IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2007-08-24

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ignasaelkner: ayt?15:06
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aelknerignas: h116:39
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dwelshgood morning, world16:44
aelknerLumiere: art?17:02
aelkneror art thou there?17:02
aelknerLumiere: Dave's going to conference you in17:12
aelknerone sec17:12
ignasaelkner: you wanted to ask some question yesterday17:14
aelknerignas: thanks.  i figured out what to do.17:14
ignasaelkner: oh, and i have commited a sane str and repr for crowds, so now you only have to print a crowd to see relevant information17:15
ignasno more crowdFactories() stuff17:15
aelknereasier debugging17:15
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