IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-09-21

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jfrocheignas, it took me 15 min to find where i could get a link to get the schooltool site preference ...15:09
jfrochethere is nothing i could do to move it somewhere where it's more easy to find it15:10
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mgedminlaunchpad 1.1.9 is released19:20
mgedminin the changelog:19:20
mgedmin"bzr+ssh is now the recommended way to upload a branch to Launchpad. sftp is still available."19:20
mgedminI wonder if this means bzr pushes will now use the smart server and be faster19:20
mgedminignas: ?19:20
ignasnot sure, let me see which version of bzr is the most up to date19:21
ignasyep, it should do fast pushes now19:25
ignas0.92 was released19:25
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ignasbzr push without any changes still takes 60 seconds19:47
mgedminand how long does it take with the sftp:// url?19:48
ignas90 seconds19:50
* mgedmin upgrades kernel and reboots19:52
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?20:58
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Lumiereaelkner: kinda21:32
aelknerDid you see Dave's note about not being able to start CanDo?21:32
aelknerLumiere: it's really important that we don't have it down.  I sent a note to you both with my recommendation for how to get it started again21:33
LumiereI can't do anything21:33
aelknerLumiere: how come?21:36
aelknerAren't you sysadmin?21:37
LumiereI am not there21:37
LumiereI can't touch it21:37
Lumiereand I am busy21:37
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aelknerok, I'll get welsh to handle it21:38
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