IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2007-08-11

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Lumierehi pc00:22
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pcarduneLumiere: I am now enjoying compiz fusion on my macbook pro :)00:47
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jelknerpcardune_: good evening04:03
pcardune_hi jelkner04:04
jelknerhow did yesterday's meeting go?04:04
jelkneri met with dwelsh today04:05
jelknerwe are both nervously awaiting those magic words...04:06
jelkner"it ready for testing!"04:06
jelknerdid your discussion include an eta for that?04:07
pcardune_ummm, no04:08
pcardune_but from what was said, I'm figuring on sometime next week04:09
jelknerpcardune_: you know about the meeting next monday at 9:30 am, yes?04:11
pcardune_9:30? not 10:30?04:12
pcardune_jelkner: or are you talking about the schooltool meeting?04:12
jelkneri'm hoping Lumiere cleared it with th1a04:12
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pcardune_because that is when the schooltool meeting is04:12
jelknerbut he figured that we should meet with the schooltool meeting just for next week04:13
jelknersince the main topic will be looking at where we are after the sprint04:13
pcardune_oh ok, just because that is 6:30am my time04:13
jelknerand he was at the sprint04:13
pcardune_I can get up, but I can't promise the highest cognitive ability04:13
jelkneri'm sure Lumiere said 9:30 am next monday04:13
jelknerand 10:30 the two monday's after that04:13
jelkneri'll send out an email04:14
jelknerquestion: how is andrew doing?04:14
pcardune_jelkner: this stuff should go on the cando calendar04:14
jelkneryou are the only one who has contact with him04:14
jelkneri'll put it there04:14
pcardune_I haven't heard from him in a while, I'll shoot him an email04:14
* jelkner goes off to edit the calander04:14
jelknerok, i've edited the calendar04:18
jelkneri'm going to send out an email04:18
jelknerthe recipient list includes: pcardune, Lumiere, dwelsh, eldar, filip, andrew04:19
jelkneram i missing anyone?04:19
jelknerdo you know when andrew gets back?04:20
pcardune_I'll ask him in my email04:20
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Lumierejelkner: anything of ours starts after their meeting04:41
Lumierebut our stuff will be a major portion of their meeting this week04:42
jelkneroh, so we are at 10:30?04:42
LumiereI want people there between 9:30 and 1004:43
Lumiereso we overlap04:43
Lumiereespecially this week04:43
Lumierebourne ultimatium -> ****1/204:43
jelknerLumiere: feel the wrath of my doooom!!!!11one.05:02
Lumierewhat.... eh?05:02
jelknerthat was me (spec) :p05:02
Lumierelet me make that z longer then05:03
jelkneri'm back05:03
jelknerok, goodnight05:03
Lumierecompiz > ju!05:03
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