:49
jelknermoving on...00:49
jelknerjhancock_: do we have a contributors file?00:50
jelkneror a Readme?00:50
jelkneri don't mind adding those later if they don't exist now00:50
mattva01|sleepyes those both exist00:50
jhancock_We do00:50
jhancock_Those are in the top of the egg00:50
mattva01|sleepand that is where the should be00:51
jhancock_sorry but I gtg00:51
jhancock_matt can you strip that egg to only it nessarry parts00:51
jelknerok, i'll work with what i have00:52
mattva01|sleepso at the top : README, INSTALL ,, CONTRIBUTERS, src/00:52
jhancock_without breaking it00:52
mattva01|sleepif you only need src and setup.py00:52
jelknermattva01|sleep: see what you can do by tomorrow00:52
jelkneri'll work on the files i have and the bzr branch00:52
jelknerdid you delete your old ones?00:52
mattva01|sleepit is not letting me, appears to be a bug in old branches00:53
jhancock_I deleted all of my branchs00:53
mattva01|sleepyou have to  ask them to delete them00:53
jelknerwell please do that now00:53
mattva01|sleepyeah but the way I created them was bugged00:53
mattva01|sleepat the time00:53
mattva01|sleepmine i mean00:53
jelknerok, so pursue getting them removed00:53
jelknernow, please00:53
jelknerso we don't let this drag on00:54
jelkneri'll talk to you tomorrow00:54
jhancock_see ya00:54
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ignasth1a_: hi15:15
th1a_Hi ignas.15:15
th1a_Today I try to figure out PPA's.15:16
ignashave you seen the launchpad announcement about IRC training?15:16
th1a_Oh, I guess I did.15:17
ignasi think they will be having a session about PPA next thursday15:17
th1a_That's good to know.15:17
th1a_I probably need Debian Packaging 101 more than PPA 101.15:17
th1a_I'm figuring we should probably spend a chunk of my visit working on the design for terms and related matters.15:21
ignasi guess we could15:23
ignasone more thing i would like to discuss would be the whole school year workflow from the UI perspective15:23
ignaswe haven't ever discussed all the steps like install schooltool -> set up students -> set up timetables -> grade students -> generate some kind of report cards -> set up timetables for the next term -> grade students -> generate some kind of report cards -> generate report cards for the year -> set up students for the next year -> ...15:26
th1a_I mean, you and I haven't discussed it.15:28
ignasby the way - what are our plans for Ian/Jens/Tizard?15:29
th1a_In terms of?15:29
ignaswhat are we expecting from them, and what things are we trying to do for them?15:29
th1a_I'm expecting them to distribute and deploy a version of SchoolTool to the schools they are working with, to collect their data.15:30
th1a_Hopefully this will take little actual SchoolTool hacking.15:30
ignaswell - LDAP is a bit rusty15:31
th1a_It should be a simple case.15:31
th1a_Luckily at least Jens seems to understand LDAP.15:31
th1a_From your point of view, I think it is useful in helping us with the customization/deployment stories.15:32
th1a_Which you've been working on.15:32
th1a_But I'm not going to expect you to write this for them.15:32
ignasI see15:32
th1a_Also... users.15:33
th1a_We need some.15:33
ignasthat's true15:33
th1a_So if someone comes to me and says I want to use SchoolTool in 8 schools to gather a simple data set,15:33
th1a_it is worth pursuing at this point.15:33
th1a_I'm not sure if I told you I'm going to Philadelphia on Monday.15:34
ignasso no meeting on monday?15:35
th1a_Ah, shit.  No meeting... can we do Tuesday?15:35
th1a_I need to send out an email.15:35
ignasthe 2 problems i can see at the moment is schtooltool LDAP integration (functional testing will need some work)15:36
ignasand comunicating with Jens about buildout15:36
ignasand all the workflow15:36
ignasi can't see them on IRC, and they are not asking any questions by email yet15:36
ignasbut it is something that makes deployment/development quite different from what it used to be with a single schooltool checkout15:37
th1a_OK.  I'll remind them of the need for communication.15:38
ignasLyceum is going to be using LDAP so i might do the integration part for Jens/Ian along the way15:40
th1a_ignas: If it scratches their itch that would be helpful.15:43
* ignas is looking at the last edition of Lyceum timetables16:23
ignasouch - real life *is* complicated16:23
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mgallaghdoes anyone know wheer jintys most revent package is located17:22
ignasmost recent debian package? or a tarball?17:25
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool17:35
th1a_ignas: PPA wants "source.changes" files, but I can't figure out where they come from.17:36
th1a_Not here, apparently:
th1a_Any clue about this before I inquire elsewhere?17:36
th1a_PPA Quickstart:
mgallaghwait I can help with that17:39
th1a_cool.  Thanks mgallagh.17:40
mgallaghto  get that you have to create a source package.17:40
mgallaghdo you have a debian/ directory?17:40
mgallaghwait what are you trying to put in your ppa?17:41
th1a_SchoolTool packages and a pile of dependencies.17:41
mgallaghyou have created a package before right?17:42
th1a_This is the problem.17:42
th1a_I mean, jinty has done all the hard work.17:43
th1a_But he doesn't have time to make the updated Ubuntu packages.17:43
th1a_We have Debian packages though.17:43
th1a_I mean, I can 'apt-get source' for the packages in question.17:44
mgallaghok good17:44
mgallaghso do that17:44
mgallaghthen navigate into one17:44
mgallaghthen run this command :dpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot17:45
th1a_I was doing 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc'17:46
th1a_But -S builds the source,17:46
th1a_instead of the binary?17:46
th1a_Will the main output be this "source.changes" file?17:47
mgallaghnow go up one une level17:47
mgallaghand it should be there17:47
mgallaghnow you have to sign the packages17:47
mgallaghotherwise they will get rejected17:47
mgallaghuse debsign on the changes file17:48
th1a_What about this "ORIGs are not shared between the primary Ubuntu archive and your PPA. The first time you upload a source package you need to include the ORIG - i.e. build the source package with debuild -S -sa."17:48
mgallaghoh yeah forgot about that17:48
mgallaghIt's not always essential17:49
th1a_Will that also create a "source.changes" file, or will it have a different name?17:50
mgallaghshould be that same17:50
th1a_OK.  I'm going to get some lunch and then give this a try.17:50
mgallaghyou may want to delete the files the first one created17:50
th1a_the binaries?17:51
mgallaghno the changes file , the .dsc file , and the tar.gz file17:51
th1a_"first one?"17:53
mgallaghthe command you ran before17:53
mgallaghdpkg-buildpackage -S -rfakeroot17:53
mgallaghshould be up one directory from where you ran it17:54
mgallaghof course I have a vested interest in helping you , as I will be depending on these packages for the cando one :)18:01
th1a_Will you be around later?18:03
th1a_mgallagh: ?18:04
th1a_OK.  I don't like to start something like this on an empty stomach ;-)18:04
mgallaghwell not from 11:10 to 3:30 though18:05
mgallaghanytime before or after that is fair game though18:05
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aelknerignas: i have a question19:58
aelkneryou made changes to gradebook because tests were failing?19:59
aelknerbut what change made the tests fail?19:59
ignasnone, it was broken right from the beginning20:00
ignasa non deterministic failure20:00
aelknerit wasn't broken in the jelkner-gradebook branch20:00
aelknerrunning make ftests yielded 0 error20:00
ignasit was, it was broken the moment srichter wrote it20:00
aelknerwhy didn't i see the erro in make ftest?20:01
aelkneri'm confused20:01
aelknerit's not like i was checking in code with broken tests20:02
ignasnon deterministic failure20:02
ignaslike printing dicts20:02
ignasyou can get the dict print one way 100 times, and then the next time you print it - it prints in a different order20:03
ignaslike having "random(10000) < 2" in your test20:03
aelknergot it20:03
ignas> 220:03
aelknerit was by chance that you caught it then20:03
ignasyes, stars just got right on our buildbot20:04
ignasand on the PC that was used to run buildbot20:04
ignas'-' became grater than Decimal(42)20:04
ignasi mean - identical configuration on my pc was passing the tests20:06
ignasrunning just gradebook tests was not causing tests to fail either20:07
ignasonly full test run20:07
ignasonly on muskatas20:07
ignasand only in a full schooltool checkout20:07
aelknerwell, thatnks for taking care of that for me20:09
ignasyou're welcome ;) i was just making buildbot work again ;)20:09
aelknerhey, i'm getting a problem running make on my jelkner builout20:10
aelkneri changed the svn co of jelkner2007 back to svn+ssh20:11
aelknerso that I could commit to it20:11
aelkneri then rm -rf the eggs jelkner2007 and instance dirs20:11
aelknerwhen i run make it gives me  import schooltool.paste.instance20:12
aelkner __import__('pkg_resources').declare_namespace(__name__)20:12
aelknerImportError: No module named pkg_resources20:12
aelknerdo i need to rm -rf the python and parts dirs too?20:12
aelknerand bin for that matter?20:13
ignasbin/buildout should have been enough20:13
ignasyou removed eggs (and all the eggs like setuptools which contains pkg_resources were in the eggs folder)20:13
ignasbut bin/make-schooltool-instance20:14
ignasis still refering to the eggs in there20:14
ignasyou actually should have left the eggs folder20:14
ignasafter replacing the jelkner2007 directory20:14
ignasis enough20:14
ignasold instance would work with a new svn checkout too20:14
aelknerbin/buildout yields:import zc.buildout.buildout20:15
aelknerImportError: No module named zc.buildout.buildout20:15
aelknerwhat if i remove everything except the make file20:15
aelknerand start over20:16
ignasyou need - bootstrap.py20:16
ignasand you can leave jelkner2007 in there too20:17
ignasand remove the rest of the stuff20:17
ignasparts, eggs, bin, python20:17
aelknerit looks like it's building fine now, not done yet, but i think it will work20:20
aelknerwill i be able to commit to trunk from the buildout?20:21
ignasyes, just cd jelkner2007 and do your svn work in there20:21
ignasand be careful not to commit the changes you made to buildout itself20:22
aelknerwhich changes would i make?20:22
aelkneryou mean the make file change i made?20:23
ignasif you changed the makefile20:23
ignasinstead of just checking out the right repository20:23
ignasmakefile is just checking that there is a directory jelkner200720:24
ignasit does not really care how it got there ;)20:24
aelknerjelkner2007 has a schooltool dir which only contains jelkner2007, not the rest of the schooltool source20:26
aelknerwhere would i find it?20:26
ignasits in eggs20:26
ignasbut why do you need it?20:26
aelkneri see it in eggs20:26
aelkneri thought i could develop gradebook from the buildout20:27
ignasyou can20:27
aelkneri guess i20:27
ignasbut you must change things a bit20:27
aelkneri can change the egg20:27
ignasfirst - check out schooltool trunk into your jelkner-buildout20:27
ignasyou can, but you should not, it's not version controled20:27
aelkneri wasn't going to change the egg20:28
aelkneri knew better than that20:28
aelknerso if i chack out the trunlk20:28
aelkneri will be able to change it20:28
ignasyes, then you edit builduot.cfg20:28
ignasand replace "develop = jelkner2007" with "develop = jelkner2007 schooltool"20:29
ignasand run bin/buildout20:29
ignasso that buildout would know that it should use schooltool checkout20:29
ignasand not download any eggs20:29
aelknerso, from the jelkner-buildout dir i check out trunk with this command:20:29
aelknersvn co svn+ssh:// schooltool?20:29
*** th1a_ has quit IRC20:30
ignasmy buildout has schooltool.ldap, schooltool, lyceum and jelkner2007 in it at the moment ;)20:32
ignasyou could even have cando, but you can't as someone did the make-schooltool-instance and cando integration wrong20:32
ignasand i am too lazy to fix it20:32
ignasif i even have the commit right20:32
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool20:33
ignasok, i have to go now, see you in an hour or so20:34
*** ignas has quit IRC20:35
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th1a_aelkner: ayt?21:11
*** ignas has joined #schooltool21:20
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aelknerth1a_: i'm here23:15
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:30
aelknerth1a: are you there?23:37

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