IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2007-09-02

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fsufitchLumiere, i never got that mockup... which email address of mine did u send it to?04:38
fsufitchfilip at sufitchi dot com is being shaky as of late04:39
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fsufitchLumiere: yt?20:38
Lumieregotta do it still <_<20:40
fsufitchi was counting on having something to do to escape my parents telling me to clean my room >_<20:40
fsufitchoh well20:40
LumiereI can describe it20:40
fsufitchat times, you may find my interpretations somewhat eccentric20:41
fsufitchi think the mockup is safer ;)20:41
fsufitchanyway, i already told my mom that i'm going to clen20:41
fsufitchso meh20:41
fsufitchi'll bbl20:41
Lumierenames on the left, numbers on the top20:41
fsufitchwait what?20:41
fsufitchso basically like the old gradesheet or what?20:41
Lumiere(numbers being the ids)20:41
fsufitchthat's the old gradebook20:41
fsufitchok, i can do that20:42
Lumierebut with a second page or at the bottom20:42
fsufitchi c20:42
Lumierethere should be the full ids20:42
Lumiereerr the full descriptions20:42
Lumiereso they can see what the id is20:42
fsufitchand are the scores numbers or descriptions?20:42
fsufitchi.e. 0 or "fail"20:42
fsufitchcuz on the student score report they had to be descriptions20:43
fsufitchand in the gradebook they're numbers and blah...20:43
LumiereI would leave them blank20:43
fsufitchlike, just a blank table??20:44
* fsufitch is confused20:44
Lumierethe point is to let them write in20:44
fsufitchso this is going to be just for _grading_ purposes?20:44
fsufitchi c20:44
Lumierethe idea is20:44
fsufitchbut wouldn't it be nicer to have the scores that are already there be in like a faint gray or something20:44
fsufitchso they can be overwritten20:44
Lumiereyea that could work20:44
LumiereI leave that to you20:45
fsufitchty :)20:45
fsufitchso i'll bbl20:45
Lumiereanyways, the idea is20:45
fsufitchi g2g now20:45
Lumierethey need to be able to grab this print out20:45
Lumiereand walk around with it20:45
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fsufitchLumiere: i'm back and ready to work22:05
fsufitchLumiere: i made myself a mockup, would you like to check it for efficiency/aesthetics?22:35
fsufitchoh, btw, aelkner, i forgot to ping u22:39
fsufitchyes, i am working <_<22:39
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