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ignasth1a: ayt?00:00
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th1aignas: I am here.01:49
ignasth1a: thanks for the reply02:20
ignasth1a: i think i will speak to jinty and jfroche about it then, as we would still want to isolate the change from the upcoming release, and jfroche needs some changes in the release for his school02:21
ignasjfroche: i will just change the ownership of the jacqmain branch as soon as it will get uploaded, so you would not have to spend 3 hours uploading it02:22
ignasjfroche: just assigned the branch to you02:25
ignasjust change the author to yourself02:25
ignasand youre set02:25
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ignasjfroche: got the branch working?15:23
jfrochehello ignas15:27
jfrocheyea thanks15:27
jfrochebut you got the history like i did with bzr-svn15:27
ignasjfroche: just change the author of the branch to yourself15:27
ignasi you would look at it with bzrk15:27
ignasor whatever it's called it should have more i think15:28
ignasbzr log gives me all the revisions15:28
jfrocheyep would be great but it's ok like that, i am changing my buildout15:28
jfrochewe are speaking about ~jfroche/schooltool/jacqmain-bzr right ?15:30
ignasit's still saying that i am the author15:31
ignasjfroche: if you would click on revision 3 in the history
ignasand click on15:42
ignasmerged from: (0.1.1946 branches/schooltool-jacqmain)15:42
ignasyou get more than enough of history
ignaswell - ok, not more than enough, but you could more or less access all the parts you need by going in deeper15:43
jfrochegreat haven't seen this15:43
jfrocheit's enough right15:43
ignasmerges are displayed as a single "commit"15:52
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th1aAiste: Have we paid you for all your invoices except August?16:15
ignasAiste told me she has to check16:17
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ignasjfroche: by the way, have you merged all the changes in the trunk to jacqmain branch?16:25
ignasjfroche: if not, then could you please do it, because i would like to look at the differences between trunk and jacqmain branch, and merge them so you could use trunk directly16:26
jfrocheignas: you mean for schooltool ? i changed a few thing in my code and i just have 1 small change that i would need to be in trunk
jfrochei can use trunk directly except for this change16:27
ignasi see16:27
ignasif it's just that, then just change it in trunk and commit16:27
jfrochethen jacqmain become just a plugin to trunk16:28
ignashave you looked at my email about the srichter branch merge?16:28
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jfrocheignas:  i don't know how much change it would be but i think i could handle it16:30
jfrocheignas: moving schooltool svn trunk to bzr implies lot's of work ?16:35
ignasyes, a lot of work for jinty16:36
ignasour release and packaging infrastructure is made to work for svn16:36
jfrochei see16:36
ignasso i am waiting for a release prior to going all out bzr16:36
ignasand for bzr 0.9216:37
ignasas it should fix the 3 hours to push bug16:37
th1aEverything means more work for jinty :-(16:37
Lumiereignas: yea, bzr's push mechanism was incredibly slow locally for me too16:38
Lumierelike, pushing across the local machine16:38
Lumierewith only like 15-20 revisions16:38
Lumieretook 30 minutes16:38
ignasLumiere: imagine schooltool (70mb 3-4k of revisions) over the network16:39
Lumiererun away ;)16:40
ignasgo watch a movie16:40
ignasthen come back, do some programming16:41
ignasand then it finishes16:41
Lumiereat least you can do a few commits16:41
Lumiereand push a set of em16:41
ignaspushing actual commits is fast enough16:41
ignasthe initial push is what get's me16:41
ignasor is it "gets me"16:41
Crippsignas: the second one :)16:48
Aistehi th1a17:00
Aisteone payment is missing17:00
Aistei woulnd't have noticed myself :)17:00
ignasusing launchpad as the translation framework is becoming annoying again17:23
ignaslyceum.pot is in the "need review" state, for 2 days already17:24
jfrocheignas: you have a new translation domain for lyceum ?17:32
jfrocheis it so different than continue the schooltool domain ?17:33
ignasno, just if you are packaging lyceum as a plugin17:37
ignasand it has even just 1-2 new strings17:37
ignasthose new strings should be in a different domain17:37
jfrochei see17:37
ignasbecause schooltool.pot17:37
ignasis generated from schooltool source tree17:37
ignasand does not contain any of the strings that are in your package17:37
th1aAiste: I thought so.  Which one?17:38
Aistefor June including bonus for 2nd quarter17:38
jfrocheignas: you have another script to parse your template/code in your plugin ?17:38
th1aAiste: OK, I'll include it in this batch.17:38
Aisteth1a: thanks17:39
ignasjfroche: no, i am using stdevtools in my buildout sandbox17:39
ignasand it add i18nextract17:39
jfrocheok ll look at this17:39
ignasbin/i18nextract --domain=lyceum --zcml=lyceum/app/configure.zcml --output-file ./lyceum.pot --egg lyceum17:39
ignasextracts the i18n information for lyceum17:40
* jfroche copy paste17:40
jfrocheignas: is the schooltool egg generated every night ?17:41
ignasnot really, it's generated after every checkin17:41
ignasbut only if all the tests pass17:41
jfrocheok great17:41
jfrochedon't need to checkout schooltool anymore then, i am just using the egg17:42
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ignasth1a: has srichter left any notes about what's missing and what he was planning to do?19:35
ignasi am finding some lose ends and i am not sure whether it's something that was "not removed"19:35
ignasor something that was "not finished"19:35
th1aignas: There was more to do in terms of implementing end of year events and such.19:36
th1aBut my understanding was that what is there should work.19:36
th1aBut one would imagine there are bugs.19:36
th1aSo the answer is "no" as far as I know.19:36
th1aWhat kind of issues?19:36
ignasthere are some things like unused term_add_edit templates and i am just not sure how do they relate to the big picture19:37
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th1aI see.19:44
th1aignas: Actually, the original proposal which I just sent to the list in response to Stephan's email may be helpful.20:03
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th1aLumiere: I can never find instructions for checking out CanDo.22:35
th1aWhere is the repository?22:35
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th1aaelkner: ayt?22:38
* th1a learns how to use svn info22:48
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