IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-10-05

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th1aignas: Can you update the SchoolTool README?18:51
th1aI mean, in terms of installation.18:51
ignasof a tarball?18:51
th1aAssuming we're still capable of generating one.18:54
ignasi'll look at it ;)18:55
ignasth1a__: hmm, it seems that there isn't much except for "extract tarball" and "type make run"19:02
ignasall the library dependencies that must be installed with apt-get before make run maybe19:03
ignasso i should look at it and update it copying some stuff from our sandbox guide i guess19:05
th1aignas: Please.19:10
Lumiereignas: you could also think about copying cando's make feisty-environment19:15
ignasi gues19:16
ignasthough at the moment i am trying to find out if the tarball i tried was the right one19:16
ignasth1a: so we are sticking to the "no instances" self contained schooltool tarball?19:46
th1a__It makes no difference to me.19:46
ignasjust making sure19:47
th1a__Hrm... I wish changing the order of items in an index worked on schooltool.org19:49
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ignasth1a: updated the readme20:11
ignasa question20:12
ignasi kind of recomend using schooltool buildout to install newest version of schooltool20:12
ignasas it is more likely to work on a ubuntu system20:12
ignasotoh - saying it in README.txt is too late20:12
ignasas the person reading it already has a tarball downloaded and extracted20:13
ignasany ideas?20:13
th1aWell, we could not release a tarball.20:14
th1aignas:  I mean, I was just assuming we would, but a bootstrap buildout thingy does the same thing, right?20:15
ignasmore or less, it installs a schooltool egg, and if it does not, i can easily make a small schooltool egg installer20:16
ignasbased on buildout20:16
ignaswith pinned down versions of dependencies20:16
ignasthat would install only stable schooltool eggs20:16
ignas(no nightliy builds)20:17
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ignasth1a: i'll update translations some time later today or tomorrow, the rosetta tarball format has changed so i'll have to rewrite some scripts21:45
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ignasth1a: i have updated translations23:07

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